Modern & Classic Single Door Designs

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Modern & Classic Door Designs

Main doors are the gateway to your living style and solid wood doors are preferred for house doors for ages. A beautiful designer door welcomes your guests with your living style and we have the highest number of door design ideas anywhere across the globe. Inside house doors are for the home decor and the matching theme and Aarsun makes main doors as well as house doors, including pooja room designer doors.

Modern Door design, White or Black, Red or Blue, Wood Polish or Deco Finish we have hundreds of designs to choose from, and that too in customized sizes. We have made doors for houses, palaces, mandir, ashrams and also for offices matching the decor of the place and as per the ideas of the interior decorators.

A door has three parts, one the door frame , two the actual door and the door sides with top for mai doors. In our Youtube videos we have explained the door formation in detail and anyone can easily understand how the doors are selected.

Single side carved or both sides carving design, neo-classical or truly classical, modern doors or ultra modern designs, we make as per clients requirement. So get your choice ready and let us know your requirement, we will make one for your that would be strong, durable and beautiful matching your home decor theme and the ideas of your interior designers.

Modern Homes Door Design

Modern homes have simplistic theme and same is the door design. When you love simple designs with minimalist work, we have number of options available for the same. With different color options and made to order sizes, we provide home delivery globally. Either its a new building or a home that requires new doors, you can get your own design of door as per the required size.

Door Size

There is no standard size for a door, it depends on the available space and the design theme. If we broadly take a size it is around 30 inches width and 6.5 feet high however sizes are subject to change as per requirement. In a door there are two things one is the door frame and then the actual door. Door sides and top are optional and is used to make the door design more grand.

The other aspect of door size is the thickness of the door, if the door is single side design and indoor use, it is normally 34 to 38 mm width. Main doors or doors with both side design comes between 45 – 50 mm width. Also doors that have full design or that are 7 feet or more should be made in more thickness to sustain the weather conditions. Wood being natural product minor expansion and contraction happens with the weather.

Door Price

Prices of door depends on three things

  1. Thickness of the door
  2. Height of the door, taller the door is, price gets costlier  – as doors are made in single wood strips with respect to height and taller trees are costlier
  3. Color option – Polish / Duco / Multi -color
  4. Design work, full designs are costlier than designs within frames

Door price is generally calculated in per square feet and a teak wood door starts around 1200 Rs. per square feet in 35 mm thickness. For the polish and duco colors the cost varies. To understand more you can contact us we are happy to make the design as per your choice and deliver to your place in India or outside India in more than 55 countries

Solid Wood designer door that are durable as well as Unique, as it is made as per your choice

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