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Ways to Use Room Divider – Aarsun Woods

Room Divider is one of the best ways that can enhance decor of the area where placed, be it your home or a studio apartment to be redecorated.

Room Divider is the best solution today to privatize our small apartments or separate a large space into further segments. Wooden room Dividers also referred to as Wooden Privacy Panels and Partition Screen , are very functional and stylish item to be kept in homes. These are available in different types of wood such as Sheesham (sisoo or Indian Rosewood), Mango Wood and Teak Wood (Sagwan or Sagaun or Sevan) and can be made in different sizes. These are sometimes cut using highly sophisticated machinery (in case of MDF) and sometimes solely by hand. In India, the most famous style is by handmade and is done by skilled craftsmen in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

In our present day homes, there are large chunk of spaces that remain unused due to inefficient utilization / improper planning. Partition screen is one type of furniture that you can have in order to utilize each and every corner of your room efficiently.  Wooden room Dividers comes in different number of Panels combined together in multiple of 2 or 3 that can be easily folded and shifted from one room to another.

Mostly, it is used in Living Room and in Bedroom:  

  • LIVING ROOM – If your living room is large enough, you might want to save space along with making the space a little stylish. Room Divider can be a great addition to your home decor. It can be placed in between your seating area and dining area. It gives a trendy and cozy look to your living room. Partition Screen is a great affordable way to redecorate your living area.
  • BEDROOM – Room Dividers can be used in bedroom as privacy screens and are a good alternative for changing rooms. Privacy Screens enhance the look of the bedroom. Moreover, our Wooden / MDF Panels can also be used as Headboard or Wall Panel.
  • FIREPLACES COVERS – Room Divider also be used for fireplaces cover to the home. Fireplaces used on a cold and unpleasant winter it is so great to sit in front of them and feel not only a warmth, but also this magic atmosphere coming from flames. However, at summer time we are not to be used fireplace, but it is noticeable. If you would like to hide that place you can us divider as a fireplace cover. Decorating your fireplace in the summer is easy to the help of divider screen.
  • DOOR PANEL – Room Divider Panels can be used as Indoor Door Panels. The handcrafted motif gives an enchanting look especially in dim lights.
  • REPLACEMENT FOR BRICK WALLS – Room Divider is a great replacement to the brick (permanent) walls. If you want to divide a large room into smaller rooms to create privacy for roommates or siblings, room divider can effectively solve your problem. Wooden Partition Screen also be used in Studio apartment to divide space and create privacy. Studio apartments can be cozy and easy on the budget but There is a need for division of space, room is best solution of it.

The Room Dividers are available in all sizes and can also be designed as per your space and the area in which it is needed to be placed.  Nowadays, room dividers are very commonly seen in restaurants, cafe, large hotels and in Art Galleries. The main reason is mobility. The units can be shifted easily and can be extended whenever required. These units can be polished again and again in accordance with the interiors they are needed to be placed. You can also select pre-assembled units that suits your home.

Different types of wood that can be used for make room divider :

Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood): 

UH-SPART-0007 Aarsun Room Divider

  • Sheesham wood is one of the most widely used wood types for making furniture specially when the unit is hand-carved. Sheesham Wood has a natural texture which provides detail to carving.


  • Sheesham Wood is also known as Indian Rosewood and is used for large furniture due to its durability and strength. Sheesham has better rigidity than other hardwood which naturally makes it suitable for engravings.


Mango Wood :


  • Mango Wood is abundantly available in India and is cheaper than Rosewood.
  • Mango Wood has unique shade which makes it suitable for making vintage style furniture and other handicrafts.
  • Mango Wood can be treated wisely and can be used with wrought iron and any other material to make it durable and long lasting.
  • Also, Mango Wood is lighter than other hardwood which is an excellent quality for making easy to shift furniture such as our Room Dividers.



MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) :


  • Looking for a cheaper option for making furniture than Mango Wood and need better quality than ply-boards? MDF to the rescue!!
  • Cheaper, lighter, resistant to termites are some of the qualities that MDF possesses and is popular among designers and architects for modern day homes.
  • Like Mango Wood, MDF can also be blended with other materials in order to further enhance the durability of the Partition Screen.



Wooden Room Dividers have a number of uses and can be used almost anywhere. Room Divider placement is only limited to your imagination. It is up-to your choice whether to use it as a Partition Screen or to blend with something else to make it entirely a new thing. If you are looking for a Room Divider, look no further, just click on the links provided below to get the best Room Divider suitable to your home interiors or exteriors.

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