Round Bed Design for Royal Homes

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Round Bed Design

Royal bedroom requires some amazing furniture setup. Round bed is the most amazing bedroom product across the globe. The Round Bed Design is unique and eye-catching. Luxury Round bed crafted in pure teak wood by master artisans of Aarsun for the world. We have the largest Round bed design collection and further made to order designs. Factory price furniture with global home delivery by Aarsun.

Round bed Mattress

In the mattress store generally, Round Bed mattress are not readily available as it is a unique product and the top bedrooms are decorated with Round beds. However, any mattress provider can make Round bed mattresses in the required material and type. The standard size for a Round bed mattress is 8 Feet Diameter and the thickness of the mattress is as per client requirement.
Round bed with gold headboard in a luxury bedroom

Round Bed Sheets

Super king size size bed sheets can easily work with round beds are bedsheets are normally available in rectangular sizes. If the mattress is quite thick then the extra size bed-sheets would be required, depending on the thickness of the mattress + 8 feet mattress size and some part extra to fold underneath, this is the simple calculation for the bedsheet requirement

Maintenance of a Luxury Round Bed

Aarsun furniture is made in Solid Teak wood and with high quality polish and paint materials. Day to day cleaning just like other household furniture is enough for maintenance of Aarsun Furniture. No chemicals required, no extra labor or manual work is required, with the coating of PU on the top, the furniture becomes water resistant and dust do not stick to the surface, simple dusting with a soft cloth can keep your furniture new and shining.

What size of Bedroom is Good for Round Bed

Round beds are luxury beds and most unique designer beds, for grand and Royal look Round beds are used, and a bigger room is always advisable for these amazing bed models. Bed in itself covers around 9 feet of area, so they can also work in just a little bigger size room also, practically Round bed needs around 2 feet more area then regular beds, so its not necessary to have a very big bedroom for a Round bed. However the Grand designs of Round beds look fabulous if your bedroom area is a little bigger.

Designer Bedroom Set

When we think of royal furniture, nothing really beats a Round bed in Royal design. The top designers dream is to get a Round bed for a client and make the home structure to fit a royal bed like this. We make the top designs and deliver globally

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