Wooden Temple in Mysuru KN

Have a look at our wide range of exquisite Mysore home temples, custom-made for the people of Mysore. Traditional wooden puja mandir hold a special place in south Indian homes. Our wooden temples are beautifully crafted by skilled artisans who use premium and high quality wood for durability and grace. We have designed wooden temples following South Indian traditions, featuring elements such as Shanku, Chakra, and Tilak / Tikka on the temple top. Additionally, we have incorporated Gopuram designs inspired by the famous Venkateswar temple in South. In according with the requests of our clients, we included bells and carved Asthalakshmi swaroop on the temple doors. We understand how special a home temple is, so we put our hearts into creating a place of peace and devotion. Buy a wooden temple in Mysore from Aarsun’s exquisite collection.

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