Image-of-our-happy-customer-Nemani-Rama Image-of-our-happy-customer-Nemani-Rama Image-of-our-happy-customer-Nemani-Rama Image-of-our-happy-customer-Nemani-Rama

Nemani Rama Krishna, Hyderabad

 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Chetna-Ben-Patel-Modasa-gujarat  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Chetna-Ben-Patel-Modasa-gujarat Image-of-our-happy-customer-Chetna-Ben-Patel-Modasa-gujarat  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Chetna-Ben-Patel-Modasa-gujarat  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Chetna-Ben-Patel-Modasa-gujarat

Chetna Ben Patel, Modasa gujarat

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Saisy-Airy Image-of-our-happy-customer-Saisy-Airy

Saisy Airy, Panchkula

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Abdul-Shabbir-hasan Image-of-our-happy-customer-Abdul-Shabbir-hasan

Abdul Shabbir Hasan, Chikmagalur Karnataka


Ramakrishnan, Tirupur Tamilnadu

Image of our happy customer Dinesh-Kumar-P-J-salem

Dinesh Kumar PJ, Salem Tamilnadu

 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Neelesh-gupta-Gurgaon  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Neelesh-gupta-Gurgaon

Neelesh Gupta, Gurgaon

 Image-of-our-happy-customer-rajiv  Image-of-our-happy-customer-rajiv  Image-of-our-happy-customer-rajiv  Image-of-our-happy-customer-rajiv  Image-of-our-happy-customer-rajiv

“Thank you Mohit Ji. 🙏  this is how our home look Like”

Sigtap Ravi Shankar, Coventry England

Image-of-our-Happy-CustomerCol-Abhishek,-Tenga-Valley-Arunachal-Pradesh Image-of-our-Happy-CustomerCol-Abhishek,-Tenga-Valley-Arunachal-Pradesh Image-of-our-Happy-CustomerCol-Abhishek,-Tenga-Valley-Arunachal-Pradesh Image-of-our-Happy-CustomerCol-Abhishek,-Tenga-Valley-Arunachal-Pradesh Image-of-our-Happy-CustomerCol-Abhishek,-Tenga-Valley-Arunachal-Pradesh Image-of-our-Happy-CustomerCol-Abhishek,-Tenga-Valley-Arunachal-Pradesh Image-of-our-Happy-CustomerCol-Abhishek,-Tenga-Valley-Arunachal-Pradesh

Col Abhishek, Tenga Valley Arunachal Pradesh


Inderpal singh Deol, Kaithal Haryana


Amit Kumar, Trichy Tamilnadu



Sathish R Amasamy, Tiruvannamalai 

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Ms-Sheron,-Kingston-Jamaica Image-of-our-happy-customer-Ms-Sheron,-Kingston-Jamaica Image-of-our-happy-customer-Ms-Sheron,-Kingston-Jamaica Image-of-our-happy-customer-Ms-Sheron,-Kingston-Jamaica

Ms Sheron, Kingston Jamaica


Bikramjit Ray Chaudhuri, Thane

“Yesterday night we have received the dining table set. The packing was excellent. Thanks a lot. 🙏”


N. Murugesan, Coimbatore

“Got the product. Happy and satisfied.”


Priyanka Suman Verma Sagar, MP


Saairam, Tamilnaidu

Image-of-our-customer-N-k-Srivastava2 Image-of-our-customer-N-k-Srivastava2

N.k Srivastava, Jalandhar Punjab


Rajib Das, Kolkata


Amber Nilabh, Bangalore

“Recieved the Jhula today. Looking very good👏🏼, Matches with other furnitures……..Will order more items and refer friends as well “


Image-of-our-happy-customer-Satya-Narayana-Nayak-1 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Satya-Narayana-Nayak

Satya Narayana Nayak, Chennai

Karen Rawat Mumbai Karen Rawat Mumbai

Karen Rawat, Mumbai


“Thank you so much. Nice work. 😍🙏”

Sampath Kumar, Chennai Tamil Nadu

Testimonials 1 Testimonials 2 Testimonials 3 Our-happy-customer-Rajeev-Kumar-BHEl-Haridwar4

