Ultra Luxury Round Bed

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  • Made from the finest teak wood known for quality furniture
  • Local artisans use only hammer and chisel to create intricate floral designs inspired by Indian art
  • Customized with a larger cushioned headstand area, featuring a beautiful floral pattern for a luxurious feel
  • Durable plywood bed storage with a touch of sophistication from metallic shade paint


Presenting our ultra luxury round bed, precisely crafted from the finest teak wood. The teak wood is known for its excellence in furniture making. The bed is designed by our local skilled craftsmen using only hammer and chisel – no machines or software are used in the process. The bed features intricate designs inspired by Indian art – delicate carved flowers and leaves decorate the entire bed, complemented by floral pattern upholstery.
This is the customized unit as per client prefernce, the bed headstand cushioned area is larger than usual. The nicely floral pattern cushioned area ensures a luxurious and comfortable experience. The bed storage area is designed with sturdy plywood. Also, the metallic shade paint adds a touch of sophistication to the customized unit.

Bed Size:
8 Feet Diameter (Mattress Area)
Back Height is close to 7 Feet(Approximately)

Similar pattern two nightstands included with the bed. The best use of nightstands is to keep your things near you at the time of sleeping, such as your phone, watch, etc.
Nightstands Size:
Left to Right: 27 inches
Front to Back: 19 inches
Height: 28 inches

A matching dressing unit completes the bedroom set. The unit features a round mirror frame in amzing carving, storage pull out drawers, and cabinets. A convenient stool is included, nicely placed under the dresser.
Dressing Size:
Left to Right: 5 feet
Front to Back: 20 inches
Height of the platform : 30 inches
Total Height : 6.5 feet

Our local carving art has gained global recognition, because of which we are receiving orders from around the world. We have a long list of testimonials that speaks to the satisfaction of our clients. our ultra luxury round bed is a true work of art, marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern design, offering a haven of comfort and elegance for those with a smart taste in furniture. For more bed Designs click here.

ultra luxury round bed design with nightstands Wooden Dresser Wooden Night stands

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