Room Partition

Room Dividers / Room Partition are in trend these days. Room Dividers actually goes back to the medieval age popular amongst the European masses as a Privacy Screen. It was a style statement among the royals. Over the years, as technology has evolved, the perception of keeping a room divider at home or in office has also changed.

Space Utilization

Room Dividers can efficiently utilize space for privacy or break up a room into 2 or more in case of Studio Apartments. Room Dividers can be used in a library room for privacy or to compartmentalize a large portion of the sections for better readability.


Brick Walls tend to take more space which further creates issues while replacing them. Room Partition has no such issues. They can be easily replaced by a new one without any space issues.

Functional & Completely Mobile

Room Partition has multiple applications that are far more functional than the basic Brick Walls. The major advantage of being completely mobile – room dividers can be easily moved from one place to another without any hassles. Just have them folded and they can comfortably sit in your closet or storeroom when no needed.


Additional information

No. of Panels

2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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Wooden Room Partition in Antique Gold Paint UH-YT-271

Wooden Room Partition in Antique Gold Paint YT-271

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