Jhula Hanging Swing Seat

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Jhula – Hanging Swing Seat for Ceiling

One of the most liked and timeless Furniture unit is a Ceiling Jhula Hanging Swing Seat. For ages the Jula Swing also called Jhula has provided the joy that is never felt on any other furniture unit. In modern homes or traditional homes, Swing seat adds decor as well as uniqueness. Aarsun has the largest collection of Jhula Swing Seat designs along with brass chains. Just the plain seat plank or a reversible swing seat, we have all the options. With seat cushion or without, heavy back or lean back, we make and deliver worldwide.

In most movies with big traditional homes a Jhula seat with brass chain is always visible. Whether its a Telugu Movie or Malyalam, Tamil or Kannada, Gujarati or Marathi Movie or Hindi feature film. In modern times, OTT Web Series frequently display Jhula seats decorating the film sets.


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The joy of a Swing is same whether a child, adult or an elder person in our home. The light Swing always relaxes the mood and the body. The free flow of body gently touching the air – that seems like singing our favorite song in our ear. Reading a book or just taking some time to relax from a busy day, a Swing is the Loved piece of Furniture. Whether its a Ceiling Jhula Hanging Swing Seat or a Full stand Jhula, we have both the options available with Global home delivery. Thousands of our clients globally have decorated their homes with our Jhula seat designs and the same is visible in our CLIENT TESTIMONIALS.

Detailed videos about the chain types, the installation procedure is available on YOUTUBE (click here to watch). If you want just the brass chain, we provide that too, check our brass chain section for the same. For any queries we are just a call or message away ✆ +91 819 299 9135 

Ceiling Swing for Adults

The jhula designs for home requires broadly 2 things, the design that matches the decor and the durability. Ceiling Swing for Adults require strength that can hold the required weight. At Aarsun we have the top quality brass chains and fittings and we have delivered world over with top quality. With all types of ceiling fittins are swings works well for adults as well as kids. Aarsun Swing jhula design are the highlights of the furniture in any home. Most places where a swing is installed, it is a unique concept as well as a point of discussion for the guests.

Hanging Swing seat

Swing or Jhula seats look amazing and if they are hanging designs it gives the feel of the unique furniture concept. Traditionally swings were used in most homes as per the tradition and for the kids as well. These days for modern homes Swing is a designer concept and interior designers and Architects try and provide a space in homes for a hanging swing seat or a full stand swing for their clients.

Ceiling Jhula for Living Room

Living room furniture concepts have evolved with time and these days more space is provide in living rooms by the house designers. Ceiling Jhula for Living room is another amazing furniture concept that stands out uniquely where ever it is installed. Everyone loves a jhula, kids, adults or the elders, it has a distinct effect of calmness and style

Reversible Jhula seat

When you have a big room and a swing is installed in the middle of the room a Reversible Jhula seat is the best concept. It can be used from both sides by just moving the back part. Reversible swing seat not only looks good but is a quite liked concept. They are very easy to reverse, just hold the back and move it other side. With brass hinges it is durable and can easily hold the weight. Reversible seats are also designed with both sides work to make them look designer from all sides

Jhula Sofa Chair

If you want your jhula seat with your sofa set, we can convert the same design to a jhula sofa as well. The same design of sofa chair or a 2 seater is modified to be used as a Jhula seat and it looks amazing living room sofa concept that goes with the overall theme of the sofa set

Roof Hanging Jhula

With solid brass chains that are quite strong jhula seats are hung on ceiling sometimes called room hanging jhula also. We have top designs of jhula seats and options for brass chains as per the liking of the clients

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