Royal Living Room Furniture

Aarsun Woods Sofa set Living Room is the first place your family friends look at while visiting your humble abode. We at Aarsun believe that your living room should be a reflection of your own persona. Aarsun brings you a wide range of Royal Living Room Furniture units hand carved by skilled and experienced artisans from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Aarsun Woods has been providing the best of Royal Living Room Furniture for  35+ years, with number of designs and colour options that suits your home décor and your choice. And we are just a call away, delivering the order to your door without any hassle with international Delivery Services. Royal Living Room Set, Baithak, Carved Sofa Set – whatever you would like to call it, we provide custom-made furniture units that looks amazing at your place. And YES WE ARE SLOW, handcrafting needs time and a lot of effort, artisans need time to create your masterpiece, so if you have an urgency please visit a local store. Believe in us like our number of clients did, who have contacted us over the phone and WhatsApp only and we have successfully delivered their stuff.

Contact us on +91-819 299 9135 via Call,  WhatsApp or Telegram and lets discuss your requirement. You get What You Want. It is not the other way around.

Teak Wood Deewan Traditional Handcrafted Diwan – Chaise Lounges – Fainting Couches made by skilled artisans in Saharanpur. Diwan is a beautiful addition to your lilving room and is a great extension to your living room furniture. Royal Diwan made by Aarsun are at a whole different livel. Usually a diwan or a chaise lounge or a day bed is to give you a peace time away from your bedroom. The diwan has a single side raise enabling a person to etend their legs for a short perios of time for optimum comfort. You can even place these beautiful units below a window or an artwork. Highly customizable units with wide range of Fabric Options. Diwan comes in all sizes and colors as well as fabric options. You can add one or more depending upon the requirement or look and feel to be achieved. Comfort yourself with Art that transforms dreams into reallity. Order a customized deewan for your place only at Aarsun. See more designs here. Wooden Corner Designer Corner Stands for your Royal Living Room. At Aarsun, we wish to provide what you want. With wooden corners, you can playfully set a corner apart flaunting your valuables at a proper place. The whole Royal Living Room Furniture feels disoriented sometimes. But designer wooden corners amazingly connects the whole set up. One of the most common corners are three-legged, however, corner shelves are also very common with number of shelves being customizable as per requirement. More Designs Here.

Center Tables / Coffee Tables

Designer Center tables brings a whole new look and feel in your living room. At Aarsun, you get the royal feeling with our premium range of center table (also called coffee table or tea table) designs- 100s of designs can be further customized into 1000s more as we are into custom-made furniture.

Center Tables with full carving, center tables with plain top, center tables with designer frame-only, center tables with dual finish (just like the one here), center tables in gold, silver, brown, walnut, black, triple polish, and many more – you select what you want and we will make it for you. Tap Here to Know more.

Image for Aarsun Center Table Coffee Tables

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