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Royal Dresser Dressing Table Designs by Aarsun

Ladies of the house and as we call them Queens and Princess of our palace have a special connection with dressing tables and mirror frames, which are often featured in childhood stories for girls. A dressing table design typically consists of three main components: a storage cabinet, a sitting chair, and a mirror frame. These furniture pieces serve the purpose of storing makeup products and accessories while providing a comfortable space for ladies to sit and get ready for any occasion.
Dressing table designs are tailored to the available space, and mirror frame designs, such as rectangular, oval, round, square, or full-length, play a significant role in the overall design. The selection of a dressing unit design often revolves around the desired mirror frame. Console tables with or without storage can also be used as dressing tables, but they are more commonly used as vanity or server tables in dining areas, with various designs available.

Dressing table with Mirror

Dressing table designs with mirror frames for your home, as per your choice in size, designs and color. In solid teak wood and delivered to your home globally. This is what Aarsun has done already for thousands of clients worldwide and making hundreds more for new clients everyday in export quality and factory prices.

Dressing table with Storage

Designer dressing table with storage for make up essentials are part of every home. The most loved furniture for the ladies is a dressing unit and we make the most beautiful designs. Dressing table with storage areas for the top decoration of your home from the top designer Aarsun.

Dressing table with LED lights

Latest designs of dressing table are with LED lights and profile lights around the dressing unit. The proper lighting is required in a dressing room for dressing and make up. Aarsun dressing table designs looks amazing with the use of proper lights and the enhances the overall look of the place

Dressing table with Wardrobe

The modern concept of dressing tables are with along the wardrobe. The almirah or Almari with the dressing mirror and space for storage designed with the other furniture work as space saving furniture also. Share your requirement with us and we will make the design as per your choice.

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