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Saharanpur Handicrafts

saharanpur handicrafts

Saharanpur is famous for its Mughal Style Handicrafts and Furniture products for ages. Let us take a look at a few aspects of its rich heritage.

Located between the Ganges and the Yamuna, Saharanpur has a history that dates back to 2000 B.C. It was a part of the Indus Valley civilization later to be ruled by the Aryan Kings. Next, the Mughals took over in the 1300s and it became the administrative hub and summer resort of the Mughal Empire. In the year 1803, the British took over to be ousted after the Mutiny of 1857.

Saharanpur Handicrafts

Saharanpur is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with a rich heritage. Founded by Shah Ranveer Singh, the city got its name after the Sufi Saint Shah Harun Chisti.

Wooden Handicraft is a trademark of the rich culture and heritage that the city claims to possess. The handicrafts carry the designs and complexity of its rich heritage.  These were very universal during the Mughal rule. One can find the relics, which resemble the designs that are commonly seen even in today’s era. The Wooden handicrafts are famous in Saharanpur comprised of small and large products. The products vary from Kitchen tools to Temples and Handcrafted Furniture. Saharanpur Handicrafts are widely exported to every part of the world.

Few of the most sought after products available in the Saharanpur Market are:

Handcrafted Wooden Temple:


Saharanpur Handicrafts 1Wooden Temple is a holy place to worship. The Wooden temple can be crafted with different quality hardwoods such as Teak, Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), and Mango wood. The design consists of three parts. The top may consist of the dome (Shikhar, Gopuram as it is called in Southern India). The middle part is Garbgriha which is the main place where Idols are placed. The base consists of Legs on which the Whole Temple is supported.

The Temple is supported by the legs below when it is a floor-standing unit. Alternatively, the legs are absent in Wall Hanging Units. Then, the designs differ with peacock and elephant carvings, engraved pillars, and floral carvings. Pull out and lid style drawers for pooja essentials may be added as per choice.

The overall structure is very simple.  Sometimes the whole Temple is made in Folding State, which can be easily disassembled piece by piece. The Wooden Temples made in Saharanpur are a depiction of the large holy Temples built in India. Each unit is carefully crafted keeping in mind the religious aspects of the Devotee.

Wooden Room Divider / Partition Screen:



Wooden Partition Screen, also known by many names such as room divider, privacy screen, room separator, wall panel; is one of the most popular units throughout the world because of their mobility and ease of placement.

Room Dividers comes in various designs and patterns carved out by skilled artisans in a quality wood. Room Dividers are used for separating a common area or for partitioning a studio apartment without using brick walls.  The most popularly used hardwood and materials for making room dividers are Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), Mango Wood, and Fiberboard.

Dining Sets:

UH-DNG-0050-Aarsun-Wooden Dining Furniture

Wooden Dining Sets made in Saharanpur are famous for their detailed engravings and carving. The units are usually in Sheesham or Teak Wood.

In the case of minor carvings, Sheesham is usually preferred. But in the case of more precise and elaborate carvings, Teak Wood is preferred over Sheesham Wood. Carved Wooden Dining Table enhances the decor of the dining area.

Dining Table is designed by artisans using furnished and premium quality woods with a graceful touch of traditional patterns. Our dining room should reflect the joy, love, and bond we share with our family and friends. These dining sets are durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures and last for ages.

Service Trolleys:



A lot of people spend most of their time in the kitchen. So it should not be surprising to know that there are a number of wooden articles used to decorate this place. Service Trolley is one of them. It looks stylish and impressive. And if it comes with traditional designs, it does add to its heritage value.

Service trolley is one of the easiest and best ways to move food items, to and fro, the dining area. Just place the delicious creations over it and you are all set to go. These come with wheels for easier movements. Moreover, a wooden trolley for the kitchen adds functionality to the house.

Kitchen Items:

Wooden Coaster Set

There are a number of small kitchen items handmade by skilled artisans of Saharanpur that are exported to all parts of the world.

These come in a standard size as any kitchen tool you have at home. These look nice and most importantly are non-stick usable. These can also be a modest gift to your loved ones for all occasions.




Some traditions never get old. That certainly holds true for a lot of artisans in Saharanpur. Traditional wooden items, not only impress your guests and relatives but also relates to your state of mind. Each piece selected reflects a part of the rich cultural heritage of India. Saharanpur Handicrafts can never go out of style as these units are meant to last for ages to come.

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