Sheesham Wood Room Divider

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Room dividers in Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood is one of finest wood quality available anywhere across the globe, its solid wood with rich texture and color. Shisham or Dalbergia Sissoo  also called Tali or Talli wod has similar properties of Indian Rosewood though the color is a lighter than rosewood. Sheesham wood room divider are in use for a long time now and is a traditional product that is used in all homes, modern or classic, vintage theme or the latest trending French style homes.

Sheesham wood is indigenous wood of North India, as compared to Rosewood that is more available in South India. Most of the products of Saharanpur were once made in Sheesham wood in huge variety and designs. With some restrictions on export of Sheesham, different wood types like Teak, Mango, Neem wood and engineered wood are extensively used in product making these days.

Most Movies like the recent Gadar 2 or the International Tv programs like Super Girl, office of the politicians like Nitin Gadkari ji, or the News Channels, Defense personnel homes,  South India movies or the Hindi movies, OTT Webseries or the Instagram reels, you will find a room divider visible everywhere. Make up Studios, Airport lounges, home offices, Work from Home back wall, room dividers are everywhere.

Aarsun makes top-line Sheesham wood dividers handcrafted with fine carving designs that is still liked by the furniture lovers. Room dividers need no introduction as this is such a common used product everywhere and for a long time now. Polish options are available in Wax finish and Melamine polish gloss finish as per clients requirement.

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