Wooden bench for sofa, beds settee designs

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Aarsun Settee Bed Bench

Wood Bench Designs for Sofa sets, Living room settee, bed bench, lounges settee design, balcony bench, indoor wood bench style settee top designs in solid wood for traditional, classy, trending, modern, stylish home decor designer furniture. Settee also known as wooden bench with cushion is a multipurpose use furniture unit that can very well work anywhere in your home, even can be used as sitting bench for wearing shoes in Shoe rack area or entry way for small time sitting. In offices Settee models are used for guest area as they are compact, space saving and still amazing designs that works well with office decor.

Sit out Wood benches can be made with storage or without storage as per the design requirement and broadly, these designs for settee are bench type sofas with exclusive designs upholstered settee designs with wood carving. Window side sitting furniture so not have high back or generally made with no back or open back designs and settee is a wonderful example of Window side sitting furniture as it does not block the view.

Wood bench without handles are used commonly for dining area along with Dining table and they can easily slide under the table to save on space and provide wider sitting than dining chairs. Bench seats are also liked for their open back as it is same from both sides and can be placed and used from any of the sides. Settee are made in 2 seater or 3 seater sizes mostly and Aarsun makes custom furniture so, size requirement, color choice, fabric patter, faux leather options are available to make it as per your style and liking. Contact us for getting your own design of furniture +918192999135 or check our Youtube Channel for detailed videos of Royal Furniture from the Online Store of Aarsun – an International brand of handmade furniture with brand trademark in 35 countries and exports to 55+ countries worldwide at factory prices with home delivery

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