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We provide the top designs for Main Door, Pooja Room Door, Home Door, Kitchen door, Bedroom Door and Double Door Designs, Single Door designs, Main Entrance doors, Front doors, made in Solid Wood, Flush doors, HDMR doors modern designs, classical carving designs, CNC designs, Single side carving, both sides carving with Chowkhat (Door frame), door sides, door top, Indian main door designs, Main door entrance Designs, front door designs, House doors, Villa Doors, Kothi doors, Flat Doors, Home Doors for whole house, made in India and delivering across the globe.


Which Door is best for home

Door is for safety as well as home decoration. Though Steel or Iron doors are best for safety and are used for Main door or Main gate, inside doors are traditionally made in Solid wood. Wood Doors offers strength as well as add to the home decoration. Also steel or iron doors are heavy and not very safe for indoors for family and kids.

What is the standard size for a door

There is no standard or correct size for a door, as it depends on the space and functionality. Main doors are bigger and bathroom doors are smaller. The standard size of a single door is generally 30 inches by 78 inches for clear head space and walk in space, though bigger and smaller sizes are made as per space and decor.

What options are available for Modern Home Doors in Market

Modern Doors have several options like Steel Doors, Iron doors, Aluminium Doors,  teak wood doors, Sheesham wood doors, Pine wood doors, Arjan Wood door, Flush doors, WPC doors, UPVC doors, HDMR doors, Plyboard doors, Hardboard doors, Panel doors, Fiber Glass Doors, Molded Doors, Engineered wood doors.

Which is better Teak or Flush Door

Teak wood door requires more work to be made than a Flush Door. Teak wood comes in smaller width and several planks are joined together to make a single door. Flush Doors are machine made and bigger size doors are available without the need of joining several planks. Flush door is cheaper option as compared to Teak wood.

Carving designs can be made on Teak door, for Flush door extra pressing of HDMR or MDF with  carving is done on surface to make it look like Carving doors. Teak Wood doors are more durable than Flush Doors and are heavy in weight too.

Aarsun Doors

Door is the gateway to your lifestyle and we make home furniture including doors that has a reflection of your choice. Factory price doors with different color options, made to order, design choice and home delivery worldwide.

Solid wood Door designs from the Top Premium Furniture Manufacturer in India – Aarsun an international brand with trademarks in 35 countries. We make the carved wood doors in the required sizes for main doors, home doors, temple doors, Ashram doors, and Palace doors. Doors for house, designer wood doors, top designs in doors, latest door designs, trending door designs at factory price and world over delivery options

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