Sectional Sofa design Corner sofa Top Ideas

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Sectional Sofa design Corner sofa Top Ideas

Most homes use sectional sofas design corner sofa, when the client require to cover two adjacent walls of a room. Corner sofas or L-shaped sofas can also be in U-shape or C-shape depending on the area to be covered and are mostly used for larger seating options. Sectional couch designs offer amazing home decor ideas to create a wall-to-wall sofa seating setup. Living room corner sofas top designs from Aarsun provide the option to completely cover the corner that is usually used with corner tables for decoration purposes. With the corner sofa, the corner can be utilized as an additional seating space.

Designers typically create the sofa setup either with separate seating like a 3-seater and 2 chairs, or in sectional/corner sofa designs based on the home interior design and decoration theme. Aarsun Woods offers all the latest designs of corner sofas and sectional sofas in wooden sofa sets. Most of the online store provides full cushion ply or MDF sofas for corner sofa sets or L shape sofas.

Trending designs are not always new, and classical designs are always in trend as the quality never goes out of style. Classical sectional sofa designs, corner sofa designs, L shape sofa designs are made with top-quality inputs such as the best quality fabric, PU foam, internal fittings, and paint products, making the classic carving furniture perfect for enhancing the latest home designs and providing a royal look to any space. Convert your house into a home palace with our amazing range of sectional sofa designs.

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What is a Sectional Sofa

Sofas that are placed in a section of a room like in a corner is called Sectional sofa. Broadly a sofa covering two walls including the corner area is termed as Sectional sofa

What is the size of Sectional sofa

There is no standard size of a sectional sofa or corner sofa. Mainly when two adjoining walls are covered with a sofa design it is referred to as corner sofa design. These two walls may be equal or different size and accordingly the size is calculated, keeping the area for door, window and the movement space clear.

Is sectional sofa spacious than regular sofa

Most sofa sets are in a combination of 3 seater units, 2 seater designs and single chairs. Sometimes chaise lounge or a Diwan is added to make it look more stylish and modern design. Jhula or Swing is a designer concept for a living room when used along with sofa set. In all these units corners are always open, thus corner tables or side tables are used to decorate the corners with some statue or a decorative item. Sectional sofas or corner sofas also termed as L shape sofas covers these open corners as well, so have more space than regular sofas.

Can 3 walls be covered with Corner sofas

Yes 3 walls can be covered and that makes the sofa in C or U shape and thus C shape sofa or U shape sofa term comes in use. For bigger sitting areas or where people have many visitors at the same time, optimum use of visitors room is necessary. In such cases C shape and U shape sofas is a wonderful and innovative idea.

How about L shape Sofa cum bed

L shape sofa is top liked concept furniture and making L shape sofa cum bed is the most innovative concept. It provides a big size bed concept with proper utilization of space available. Any design of sofa can be converted to a Sectional Sofa or L shape sofa. Further this design can be modified to make L shape sofa cum bed or Sectional sofa cum bed also known as Corner Sofa cum bed.

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C shape and U shape sofa, sectional sofa for living room

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