Leaf Design Wooden Partition in 5 Panel RD-0042

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Wooden Partition in 5 Panel

Aarsun brings you this Handmade Folding Leaf Design Wooden Room Divider made from Mango Wood & MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Additionally, the 5 Panel wooden partition comes with an elegant Leaf Design, providing a traditional look with a matte finish to your living room. The unit consists of 5 Panels, each measuring 72″ in Height and 20″ in Width. This stylish partition effectively separates the living room area from the rest of the house. Moreover, you can use it to create a separate Puja Space within your home, adding a classy feel to your living room.

Room dividers have made a remarkable comeback and are currently in vogue. Interestingly, their roots can be traced back to the medieval age, where they were quite popular as privacy screens among the masses in Europe and made a style statement among the royals. As time has progressed and technology has advanced, the perception of room dividers in homes and offices has also evolved.

In today’s living spaces, room dividers prove to be the perfect solution for creating privacy in small apartments. Furthermore, they are useful for dividing large spaces into functional segments. Wooden partitions in 5 Panel, also known as privacy panels and partition screens, are not only practical but also add a touch of style to any home.

Wooden Partition for Efficient Space Utilization:

In places where permanent walls are not desirable, wooden partition in 5 panel serve as an excellent replacement for brick walls. They can effectively divide a large room into smaller sections, creating privacy for roommates or siblings. Additionally, they are handy in studio apartments to partition spaces and create privacy.

With many homes having underutilized or poorly planned spaces, a partition screen can be a great furniture addition. This can make the most of every corner efficiently. Wooden room dividers consist of multiple panels. You can easily fold and shift from one room to another. And this making them versatile and practical.

For details on how to use wooden partitions, head over to our article on “7 Basic Yet Effective Ways to Use Room Divider

Need to place these straight? Check out the video below on how to install stands beneath the wooden partitions:

You can watch more videos on our YouTube Channel. Check out the designs and share with us at +91-8192999135.


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