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Wall Art Designs Wall Decor Ideas

Walls of any home are not just for partitions of the room, they provide the most area for the home decoration and people across the globe have amazing wall decor wall hanging ideas. To get that idea to transform in an actual wall unit, Aarsun designers are available to discuss with you the idea you have. Wall art designs and wall decor ideas are simply Personal Choice designs. You make like God Painting on your wall or just Om Design, or an exclusive art work of Radha Krishna, Ganesha painting, Maa Durga Wall Art, Buddha painting, Shiv Parivar, Ram Darbar, Tirupati Balaji or your own Isht Devta. We make Wall Hanging designs in Solid wood & engineered wood with multi color and polish options.

Modern Paintings in 3D or 2D designs in abstract models, pattern, shapes, designer figures in multi colors or some really amazing idea that is your own creation. Creative Designs that can decorate your living room walls, bedroom walls, lobby area, interior walls, exterior wall, home outer area, Hall designs, Office Walls, home mandir walls or the Entrance Area right above the door. We make designs as per your requirement, your choice and the color theme that you suggest. Designs in your living room reflects your living style and your  taste in art, culture and traditions also, Wall art, Mural wall design, Wall Sculptures, decorative wall designs and theme, walls are always the first love of any artist whether in India or outside India globally.

Radhe Krishna Jhula Wall Art Wall Decor Wall Hanging Painting designs

Wooden Wall Decor For Living Room

Walls of any home are used for the decoration of the home. They could be as per the theme design or for Vaastu. For example a wall painting with 7 Running horses is considered good for a home as per Vastu. Wooden wall decor for living room is quite popular across the globe and Aarsun makes the most amazing wall painting designs for your place. The designs are made as per your requirement in terms of size, design, colors and choice.

Wooden Wall Art For Bedroom

Bedroom is the final stop after a busy and tiring day. Plus your bedroom is the core point of your comfort and has to be decorated. Further, Aarsun offers Wooden wall art for your bedroom that brightens up your sleeping chamber. At times, a beautiful looking bedroom helps calm down and sleep. Also as per Vastu a few things are suggested like avoid using wall art of Gods in bedroom. Wild animal decorative art and other similar work of art that bring aggression & negativity are not recommended.

Wall Art Designs for living room

A specific picture or a piece of art design is just what is needed to add to your living room’ wall. These designs improve the overall look of your living room and make it attractive. Such creativity is appreciated and liked by guests that visit your home. Living Room is a showcase of your lifestyle, your likes and your love for art. Here at Aarsun we make a customized wall art designs for your living room as per your choice.

Wall Art Designs for bedroom

Decorating your bedroom’s wall with Art designs can be  smarter way to pervade your empty walls. These wall art designs look fantastic and add a flawless design to your bedroom. Aarsun makes customizable wall art designs for bedroom.

3d wood wall art

Having a more decorated wall brings out more of your home’s look and vibe. As the name suggests 3d wood wall art, these wall art are made in 3d design for an elevated look plus the real feel one gets from it. If you are looking forward to getting these for your home, then Aarsun can be a great stop.

Wall art painting

These wall art paintings are a superb choice to decorate your walls with. They can be placed on your living room’s wall as well as your bedroom’s walls. Due to their creative vibe, they are mostly preferred in living rooms. You can easily get these wall art paintings from Aarsun.

Modern Wall Art for Modern Homes

Mirrors and adorning wallpapers are widely used in Modern wall art. Many home owners also prefer to have louvers wall panels designed according to the theme they like. These wall panels give a modern look to the living room/ bedroom overall. Wall arts decorated with Led Lights and profile lights is the designer style for modern homes. Also modern theme wall decor art like abstract design, Buddha wall art, 2D cut patterns blended with the the designer work makes the modern homes stylish . Aarsun understand your requirement and makes the wall art for modern homes in the modern style with colors, patterns and designs as per your choice.

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