Fully Customized Home Temple Design YT-555

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  • Designer Home Temple
  • Teak Wood Antique Gold Paint
  • All Hand Carved
  • Size: Details in Description Below


Home Temple Design

This Temple is handcrafted by experienced artisans from Saharanpur according to the buyer’s requirement. The Steps inside the Garbhagriha, the top Shikhar, the dimensions, the paint as well as the wood quality – everything is pre-decided by the buyer. We make what you want.

This Gold Home Temple Design is high in proportion as compared to our other Temples where the front length is more than the height. The Temple is open at the sides with a short wavy pattern carved out. The mandir stands on 4 pillars on all corners with a beautifully crafted top and a Shikhar that can be removed if not required as per Vastu tips.

At Aarsun, we have been making Home Temple Design for our clients for more than 4 decades now. Each unit is unique as it is handmade. Even when the design is the same, either the dimensions or the specific home requirement makes it unique. Also, because of the human element, i.e., being made by hand, even when the size and other specifications are the same, the final output is different each time.

Bring home something unique, that can be cherished for decades. These are made from premium quality teak wood which is famous for its longevity and termite resistivity. So, simple dusting and keeping it away from direct sunlight keep it the same for many many years.

We have a wide range of Temple designs in almost every size and aspect.

Product Size Details

  • Platform Height: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • Length: 30 inch Outer (76.2 cm)
  • Depth: 24 inch (60.96 cm)
  • Total Height: 5½ Feet (167.64 cm and 66 inch)
  • Inside Clear Height (Garbhagriha): 42 inches (3½ Feet) (106.68 cm)




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