Rajeev Kumar Bhel, Haridwar


“Thanks for a beautiful temple bought from you and excellent service too”

Manish Malhotra, Ghaziabad

Testimonials 4 Testimonials 5

“I have received the jhula.
And it is looking fantastic. Thanks 🙏😊 “

Amit Bhar, Hughly West Bangal

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Sandeep-Sharma-MP4 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Sandeep-Sharma-MP4 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Sandeep-Sharma-MP4

Sandeep Sharma, MP


Sasi Dupaguntla, Hyderabad


“looks great”

Sasikumar Venkta, Bangalore

Our-Happy-Customer-Arpit-Jain-Bangalore Our-Happy-Customer-Arpit-Jain-Bangalore Our-Happy-Customer-Arpit-Jain-Bangalore Our-Happy-Customer-Arpit-Jain-Bangalore Our-Happy-Customer-Arpit-Jain-Bangalore Our-Happy-Customer-Arpit-Jain-Bangalore

Arpit Jain, Bangalore

Testimonials 6

Sendhilazhagan K, Hosur Tamilnadu

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Doragaari-Chiranjeevi,-Kadapa,-Andhra-Pradesh Image-of-our-happy-customer-Doragaari-Chiranjeevi,-Kadapa,-Andhra-Pradesh

Doragaari Chiranjeevi, Kadapa, Andhra-Pradesh

Our-Happy-Customer-Mona-J-Raymond-Miami-Florida Our-Happy-Customer-Mona-J-Raymond-Miami-Florida Our-Happy-Customer-Mona-J-Raymond-Miami-Florida

Mona J Raymond Miami Florida

“My husband opened the boxed last night everyone was so happy.”

Our-Happy-Customer-Kajal-Jaiswal-USA2 Our-Happy-Customer-Kajal-Jaiswal-USA2

Kajal Jaiswal, USA


“It is very nice, we love it ! The craftsmanship is amazing we are very happy”

Sunil Suri, Sydney


Srinivas Maiya, Bangalore

Our-Happy-Customer-Arjun-Singh-rana-bulandseher Our-Happy-Customer-Arjun-Singh-rana-bulandseher

Arjun Singh Rana, Bulandseher

Our-Happy-Customer-Kaushik-Ghosh-2 Our-Happy-Customer-Kaushik-Ghosh-2 Our-Happy-Customer-Kaushik-Ghosh-2

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh,Roorkee

Testimonials 7 Our-Happy-Customer-G-Asok-kumar-,-Pallakad-Kerala2

G Asok kumar, Pallakad Kerala

Images-of-our-hppy-customer-Rajeev-Dhanya-Trivandrum-Kerala Images-of-our-hppy-customer-Rajeev-Dhanya-Trivandrum-Kerala

Rajeev Dhanya, Trivandrum Kerala


“Yes it’s awesome the quality is best👌”

Ankit Naik, Goa

 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vikas-Desai-Mumbai  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vikas-Desai-Mumbai

Vikas Desai, Mumbai

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Krishna-moorthy-(Murali) Image-of-our-happy-customer-Krishna-moorthy-(Murali)

Krishna moorthy (Murali), Chennai

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Malati-Yerulu-USA1 Testimonials 8 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Malati-Yerulu-USA1

Malati Yerulu, USA


Pradeep Pandian, Australia


Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vishwajit-Bhardwaj-Banglore Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vishwajit-Bhardwaj-Banglore Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vishwajit-Bhardwaj-Banglore Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vishwajit-Bhardwaj-Banglore

Vishwajit Bhardwaj, Bangalore

“Thanks a lot!!…..Can’t tell u how happy we are”

 Image-of-our-happy-customer-Mohd-Ashraf,-Trichy  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Mohd-Ashraf,-Trichy  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Mohd-Ashraf,-Trichy  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Mohd-Ashraf,-Trichy  Image-of-our-happy-customer-Mohd-Ashraf,-Trichy

