Puja Chowki

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Puja chowki Aasan also called Peta or Puja chowkie for God is used by almost every home in Hindu culture, some keep it inside mandir for the deity some use it for sitting while praying and others use it for offering Bhog to the almighty. Puja Chowkie can be a small square low height stool or can be a designer start shape design that looks beautiful and matches the mandir decor. Practically its a small low height table used for various purposes for puja traditions. At the time of Ganpati Festival most homes uses a puja chowki for the beloved Ganesha.

Aarsun makes Solid wood puja chowkie designs and has the most designer collection for pooja chowkis for home and best of all we deliver globally. Made to order, as per size requirement and design choice and also the color liked by the user. Chowkie is used for different purposes in various puja traditions and one use is also for the Paduka of the Guruji, that requires a small stool to keep in front of Guruji Aasan. Get your own design Puja chowkie with home deliver in India or out of India at factory prices, custom made for you by Aarsun, contact us for discussing your requirement +91 819 299 9135 

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