Sofa Cum Bed Top Designs

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Sofa Cum Bed wooden Top Designs

Sofa cum bed designs are most liked furniture concept across the globe. Sofacum bed are space saving furniture best example that comes under convertible furniture designs that can be transformed to a bed in a minute. Most importantly easy to use and convertible as per requirement. Sofa cum bed wooden designs are durable and add to the decor of the home with their top line designs.

Sofa come bed comes in several designs and most of the sofa designs can easily convert to sofacumbed with some minor design changes. Sofa beds also knows as Daybeds, convertible beds, trundle beds, lounge bed, pull out beds, couch bed, modular sofabed and transforming furniture even space saving furniture ideas.

Aarsun has huge range of sofa designs that we can modify to make a sofa cum bed as per clients requirement, 3 seater sofa designs are mostly used for sofa cum bed formation as that provides enough space for the user. Sofacumbed online shopping offers several options that are mostly fully cushioned or mattress sofa, wooden sofa cum bed are limited models as they require a lot of designing work to make them look amazing and enhance home decor. The front part of the sofa is movable and work as a pull out portion with wheels underneath for easy movement, also there is storage in the front area like storage beds.

Important points for Sofa Cum Bed

Important points to be considered while buying a sofa cum bed is the space available and the other furniture used in the same room, too different design may not gel with the home decor aspect. Number of our clients have opted for concept sofa cum bed designs that comes with Sofa chairs to make them living room sets as well as day bed designs when required.

Sofa Cum bed with storage

All our sofa cum beds have storage area in the slider part. There is lift up lid and the area under the lid can be used for storage of items like pillows, extra bed sheets or some other items of your choice. Quite spacious area and storage is always handy these days as store rooms are not quite common in Modern Flats and apartments.

Single Sofa cum bed

Yes a single sofa chair can also be converted to a sofa cum bed style and works as a day bed when required. Simply slide the space and put the extra mattress and its ready to use. No installation, quick transformation and slide back when not required.

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