Mohd Ashraf, Trichy

“Received the product Sir. Completely satisfied 🤝😁”

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Naresh-BS-Bangalore Image-of-our-happy-customer-Naresh-BS-Bangalore

Naresh BS, Bangalore


Minu Dixit, Bangalore


Poonam Joshi, Bangalore


Rakesh Pawar, Gurgaon

Testimonials 9 Testimonials 10 Testimonials 11

Sanjoy Singh, Kolkata


 Sangeeta Suresh Kumar, Singapore

Testimonials 12

Yashwanth Gowda, Mysore


Chandrashekhar Kamath Mumbai

Testimonials 13 Testimonials 14

Anil kumar,  Bangalore

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Ganeshwara-Rao Image-of-our-happy-customer-Ganeshwara-Rao Image-of-our-happy-customer-Ganeshwara-Rao

Ganeshwara Rao, Hyderabad


Kalyan Nadhan, Hyderabad

Testimonials 15 Testimonials 16 Testimonials 17 Testimonials 18

Mahender Alsa, Karimnagar ,Telangana

Testimonials 19

Kalpana Samal, Bangalorea



Rohit Ji, Hyderabad

“Looks good…I liked it!”

Image-of-our-haprry-customer-Karthik-Ayyer-mumbai Image-of-our-haprry-customer-Karthik-Ayyer-mumbai Image-of-our-haprry-customer-Karthik-Ayyer-mumbai

Karthik Ayyer, Mumbai

Testimonials 20 Testimonials 21 Testimonials 22

Krishna Associates (Anil Verma) Krishna District AP  


Deepak Khosla, Noida


Mohan Reddy – Warangal

“Nice furniture brother.. ..wood work was very fabulous …worthfull product fantastic 👌🏻😊”


Ajay Patra, Bhubhneshwar

“thanks amazing work”

Testimonials 23

Akanksha Das, Bangalore

“Thanku so much for this beautiful temple…..Radhe Radhe”


Swati Gupta, Delhi

Testimonials 24

Gopal Krishna, Noida


V Srikhanth Hyderabad

“Thank u, sir, super sir… Really very very happy sir


Testimonials 25

Vamareddy Ramini Khammam, Telangana


Bedi Ji, Gurgaon


Sikh Infantry, Bikaner

“Thank you so much for excellent sofas…”


Dilip Patel, Ahmedabad

“It was a pleasant deal, thank you”


Manohar MK, Singapore

“Arrived on time and was packaged nicely”

Testimonials 26Testimonials 27Image-for-our-customer-review-Mrs-Vasanti-Chitnis-Gulbarga5Image-for-our-customer-review-Mrs-Vasanti-Chitnis-Gulbarga5Image-for-our-customer-review-Mrs-Vasanti-Chitnis-Gulbarga5

Mrs Vasanti Chitnis, Gulbarga

“Item was as described and met my expectations”


Revathi Tungaturthi, USA


Image-for-our-customer-review-Saud-Shaikh-lucknowSaud-Shaikh, Lucknow

“fantastic feel. very good product”


Chittaranjan, Bhubaneswar

“Liked the item,

Testimonials 28

Srirama Rangappa, Bangalore

“Beautiful design”

Testimonials 29

“Item received in good condition. Fixed it as well. Thanks”


Avijit Mondal, Bangalore



Iffat Rehman, Patna

“Delivered safely, was worried how would you deliver such big item, happy thanks

Testimonials 30

Dr. Prasanna-Nagenahalli, Kerala

“Assembled unit thanks

Testimonials 31Testimonials 32Testimonials 33

Senthil Kumar, Coimbatore

“Received Safely, and in placed, thank you


Tarun Saxena, Badaun

Testimonials 34Testimonials 35

Pawan Tayla, Gurgaon


Raju, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

“Excellent Carving Work by Team aarusun..
The Sheshaam Wooden Room Partition is purchased and being used in the Home MANDIR area and it looks so BEAUTIFUL. Product Quality is so fine. Beautiful Design and Example of fine work. Looking so Beautiful in the House. Perfect for dividing Home Mandir. I appreciate their fine works again and again. Especially Thanks to Mittal Jie and his Team for sending me the product in timely. Moderately Satisfied With this Product. 5 Stars out of 5 Stars”

