Latest Dining Table Chair Designs

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Latest design Dining table chair set

Dining Table Chair design set is not just a category of Furniture, it involves the most precious moments of our life, the Family time. After all day’s work when the family sits together for a meal, the time is of essence and good dining furniture can enhance the wonderful time experience.

A nice dining table chair set made as per your space and size requirement, the colors of your choice and the design as per your living style can transform your living space completely. Dining Tables and Chairs Set often referred as Dining Set for Home is the place that enhances your eating experience with the people you love, your friends and Family

Designer Dining Furniture

The most designer dining set models from the Brand Aarsun with global delivery in export quality and factory price are available here. The luxury dining set designs for homes and palaces, the trending designs with options for marble top, glass top, onyx top, granite top options. With designer chairs, master chairs, chairs with handles, chairs without handles, dining chairs that match the decoration theme of your home, the dining table that is properly sized and can accommodate your family and friends easily. A dining set gets the dining area a look that is truly deserves, with single carving chairs designs, double carving chair designs, light carving chair designs, heavy carving chairs and table, high back chairs, low back chair designs, or bench style dining sitting for dining table that can slide inside to save space. Dining area is all about the dining set and the size and space requirements also matters a lot. Rectangular design dining tables, round dining tables, oval design dining table, square design dining table are the most common designs for tables. Also the pillar style dining table design or the 4 legs style dining table design we make all designs in solid teak wood with classical and modern finish as per the trending designs and styles

Sizes and Design of Dining set

Dining Sets at Aarsun come in different sizes and designs – 4 Seater, 6 Seater, 8 Seater, 10 seater , 12 seater, 14 seater and even  16 seater dining set we have made recently. Any number of seats required can be customized as per requirement and contemporary, classical, Victorian, European, Rococo/ Baroque, French, Italian, Modern, and a blend of two or more styles customized as per your choice. Dining table designs are broadly categorized in 2 types, with 4 legs or pillar type table. Standard designs are tables with 4 legs; however pillar design tables are also quite liked for modern homes. Latest designs of dining table use pillar designs to make them look more attractive and new style as compared to traditional 4 leg table.

For dining chair design high back chairs are trending models, as they provide a grand look to the dining set. Low back chairs are mostly in simple and plain designs of dining furniture; royal designs though have higher back design.

So contact us and get your own designs of Dining Furniture made to order and delivered to your home India or outside India wherever you are. Made in India, crafted and created by master artisans, decorating homes globally with our artistic furniture +91 819 299 9135 

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Wooden Dining Table and Chairs

When you think of solid wood furniture, Aarsun is the top brand that is serving global clients. Besides the best wood quality, Aarsun also offers top of the line designs and artistic furniture for global homes. Top Designers and Architects love to design unique furniture for their clients, and we help them make those designs to real furniture. Wooden Dining table & chairs for your dining room furniture in latest designs, modern style, carving patterns and your choice of colors.

Modern Dining Furniture

Modern Furniture is the name given to designs that match with modern style homes. The wood has always been the top choice for home furniture, the difference is the designing part. In Modern Furniture broadly the use of different colors, matching designs with wall papers and theme is the essential part. The most classical furniture when prepared with latest material and theme design is part of modern home furniture. Aarsun has served thousands of designers across the globe for their modern home furniture designs.

In Modern design dining sets, normally one side sitting is converted to a bench style that moves underneath the table to save space.

Dining Set price

Price of all furniture is as per the requirement. 4 seater designs, 6 seater dining table, 8 seater or more all have different requirements and designs. Changing the colors, use of fabric type, light or heavy design and the final finishing all consists to get the final price of furniture and we love to discuss requirement. Once we have the final requirement we provide the best price. Being the top manufacturer, we provide factory price of our furniture and the best deals for global clients.

Online Dining table set

Internet has given easy access to buy products directly from the manufacturers at factory price. Aarsun online store offers designer wooden dining table set in required number of chairs, size, design and colors. On top of it the fabrics of your choice and export quality. Check our huge range and customize your design as per your liking

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