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Hindu Pooja Mandir Temple design top ideas for home

Sanatan Dharma followers Hindus across the globe have pooja mandir temple in their homes. Hindu Pooja mandir temple design bring positive energy and peace at home.  We make Pooja mandir temple design for global Sanatan Dharma followers as per their Puja Traditions.

Aarsun has the largest collection of wood temples with global delivery of made-to-order designs as per Puja traditions and Vastu. The size, color, polish or finish, design, and delivery location are as per your choice anywhere across the world.  The temples are known by different names – Temple, Mandir, Mandapam, Devhara, Devghar, Devgriha, Pooja Ghar, Altar, and Devasthanam.

Aarsun brings some Vastu Tips & Material Details For Your Mandir

Material Details:

Hindu Home Temples are ideal when they are in natural products like wood and stone. According to Vaastu and holy books , a wood mandir is always good for home, stone mandirs are generally recommended for bigger places like temples, Ashrams and prayer halls.

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We, at Aarsun Woods, excel in customization and carefully keep in mind the astrological aspects while making the Hindu Wooden Temple. We have been crafting Temples for over 40 years now and have clients not only from India but all over the world. USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, West Indies, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa,  Indonesia, Tanzania, Spain and many more countries. Each Wooden Temple is crafted very carefully keeping in mind the client’s requirements and religious aspects related to the temple. We have Temples ranging from Small Wall Hanging to Large Floor Standing for Halls and Gardens.

Wooden Mandir design for home

Wood and Stone are the two most popular options for home temple designs. Trees which has liquid inside like rubber wood and trees with thorns like Babool are not considered good for home mandir design. Also wood from trees that are worshiped are not used for temple making.

Modern mandir design for home

Modern homes have theme based designs and Aarsun makes the latest Temple designs with use of solid wood. Most modern Temple designs have use of LED lights and profile lights to back lit the unit and give the latest look. We have number of designs with LED patterns and 2D Jali designs with Om and other designer elements that works amazingly with modern home designs. Most of the modern home temples are made in ply and MDF, at Aarsun you get similar designs in Solid wood that is always the preferred choice for home temples.

Hindu Pooja Mandir USA

Our clients across the USA enjoy our services, which include designing and delivering custom pooja mandir units to their homes. We craft these mandirs in solid wood, catering to their specific puja traditions. Our services offer the best prices, and we ensure hassle-free delivery. Small units are shipped by air, while large temples are transported by sea. Door delivery is available in both cases, making the process convenient for our clients.

In USA there are very few suppliers for home temples and they have limited designs too. At Aarsun we have huge range of designs customized to clients’ requirements as per Vaastu. Get your own pooja mandir in USA, crafted in India by master artisans at the best prices.

Can we ship Pooja Mandir from India

Yes, we deliver globally, Aarsun is an International trademark registered in 35 countries with deliveries to 55+ countries. So get your own design, customized to your requirements with door delivery worldwide.

Krishna Home Temple Design

Our beloved Krishna / Kanha ji, an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, is worshipped in India from North to South, known by different names. Some people pray to their Bal Roop as Laddu Gopal ji, and others pray to him as Parthasarathy as in Tamil Nadu, Guruvayurappa in Kerala, Banke Bihari in Vrindavan, Dwarkadheesh as Dwarkaji, Venugopalaswamy in Karnataka, Balakrishna in Hampi near Andhra Pradesh, Rajagopalaswamy, Janardhana Swamy or Lord Venkateswara as in Tirupati Balaji, as the incarnation of Vishnu ji.

We make the most beautiful temple mandir designs puja units for your beloved Lord Krishna whichever state you are in or known by the name in your own state. Get that mandir that inspires positivity as per vastu design in your home for your Krishna ji, as per your puja traditions with delivery across the globe

Khatu Shyam Mandir Design

Jai Shri Shyam ji, Hare Ka Sahara Baba Shyam Hamara, devotees of Khatu Shyam ji can get their own home mandir design from Aarsun and we would be happy to make the mandir as per your own liking. We make the top mandir designs and Aarsun is the World’s largest brand in home mandir designs.

Ram Mandir for Home

Everybody is waiting for Ram mandir to get complete and after a wait for more than 500 years, the dream is going to be true soon. The design on Ram Temple is amazingly worked and a grand Ram Mandir temple would be soon ready for the public. If you are looking for Ram Mandir Design for your home, Aarsun makes the mandir for your puja traditions as per your requirements.

Bageshwar Dham mandir Garbhagriha Design

Bageshwar Dham is a temple located in Chattarpur MP, and the mandir Garbhagriha has a beautiful design of woodcraft with Gold Leaf, Aarsun makes mandir designs for home, Bade mandir (Big Temple), Chotte mandir (Small Temple) , huge grand temple, decorative temple, Vastu design temple mandir and best of all the designs are as per puja traditions of the user.

Vrindavan Prem Mandir Design

Get your own temple designed on the theme of Prem Mandir Vrindavan or pick some design part and get it in your own home mandir temple. Puja units designs are customized as per your liking and your puja tradition and we deliver globally. We have recently made three grand temples for Vrindavan Ashram recently and installed in the place, with blessings from the visitors.

Modular Mandir design for home

In modern times modular furniture is a trend. The units that are designed as per the module that is the place design and and that is as per the theme. Aarsun makes mandir design as per the requirement of space, design and color. Most of our designs can be knocked down and can be easily assembled on site with basic tools. The temple designs are in solid wood, easy transportable and completely modular that means as per the design.

Temple door design for home

When you have a pooja room dedicated to your deities you need a temple door also, just like the we have doors in our rooms. We have huge number of Temple Door Design collections that can be modified as per requirement in terms of size, color, design, God’s idols and any other requirement. Please CLICK HERE to check our temple door design for home collection

Pooja cupboard designs

Some people also call Pooja mandir as Pooja cupboard designs. These pooja cupboard are models that have doors and shelves with some storage. We design the temple in a proper way to make it look like a temple that would otherwise look like a almirah or storage cabinet. With design elements that makes a cupboard as a pooja cabinet we make made to order sizes with top quality

Home Temple design photos

Aarsun has the largest collection of mandir designs across the globe and we are adding new designs everyday to the catalog. Home temple design photos from multiple angles and detailed videos of home temples that explains the entire concept of mandir designing. The top designs of home temple design photos are here on this website and still if you have your own design photo share with us and we will be happy to make what you like

Simple Pooja room designs in wood

Everyone adores simplicity, and at times, the theme of the home calls for all items to be in Simple Temple Designs. In this regard, we present the most exquisite temple models and Simple pooja room designs in solid wood. Our designs are made to order, taking into consideration the size, design, color, and puja traditions. Kindly share your design with us, and we will create the finest simple pooja room design tailored to your preferences

Things to avoid doing while placing Wooden Temples

  • The Wooden Temple should not be adjoining to the toilet or washroom; not even above or below it.
  • A Wooden Temple should not be placed in the bedroom. However, in case there is no other option or you have some space management issues, you can place the Temple at some height and cover it with curtains or a door to conceal the Idols from direct eye contact.
  • Avoid placing any ancestral pictures inside the Wooden Temple. This is considered inauspicious as per Vaastu.
  • Avoid placing cracked or damaged Idols (Khandit Murti) inside the temple. Also, avoid placing heavy Idols if possible as they might damage the Wooden Mandir.
  • Wood temples are not considered Khandit, as all temples in the world are repaired, extended and changed time to time, Murti however cannot be used if it is damaged anyhow or anywhere, for stone home mandir also, if the damaged part is replaced it is fine to use.

latest wooden temple pooja unit

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