Testimonials 36

Rohit Mahajan, Bangalore

Great Seller. Happy

image for happy customer Mohan-Rao

Mohan Rao, Hyderabad

“Just now I have received and it is exactly the same as I have seen in the picture “

Testimonials 37

Testimonials 38

Testimonials 39

Testimonials 40

Testimonials 41

Testimonials 42

Monis khaleel, Bangalore

“Everything is perfect thank you, apart from that the carving and the quality is top class. Never seen this quality and finishing.”





Kailash kanoujia, Lucknow

“Thank you Ashish for beautiful product from Aarsun. Really value for money”

Testimonials 43Testimonials 44Testimonials 45

Mahaveer Kalyan, Guntur

“Thank you for the beautiful products” 


Ikshvakoo-Vaid, Singapore



Arshiya Sulata, Hyderabad

“It’s a good product”

image-for-happy-customer-Arun-Pratap-Singh-jablapurArun Pratap Singh Jablapur

“It’s so good”




“I got the order and it’s beautiful”

Image for K.Subramanyam Kurnool

K.Subramanyam Kurnool


Testimonials 46

Testimonials 47



Wahita Ji Pondicherry

“Thank you Aarsun

Testimonials 48

Prabhu Ravichandran, Coimbatore

Excellent product”

Testimonials 49

Testimonials 50

Dr. Nivedita Bangalore

“Packaging was very neat and highly secure 👌

Happy customer Cleatus-Titus-Texas-US-logo

Cleatus Titus Texas US


Testimonials 51

Samir Waghdhare, Ratnagiri



Testimonials 52

Shrikant, Bangalore

“We have received the sofa set today and it is magnificent

Testimonials 53

Testimonials 54

Testimonials 55

S. Narendra Kumar, Guntur

“We have installed dining table in my home. Thanks for all your help


Testimonials 56

Pankaj Garg, Meeru

“Good product


Testimonials 57

Testimonials 58

K.Pawan Tayla, Gurgaon

Many thanks, looking very nice”

Testimonials 59

Testimonials 60

Prakash Mulmule, Nashik

item received thank you, sir


Samarendra Rout, Odisha

lots of thanks to Aarsun woods, your product is Amazing n your quality very good n packing also. I’m very happy n satisfied with your service


Shubham Jain, Bangalore

Thanks, it’s assembled and looking very beautiful


Shaikh Rafaqat Ali, Bhubaneshwar



Dr. Kamakshi Ludhiana

My house changed becoz of ur temple. thanks alot

Testimonials 61

Testimonials 62

Avijit Kumar Mondal, Bangalore


Testimonials 63

Testimonials 64

Dr. Amit Misra

“Excellent Jhula” 


Amit Roy Burdwan,  West Bengal

Testimonials 65

Chandru Thambidurai, USA

Simran-Vachani-Bangalore happy customer

Simran Vachani, Bangalore

“Happy with jhula


A.Hussain Khoyee, Hyderabad, Telangana

“Thanks, received the swing in time and intact


“Awesome job Workmanship is super Overall extremely happy with it. You picked a good polish colour, thank you 🙏”

Megha Babladkar, Bangalore


Khyati Verma

“Got the chair. very well packed. Even for such a small work you’ve really taken all my needs into consideration from colour to the wood polish. It’s matching my dressing table really well. Thank you so much 🙏🏼

Testimonials 66

Testimonials 67

Darshan Vinnakota, 

“Thank u so much, Ur work is awesome, I’m happy 😃

Testimonials 68

Testimonials 69

Mahinder Lal Delhi

“Everything is fine about the product


Image for happy customer Prerna-Vashishta-Delhi

Prerna Vashishta Delhi

“Loved the product

Testimonials 70

Avishak Chanda, Bengaluru

“Great work. Every details of their work is carefully hand carved. Tripti was really helpful. Waiting to order More furnitures from them soon.

