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Beds are required in every home and size is most important for any bedroom model. King size, Queen size, Super King size or custom size, single bed, double bed, bed with box storage, bed without storage, royal design bed, classical designs or modern queen size bed, Aarsun makes all furniture as per your requirement and has the largest online furniture collection for royal furniture and premium furniture. Color may be White bed, Gold, Natural finish, wood finish, pink color bed, mahogany wood finish, dual shades, triple shades or even Gold leaf beds we provide finishing as per your choice, and also the tufting and fabric use has options that the clients like.

Queen size beds are 60 x 78 inches or 60 x 75 inches in size for mattress, actual unit size may vary as per design of the unit, the main size with which a bed is known either queen size or king size is the mattress area. In feet size of queen bed is 5 feet x 6.5 feet or 6.25 feet, both sizes work for queen size bed. Modern homes have separate spaces for kids room wherein single beds are provided, queen beds or princess bed are used in smaller rooms where 2 kids can sleep comfortably. Aarsun has the most amazing furniture collection online wherein we make the designer carving beds in India by master artisans and deliver across the globe. Bed with box storage and hydraulic for easy lifting option is available for all beds, and without storage box option is also available as per requirement.

Made in India bed designs in modern, trending, latest designs, new designs, classical theme, wood bed models with box storage and without storage with an option to buy online at factory price in export quality and delivery to your home in India and out of India in 55 countries from International handmade furniture Brand – Aarsun

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