International Shipping

We provide international shipping globally to all countries that are allowed for export as per Indian Customs rules and regulations. Global Shipping has following two modes:

    • By Airway (Door Delivery by DHL / FedEx/ UPS/ India Post)
    • By Sea (Nearest Port Delivery)

The feasible option is chosen based on the order volume and the item size, Please contact us with your requirement and we would suggest the best mode for international delivery.

 Air Shipment (Door Delivery by DHL / FedEx / UPS/ India Post)

Aarsun Woods has tie ups with international firms like DHL Express/ FedEx for door delivery depending upon the country specific service availability. We can also use any service as per the clients preference subject to its service availability in India. We have best rates for air transport and have already successfully delivered more than 1000 orders by air, door delivery to number of different countries. We have handled consignment up-to 3 tons by Air – door delivery all clearing and customs involved. (Custom duties and taxes are subject to local jurisdiction, they are charged extra, if applicable, please check your local laws for these charges)

The approx delivery time for air way shipments are around 7 – 12 working days depending upon the destination from the date of shipment

There will not be any additional charges payable by you except Import Duty, if applicable. Import duties are country and region specific, so we can not confirm in advance if their would be any import duty applicable in your order.

Sea Shipment (Nearest Port  Delivery) (CNF/ FOB)

In this mode of shipment, the ordered item will be delivered to the nearest port from your destination. The mode of shipment will be by Sea. Once the shipment arrives at the destination port, client would be informed for further clearance and pick up of the unit.

Sea shipment can be FOB or CNF as the clients requirement or as suggested by your local agent.

Client will require to arrange for custom clearance  and pick up from the port (it would be convenient and economical for the client). Further, there will be additional port charges payable, that would be suggested by the local agent, depending on port to port.

International Shipping 1


Comparison Between Sea way v/s Air way

International Shipping 2


1. Sea Way Shipment Procedure
The sea ways shipment is, generally, recommended for large shipments as it is very cost effective for the heavy shipment as compared to air way shipments. It takes around 30 – 45 days for delivery depending upon the country.

In sea way shipment, once your order is handed over to the shipping company, the shipping agent will do the custom clearance and process the dispatch. It takes around 2 – 4 working days depending upon the custom authority to clear the shipment.

Once the cargo is examined and cleared by the custom officer, it will be sealed in the container and the container will be trucked/railed from ICD in India to the nearest port for sailing.

Once at the port, it will be loaded on the next vessel depending upon the space availability on the vessel. There are weekly and fortnightly vessels for the major ports depending upon the destination.

ISF Filing ONLY for US bound Shipments (For Sea Way Shipment)

For US bound shipments, ISF filling is mandatory by the US Customs. We will be providing you the required details for ISF filing. You can either do the ISF filling on your own or hire a local import agent to the needful.

Effective January 26th 2010, US customs will implement a $ 5000 fine for late or non filing of ISF. ISF needs to be filed at least 24 hours prior to ETD in prescribed format. The process of filing ISF is simple and can be done by you or can be handed over to the registered and licensed compmay to file ISF on your behalf. Please contact them to set this up at the earliest. Failure to file could result in stiff fines and penalties and we will not be liable for any fines or penalties due to non compliance of this rule.

The more details about ISF can be found on the link given below,

Release of Bill of Lading

Once the vessel sails, we will provide you with original copies of Bill of Lading. You will be notified by the local shipping agent prior to arrival of your cargo.

Arrival of Cargo

Upon arrival of your cargo at the destination port, the shipping company will notify the consignee to present the following documents

1. Bill of Lading – 3 Original Copies

2. Invoice Copy – 2 Original Copies

3. Fumigation Certificate. – 1 Original Copy

4. Insurance Policy – 1 Original Copy

Import Custom Clearance

On arrival of your cargo, you will require to opt for import custom clearance. It would be easier to clear customs personally. You need to go to Local customs office with all the documents that you have received from us along with the arrival notice and valid Identification. In the customs office, you will have to fill out some forms which will be verified by a custom officer along with the rest of the papers and your Identification. Once satisfied with the paperwork, the officer will stamp one of the documents.

You may also hire a local import agent to save your invaluable time and avoid going through legal procedure.

Customs and Duties

There may be duties or taxes importing idols/temple into your country. Please check with your custom authorities to determine the duties as they vary from country to country. For most countries, customs charges are the same as sales tax / VAT. Our shipping rates do not include the import duties and other port charges and it will be payable, if applicable.

Pick Up of Cargo

You will need to present the stamped document to the warehouse when picking up the shipment. The warehouse will not release the shipment without the freight release from the shipping agent, Customs clearance and the warehouse In/Out charges. You will require make an arrangement for picking up your order from the shipping agent’s warehouse. We recommend you to opt for the transport company to arrange a pick up to save time and hassle associated with the picking up of your order.

Charges associated with the Sea Way mode of shipment:
If you are opting for Sea Way shipment, our sea way shipping charge includes:

Wooden Box Packaging Charges
Fumigation Charges
Insurance Charges
Custom Clearance in India
All the port charges at our end
Freight charges to the destination port
You will require to pay the following charges when your cargo arrives at the destination Port:

ISF Filing Charges for US bound shipment
Destination Port Charges
Custom Clearance Charges
Transportation charges from the port to your home
Import Duty if applicable

Charges associated with the Air Way mode of shipment:
By Door Delivery by Air, we use the services DHL, FedEx or UPS for delivery across the globe. In door delivery by Air, you will not require to pay any additional charges once your order is delivered to you except Import duty. We do not collect the import duty and it will be payable on “as actual” basis.

If the import duty is charges by the custom authority, you will receive an intimation from the shipping company and you will require to pay the import duty to the shipping company.

For further details on shipping, please feel free to contact us at or  8266888634