Image for Ashok-Kumar-Mehta-dehradun.jpg

Mr. Ashok Kumar Mehta, Dehradun

“Good Product

Image for Rajesh-singh happy customer

Rajesh Singh

“Good Looking and Trending”

Testimonials 71

Samiparna Samanta, Gurgaon 

“I am very pleased with the purchase. The divider is beautiful, sturdy, and serves the purpose of separating the living from the dining area perfectly- not blocking the view completely and yet allowing sufficient privacy. It was a smooth experience all along. customer service was very professional, prompt, and helpful. Special thanks to Tripti at customer service for personally overseeing my order and facilitating a quick delivery in the middle of the holidays! Hope to order more from this brand :-)”

Image for Hamza Pardawala , Pune Happy Customer

Hamza Pardawala, Pune

“Value for Money! Very beautifully made Partition frames. Professional Executives! Thank you Ms Tripti and Aarsun Woods!”

Testimonials 72Testimonials 73

Swarnima, Delhi

It’s a great product.

Image for Santosh-Parab,-thane-happy-customer

Santosh-Parab, Thane


Image for Chsndrashekhar S.R mysore

Chandrashekhar S.R,  Mysore

Good product

Testimonials 74

Testimonials 75

Testimonials 76

Testimonials 77

U Shekhar, Navi Mumbai

Good Looking and Trending

Image for happy customer  C.Yogananda kannada

U SC.Yogananda, Kannada

“Good product and quality as per description”


Image for happy customer anup bisht gurgaon Anup Bisht, Gurgaon

“Such a nice unit, thank you

Testimonials 78

Shwetha Radesh, Mangalore

“Beautiful work

Testimonials 79

Testimonials 80

Testimonials 81

Testimonials 82

Ashok Tarlana, Srikakulam AP

“Beautiful Furniture”

Testimonials 83

Srinivas Maiya, Bangalore

Testimonials 84

Testimonials 85

Testimonials 84

Shiraz Shajani, Dubai UAE


Testimonials 87

Manoj Mazumder Bangalore

“nice place to keep my tea set”

Testimonials 88

Prasant, Nagpur


Testimonials 89

Gayatri Ji, Dublin, US

Good one

Testimonials 90

Testimonials 91

Testimonials 92

Zenat Abrar, Bangalore

“Really beautiful furniture”

Testimonials 93

Muddassar Khan

“nice product”

Testimonials 94

Sanjay Gulati, Gurugram

“Perfect design for Guru Maharaj Chair

Testimonials 95

“Im happy with the product.. its pretty and sturdy as suggested in the website..though im not sure how to confirm its sheesham.
With the service however, it was tiring to get the information from you and at one point i started to fear that ive paid to a bogus site.”

Testimonials 96

Testimonials 97

Rahul, Mumbai

“thank you Aarsun”


Testimonials 98 Testimonials 99 Testimonials 100

Dr Babita Pandey, Lucknow

Testimonials 101

Ravi Prakash, Khammam

“happy to receive this”

Testimonials 102

Testimonials 103

Narendradeva Theni, TN

Really awesome products

Testimonials 104

Shashi Goenka, Faridabad Hariyana

“Awesome product

Testimonials 105

Testimonials 106

Arun Verma

“Appreciate this product

Testimonials 107

Dr. Ramadevi, Visakhapatnam 

“Got installed Looking Nice Thank you

Testimonials 108

Kaushik, Hoysala Mysore

“Really good product. Quality also great with decent price.

Testimonials 109

Sumana bose, Bhubaneswar

“Product received as expected”

Testimonials 110

Santanu Kumar, Bangalore

Good product

Sunil Raniganj WB happy customer

Sunil, Raniganj WB

“Best product”


Testimonials 111

Nishat Khan, Patna

“Nice place to relax”

Testimonials 112

Anuja Mahaligam France

“my pooja room is completed now”

Testimonials 113

Testimonials 114

Dhiman Ganguly, Hooghly WB 

“Product is as described and is sturdy enough”

Manoj ji , Faridabad Customer Feedback

Manoj Ji, Faridabad

“Thank you for the beautiful chair.”

happy customer

Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Punjab

“Decent quality and beautiful design. Aarsun Woods impressed us with their professional, personalized and attentive customer service..”

