Pooja Cabinet – Vastu Compliant Temple YT-145

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  • Vastu Compliant Custom Made Pooja Cabinet Temple
  • The Temple is made in Teak Wood & Hand-carved by Artisans from Saharanpur
  • Size: Length 72″ (183 cm) , Width  22″ (56 cm), Height  84″ (213 cm) approx.
  • Platform Height: 24”(61cms) (Suitable for Praying while Standing or Sitting in Front on a Stool)
  • The Size, the color, the polish as well as the design can be customized (Price Varies with Customization)


Pooja Cabinet / Wood Temple in Teak Wood

Since ages, in order to have our mind clear of all the clutter and to find some peace from the outer world, each Indian Home has its own place of worship. Temples bring positivity and peace at home. Temples are common to be seen in most places these days. Not only homes but also workplaces, hospitals, café, restaurants, and institutions; small and big have Wooden Temples. Playing such an important role in our lives, the placement of temples cannot go unnoticed.

Almost every home has them placed as per Astrology / Vastu. It is said that choosing the right place and way of keeping the Temples really affect the persons around them. There are many aspects that one should follow while placing a wooden temple at Home or in Office. You will feel much relaxed in deciding which Temple to choose and where to keep it after reading the article Large Home Temple handcrafted by artisans from the house of Aarsun.

The #pujamandir #hometemple wood altar is made in premium quality Teak Wood with traditional carving done by hand by our skilled and experienced artisans. The pooja cabinet has everything you need. The top dome, the Garbgriha and full-length drawers for all your pooja essentials. The grain structure of the wood is clearly visible as the temple is hand polished in natural color. In fact, the wood temple can be polished as per your choice.

At Aarsun, you can get what you want. The color, the polish, the carving, the size as well as any other thing that can be customized can be customized for our clients.

The unit is handcrafted by Artisans from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The temple is made in premium quality Teak Wood which is one of the most amazing hardwood to be worked upon.

Teak Wood Benefits:

1. Teak Wood is Durable

Teak Wood lasts very long which is a prime requirement for making a temple. The temple should lasts for generations.

2. Teak Wood is Weather Resistant & Termite Resistant

Teak Wood is easy to maintain as it has a natural weather shield – Oil which is also termite resistant. This makes it an amazing choice for making temples.

3. Carving-Friendly

Due to its dense structure, teak wood is a great choice for artisans as they can carve beautiful designs on it without fear of the wood  cracking.



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