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Showing all 11 results

Aarsun Service Trolleys

Food Serving trolley with wheels is a stylish addition to any home and quite useful in hotels and restaurants popularly known as Kitchen Trolley and Bar cart. They can be used from serving food and drinks to storing and transporting items easily in a home or from room to room without carrying the food in hands, serving table on wheels is popular option.

Serving trolley is an quite used in many homes for carrying of food to the dining area for dinner serving. Bar trolleys or Bar carts, Drinks Trolleys are used to carry bottles, glasses and drink time eatables in bar area and homes. Aarsun has designer collection of room service trolleys with wheels, compact designs and also folding models, with that you can easily entertain your guests without carrying all items in your hands and trays.

Aarsun Wooden Service Trolleys / Kitchen serving Bar Cart in traditional designs made from premium quality teak and sheesham wood in antique style finishing. Traditional hand carved designs with latest hardware, knocked-down, folding units for easy transportation and global delivery option from the online store of Aarsun Woods.

Bar Trolley

Aarsun serving trolley are top designs in Bar trolley and Bar Cart. With space for bottles, glasses and food plates and wheels for easy movement, service trolley is one of the most loved furniture unit.