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Deepti-Garg-Gurgaon Image-of-our-happy-customer-Deepti-Garg-Gurgaon

Deepti Garg, Gurgaon



Image-for-SUNITA-HIRDE-happy-customer1Sunita Hirde

“Certainly it is a renovation in categories of partition.We will be in touch of amazon in future also.one thing more,the way you pack n delivered the product is highly “

Testimonials 115

Testimonials 116

Bhabagrahi sahu kolkata

“Beautiful WallShelves.”


Prem lata , faizabad happy customer

 Prem lata, Faizabad

“Product received as expected.”


Testimonials 117

Anil Sharma

“I am very happy dealing with arsun woods…
The best may be…
I have purchased this big wooden mandir at a very reasonable cost from arsun…they got it delivered to my address in delhi in just 4 days…the packaging was also best in class…all in all the experience was BEST…
I hope shopping with Arsun again in future…😍😍😍”



bssn-prasad-Ananthapur AP happy-customer


bssn-prasad-Ananthapur AP happy-customer

Pratap Solunke, Aurangabad

“Completely Satisfied with My Sofa Set”


bssn-prasad-Ananthapur AP happy-customer

Mrs Adrian Karuna Johnson, Mumbai

“Such a masterpiece by Aarsun”


bssn-prasad-Ananthapur AP happy-customer

BSSN Prasad, Ananthapur, AP

“Excellent product”


Kishore Natrajan, Dubai

bssn-prasad-Ananthapur AP happy-customer
bssn-prasad-Ananthapur AP happy-customer


Dr. Ravi Teja, Tirupati

“Thank You for Such a Nice Bed”


Aarsun Happy Customer New-Jersy-,-Rahul

Jürgen Quirin, Deutschland (Germany)

It’s nice

Image-of-our-happy-customer-K-Jagadish-Vishakhapatnam2 Image-of-our-happy-customer-K-Jagadish-Vishakhapatnam1

K Jagadish Vishakhapatnam

Testimonials 118

Garik Das Calcutta


Testimonials 119

Dr Shabana Shaikh, Latur

We have ordered 12 panels of partition.Could order easily. Sonia has smartly given handled to our many queries. Product received in very good package, delivered timely and good quality despite of so long distance transport. Easy to fix and clean panels received. “

Testimonials 120

Diganta Das, Golaghat Assam

“Looks Amazing”


Pallavi Mamidala, Chennai

“🙏🏻🙏🏻 fabulous and the packing is absolute perfect “

Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vignesh-Bangalore Image-of-our-happy-customer-Vignesh-Bangalore

Vignesh, Bangalore


Latha Prabhu, Bangalore

Testimonials 121
Testimonials 122
Testimonials 123
Testimonials 124

Sushant Kadyan, Delhi

“Aarsun furniture delivers what it promises – to the utmost satisfaction in terms of quality and precision. We placed an order for a 7 seater sofa and when we received the delivery we were extremely pleased by the work of their team which made us place order for more items like room partition and console. We believe we have made a life long connection with Aarsun woods now and would keep procuring things from them in future. Special thanks to the SPOC we were dealing with – Miss. Sonia, she was very patient with our requests and follow ups done at the time of manufacturing and delivery status. She made us feel that the money we are paying in advance without even visiting them in person, is in safe hands and there would be no discrepancy in the process. Thanks Sonia and Mr. Mittal for giving us the sofa set of our dream. Good Luck 👍 Sushant Kadyan and the entire Family. “

Aarsun Happy Customer Munawar-khursheed-bilaspur

Munawar Khursheed, Bilaspur

“gud “

Aarsun Happy Customer Riddhi-Baroda.–Gujarat

Riddhi , Baroda Gujarat

Image of our happy customer Image of our happy customer Image of our happy customer

Chander Vijay Verma, Hoshiarpur

Aarsun Happy Customer Dr.P.-Sreenivasa-Rao,–Andhra-Pradesh1
Aarsun Happy Customer Dr.P.-Sreenivasa-Rao,–Andhra-Pradesh2
Aarsun Happy Customer Dr.P.-Sreenivasa-Rao,–Andhra-Pradesh3

Dr.P. Sreenivasa Rao, Andhra Pradesh

“If ur looking for carved furniture this wld be the best place to buy. Packing is really good, Sonia is really good to communicate and responded to all the queries very fast.”

