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Guruji Chair

The Guruji Chair  Deity Chair Singhasan are the perfect addition to any home or mandir area. Made of high-quality teak wood and gold leaf, Our Royal designer chairs are Royal, heavily carved, and durable and Divine looking. The lion face handles designs add a touch of regality, while the classic and traditional design will blend seamlessly with any decor style. Lion Chair has been traditionally used by Guruji,  Kings and Highness for Royal Designs in Thrones, Palaces and Even homes. We make the top designs latest style and best decorative models for all high design chairs, thrones and maharaja Chairs. Guruji Chair Gaddi Satsang Lion chair top designs.

Guru ji Gaddi

Guruji and our Spiritual Gurus are considered next to God, and we make the most beautiful Guru ji Gaddi with required design inputs like use of OM in a chair back, Lion handles, peacock figures or nature’s beauty like flower designs and amazing carving work. Your Guru ji Gaddi should match the divine feeling and the level of devotion you pray with, and Aarsun has served the client world over for their Guru ji Gaddi requirements, best quality in export finishing and Best price factory price with global delivery

Royal Chair Design

Royal Maharaja Maharani King Queen Chairs are available in traditional as well as new models wooden Singhasan, Simhasana, Sinhasan, Singhasan. Battissi style Chair Designs that was famous for King Vikramaditya Royal Chair that has battis (32) carving elements and thus known as Singhasan Battissi. Kursi designs that are made in solid teak wood with Carving work also these Kursi images are for real pooja chairs and are available in colors of your choice. Gold, Silver Chair, Wood Polish Kursi, Royal Lion Chairs. These chairs are designed based on the background of the usage, if the background of chair is for a deity Gold and Silver Colors are preferred with Red or Maroon Fabric, leather should be completely avoided. Guruji Chair Gaddi Satsang Lion chair best designs factory price global delivery

Lion shape handle designs are quite preferred for Maharaja Chairs, though Queen chairs can be designed in Peacock Chairs designs, Peacock thrones models or Mayur Singhasan designs that depicts beauty as in Queen’s style and living. Peacock is revered for its beauty world over and so are Peacock thrones, Mayur Chairs or Mayur Singhasan for the Queen’s & Princess of our home, make them feel special with their own designed chairs

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