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We deliver globally and have already delivered in more than 55 countries.

A detailed explanation of the shipping process and a detailed video for the ease of understanding as below.

Transport Options are as follows for International destinations. We have International Shipping Partners like FedEx / TNT, DHL, UPS for global delivery by air and multiple carriers for sea delivery.

Broadly there are 3 modes of shipment as listed below

  • By Airway - Door Delivery
  • By Sea (Nearest Port Delivery) – LCL/ FCL*
  • By Sea (Door Delivery) – LCL/ FCL*

Air Shipment (Door Delivery by DHL / FedEx / UPS/ India Post)

Aarsun Woods has tie ups with international firms like DHL Express, UPS and FedEx / TNT for door delivery depending upon the country specific service availability. We can also use any service as per the client’s preference subject to its service availability in India. We have best rates for air transport and have already successfully delivered 1000's of order by air, door delivery.

The approx delivery time for air way shipments is around 7 – 12 working days depending upon the destination from the date of shipmentBy air we have door delivery option and the client would need to present necessary documents to the custom authorities like Id proof and also would need to pay import duty, if applicable in that country. These days India government is working on a number of FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) wherein the import duties are getting Zero or very low.

Free Trade Agreement

LCL – Less Container Load and FCL – Full Container Load – Explained

The client may have requirement for a single set or for a full container (20 ft/ 40ft) depending on the order quantity. We make both and deliver the same internationally. The shipments that do not require a full container for example a 5 Seater sofa set would be sent in LCL mode wherein we have the shipping agents (Freight Forwarders) who hire a full container and club other shipments along and deliver the same.

In case of full container load 20ft or 40 feet the shipment is sent in FCL mode. Documentation and other paper requirements are almost same for both the shipment modes

Sea Way Shipment (Nearest Port Delivery)

In this mode of shipment, the ordered item will be delivered to the nearest sea port / dry port from client’s destination, as per the discussion. The mode of shipment will be by Sea in a container. Once the shipment arrives at the destination port, client would be informed for further clearance and pick up of the unit.

Client would be required to arrange for an agent on the respective port for custom clearance and pick up from the port. Further, there will be port charges/ additional charges and import duties payable that would be suggested by the local agent, depending on the port and custom regulations

Sea Way Shipment (Door Delivery)

If the client requires the shipment to be delivered to the door, we also provide this service. Once the shipment is handed over to the agent in India, the agent in the importing country gets the information and he will contact the client and would inform about the shipment transit.

Further, the client would need to provide the paperwork to the agent in the respective country, to confirm the identity as per custom department requirements and would need to pay the applicable import duties, once the stuff reaches the destination port for clearing. In Door Delivery mode, all charges except custom duties / import duties are prepaid, as the duties are informed only once the custom officer assesses the shipment.

Also the shipment is door delivery and the agents do not provide inside delivery and unpacking service, the same has to be arranged by the client.

Since Covid there are some rules & regulations for delivery agents that are changing from time to time, we request to check with the local agent for the same.

ISF Filing ONLY for US bound Shipments (For Sea Way Shipment)

For US bound shipments, ISF filling is mandatory by the US Customs. Generally we provide the ISF filing service, if the client has hired their own agent they can arrange for the filing themselves also.

The more details about ISF can be found on the link given below,

Release of Bill of Lading

Once the vessel is loaded a Bill of Lading is provided that is the proof of shipment. We would provide the necessary documentation required for the transit to the agents and other forms (Lacey/ Plant Species Form/ Materials form) any other information as required by the customs for the clearance from our end. The documentation is mostly done in soft copies these days, unless expressly required in hard copies as per the country’s custom rules.

Customs and Duties

There are import duties/ taxes in every country and the rates are different. As per a few recent Free Trade Agreements with India, in some countries the duties are reduced substantially. Please check with your agent/ custom authorities to determine the duties as they vary from country to country. For most countries, customs charges are the same as sales tax / VAT/ GST.

Import Duty/ Taxes are not prepaid in any case (Sea / Air) and cannot be paid earlier also, once the shipment arrives on the destination port and the custom officer assess the shipment, only then the duties are to be paid

For further details on shipping or for any question, please feel free to contact us at or +91 819 299 9135 – Phone / Whatsapp/ Telegram / Instagram / Pinterest / Youtube / Facebook/ Twitter


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“Thanks a billion! It’s awesome!. We can not thank you enough! From beginning till the delivery, you were patient, communicative and helpful! We really appreciate it.

Devisha Kulasekaran, Georgia, USA


“Thanks a billion! It’s awesome!. We can not thank you enough! From beginning till the delivery, you were patient, communicative and helpful! We really appreciate it.

Devisha Kulasekaran, Georgia, USA