Testimonials 125
Testimonials 126

Sudhakar Chaudhary, Gurugram

“tables look beautiful”


Aarsun Happy Customer SWAPNIL-YALGI-Switzerland1
Aarsun Happy Customer SWAPNIL-YALGI-Switzerland

Swapnil-Yalgi, Switzerland

“Thank you aarsun for such a beautiful gift”

Aarsun Happy Customer ajith-venu2
Aarsun Happy Customer ajith-venu3

Ajith Venu

“I wanted to make four poster bed. Found this company through India mart and contacted Mrs Sonia Rawat. It was thorough professional approach and very easily accessible by whatsapp. And she was available for all queries in all the stages of buying this bed frame.”

Aarsun Happy Customer faridabad-suman
Aarsun Happy Customer faridabad-suman1

Suman, Faridabad 

“Nice product to divide a room, thank you” “

R Rizvi Lucknow

R Rizvi Lucknow

“It’s was good”

Manish mudaliyar mumbai-happy customer
Manish mudaliyar mumbai-happy customer

Manish Mudaliyar, Mumbai

“Really awesome, happy with the sofa set.”

rauf-happy-Customer Aarsun

Rauf Shaikh, Pune

“sofa customized as per my need. Thank u “

Kamlesh Bhujbal Pune

Kamlesh Bhujbal, Pune

“Wonderful Mandir”

Aarsun Happy Customer yugandar,–Tirupati2
Aarsun Happy Customer yugandar,–Tirupati

Yugandar, Tirupati


rajesh goel chandigarh
rajesh goel chandigarh2
rajesh goel chandigarh3
rajesh goel chandigarh4

Rajesh Goel, Chandigarh

“Happy to add a beautiful dining set to my home”


Priyanka Chopra, USA

“Beautiful Temple, Really impressed”


Rajendra Kumar Brahma ,Odisha

“Excellent Furniture and came in perfect condition”


Sultana Affrin, Chennai

“fantastic feel. Sofa set was as per my expectations”


Ranjit Sran, Bhatinda

“It was a pleasant deal, with a satisfactory follow-up by the seller.”


Ash Naggi, Hyderabad“This is one product we really wanted to write feedback. We placed the order in the month of July and it was delivered on November. Only delivery part wz delayed 😄. You need someone’s help to open the boxes which is understandable. Assembly is straight forward. The quality of the table and chairs are robust and excellent. it has really enriched the dining area. We haven’t seen similar set in local market ,believe me this dining set is much more superior to which i have seen here in market. We are extremely happy with the overall shopping experience. Just go for it if this is something you are searching to buy.
Very Royal look , and Very Beautifully made”

thipireddy-customer happy

Bharath Thippireddy

“Excellent quality of the Wooden Swing ordered and great customer service experience.Highly recommended.”


Prabhu Sunku, USA

“Really impressed with the Product and  service”


Swetha Hasini Namala, Hyderabad 

“Highly recommended- fabulous service.” 


Tarun Karda, Nasik 

“Stylish yet comfortable, fits perfectly in our place” 

happpy customer 1

Ravindra, Bangalore: 

“The Perfect Furniture for my Home by Aarsun” 


Sunil Nikhar Ji , Pune: 

“Amazing Work and nice people”


ELizabeth Imti :

“I am very impressed with the quality of the product I ordered and definitely purchase more from Aarsun Woods. Thanks to Bhawna for timely Assistance and cooperation.”


Amar Prem, Gulbarga

“Furniture are very good in design as well as quality…. Value for Money … Thank you for such a beautiful units.”


