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Showing 1–60 of 121 results

Modern Partition Screen Design, Room Divider for home & Offices

Aarsun provides the top designs of modern room divider, partition screen at factory prices.

Sometimes we need a temporary wall to partition some areas in our homes or office. Working in homes require some separate area and making permanent walls is always not a good idea. Aarsun has the largest modern Room Divider partition screens designs, living room wall partition options, jali designs with top home decor ideas.

Online Room Partition design

The partition screens, partition wall design we make not only looks good, but also the best example of space saving furniture, or transforming furniture and even muti purpose furniture. Like our room divider that also works as book shelf is perfect example of multipurpose furniture.

Our partition screen are made in mdf, engineered wood, mango wood and sheesham wood also and a huge number of designs and ideas are available in different sizes. Option to increase number of panels to increase the area coverage and with shape shifting furniture style that can work straight or in L shape, U shape of zigzag, room dividers are loved by everyone and is one of the highest selling product. Lowest prices with free home delivery in India and largest number of designs of room dividers partition screen wall partition designs, living room partition. 2 panel partition, 3 panel partition, 4 panel design, 5 panel or 6 panel or bigger size we provide all options.

Home Decor Ideas with Jali design

Home decoration is an art and for art work you need modern ideas, trending designs, latest models, contemporary designs and also classical touch. Room Divider, Living Room Divider fits in all categories with the multi-purpose uses works well in all homes and offices. Whether its Hindi movies or Hollywood, South India movies or Tv shows, online OTT programs, news channels or interview podcasts, home office or make up studios, everywhere you see a room divider, partition design decorating a living room, kitchen hall, dining room, even bedrooms to separate some area thus known as room separator also. Though plastic partition, plywood dividers, shoji screens with curtains are also used for to divide a room, still the wooden designs available here are the most sought after models. A number of Youtube videos are online that can show the formation, designs and uses and detailed explanation on how to place a room dividers are available to check

Pet Fence safety gate Room divider

These room dividers are also in use as pet fence for animals like cats and dogs. Smaller size units are often used as Pet fence in homes globally. Partition screen of up to 4 feet height are quite in use for Dog fence for home, cat fence gate for indoors.

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