Sofa Cum Bed in Antique Gold

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Lets have a look at Our Happy Customers
  • Loved Sofa Cum Bed switches from sofa to bed, saving space.
  • Converts to queen size bed for restful sleep.
  • Available in different shades, made from premium teak wood.
  • Versatile design allows easy conversion of any sofa.


Introducing our Sofa Cum Bed – a beloved furniture piece liked by everyone. It effortlessly transforms from a comfy sofa to a cozy bed, saving space with ease. Just slide it out, add cushions, and you are all set for relaxation. it has wheels underneath and will stop at a certain point, where we have added a pallet to secure it. Once opened, it transforms into a spacious queen size bed, perfect for a restful good night’s sleep. We have already created it in several different shades. This unit is designed in premium quality teak wood with antique gold paint.

Any sofa design can be changed easily  with small adjustments, making it more versatile than ever. Even L-shaped sofas can be converted to sofa cum bed, maximizing your space and comfort.

Product Size:
Left to Right: 8 Feet
Front to Back: 36 inches
Back Height: 51 inches
Mattress Area: 5 Feet
Internal Area: 6.5 feet
out and out : 63 Inches

The advantages of sofa cum beds are numerous. Firstly, they save space and money by combining a sofa and a bed into one unit. Additionally, they often come with a storage box to help you organize your belongings.

Installing our Sofa Cum Bed is easy with 2-3 people, as shown in our video. You can share your ideas, and we wlll make them real. Elevate your home with our functional and stylish set. Transform your space effortlessly, one piece at a time.  We have lots of choices like natural, walnut, cherry, rose gold, white, off-white, gold leafing, champaig leafing and even tripal shade colors.

Aarsun, an internationally registered trademark, ensures quality and craftsmanship in over 35 countries. Get your furniture delivered right to your doorstep worldwide! Enjoy our clear and fair prices – no middleman, just the best factory prices. For more sofa cum bed designs click here.

Sofa Cum Bed in teak Wooden Sofa Cum Bed Sofa Cum Bed in Antique Gold 1

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