Lalrammawii Sailo – Mizoram

“Happy with this purchase..Looks Amazing and fits with my home theme very well”


Gagandeep, Gurgaon

“I was very much satisfied wid my purchase It was an Amazing experience as all units were made as per my need”

Happy Customer 17
Happy Customer 18
Happy Customer 16

Mukesh Goswami ji, M.P.

“Really Amazing craftsmanship!! finishing and material is all as promised”


Sneha Sharma, Guwahati

“Great Service”


Rajesh Gungale , Ahmednagar

“Dream set-up for shahi…Mewar theme..Completed Sucessfully ..thanks for the quality product. “

Our-Happy-Customer-Mr.-Sreekumar-Kerala4 Our-Happy-Customer-Mr.-Sreekumar-Kerala4 Our-Happy-Customer-Mr.-Sreekumar-Kerala4 Our-Happy-Customer-Mr.-Sreekumar-Kerala4

Mr. Sreekumar, Kerala
jagriti -HAppy customer1
jagriti -HAppy customer12
jagriti -HAppy customer

Jagriti Chadha

“Thank you Aarsun for wonderful sofa”


Puja, Delhi

“I highly recommend it”


Ram, Pune

“Thank you for Diwali Gift”


Abdul Guthoos , Kerala

“Absolutely stunning, worth the price”


Shaukat Petkar & Family ,Navi Mumbai

“U have given us this gift for life time”


Zakir Pasha , Bangalore

“Nice gold finish.. Highly recommended”

Happy Customer 24

Mrs. Malini Nimmala

“Beautiful Mandir”

happy Customer 25

Mayank Agrawal

“Product is same as per my expectation”

happy customer 26

Kumud Mehta, Singapore

“I liked the product very much”

sneha vishurt Bajpai happy customer

Sneha Vishurt Bajpai

“The mandir is decent, value for money”

Sasidhar Muppaneni happy customer

Sasidhar Muppaneni, USA

“Thank u to Bhawna and craftsmen”

Happy Customer1

Rohit Verma, Delhi

“Thank u for such a beautiful wooden panel and service”

Vanita Delhi

Vanita, Delhi

“Beautiful carving pretty heavier than expected”

Customer happy
Customer happy 3
Customer happy4

Smiriti Sharma, Delhi

“it is same as shown on site. Like it.”


PB Venkatraman, Hyderabad, Telangana

“Received the item safely and installed”

ishan kishan

Ishan Kishan’s mother(Cricketer, Mumbai-Indians)

“This is a beautiful gift, thank u, Aarsun”

Pramod Gupta

Pramod Gupta, Long Grove, USA

“Temple installed today, looks good thanks”


Paramaguru S, Chennai Tamil Nadu

“Product is gud”


Ashima Sharma(Celebrity Fashion Designer), Noida

“A beautiful piece, great work, keep it up.”

Happy Customer 31

Dhanesh Nagarajan, Chennai Tamil Nadu

“Very innovative product “

Meenakshi Vivek Gadodia , Uttar Pradesh

Meenakshi Vivke Gadodia, Uttar Pradesh

“Reasonable Price for a great product”

Hitesh Chandigarh


“Exactly as required, great service”

happy customer 8
happy customer 9
happy customer 11A
happy customer 12A
happy customer 10

G. Amuthaselvi ,Coimbatore 

“Six seater sofa is looking very good. Good finishing and royal look. Our family liked it. Good Service and very cooperative staff. Thank you Aarsun Woods”

Dr. Asheesh Pratap Singh , Meerut

Dr. Asheesh Pratap Singh, Meerut

“Love it”

happy customer23A
happy customer21

Shraddha Singh, Lucknow

“Happy to have a such a Amazing temple”

navneet chandigarh1
navneet chandigarh2

Navneet, Chandigarh

“Great Service, Very quick Service”

Ila Trivedi chattisgarh

Ila Trivedi, Chattisgarh

“Amazing quality”

hassan Singapore
hassan Singapore 2

Hassan, Singapore

“Awesome swing”