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Aarsun Woods Pvt Ltd is proudly based in Saharanpur, a city located in Western Uttar Pradesh region sharing borders with Uttarakhand, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Saharanpur has the famous Maa Shakumbhri Devi temple and also Darul- Uloom Deoband the world known Islamic Education Center thus depicting our rich cultural and historical heritage. Ganga on one and Yamuna on the other side, Saharanpur is the perfect example of Ganga-Jamuni tradition.
The city of Saharanpur though not a famous tourist destination however serves as a big business hub with Famous Factories of ITC, Star Paper Mills, Unitech and Indian Herbs to name a few, besides number of Sugar Mills. Gradually Saharanpur has developed into a big exporter of Wooden Handicrafts globally with a number of fine artisans who have decades of experiences in their field.
Aarsun Woods boasts of30+ Years Experience promoting Wood Handicraftsand hand-made furniture holding global clients. Though the name Aarsun (TM) is newly registered adapting to the dynamic Global market however our parent firm still exists catering to our old clients with the same zeal. People across globe love Saharanpur wood Handicrafts and Saharanpur Wood Furniture and Aarsun loves when people call to check “Are you from Saharanpur”.
With an aim to make “Aarsun”, the brand and Saharanpur as synonyms, we have taken our best foot forward and wishes to engage with people world-over to showcase the talent that lies in the cottage Industry of Saharanpur for Wood Handicrafts and Wood Furniture. Some of our work is displayed on the website and we would constantly update our work to keep the art alive and not to be taken over by computer and CNC machines.

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