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  • WOODEN TEMPLE WITH BRASS BELLS – Pooja Mandir by Aarsun Woods
  • The unit is designed by skilled artisan in Premium Quality TEAK WOOD
  • PRODUCT SIZE : 42″ (107 cm) X 15″ (38 cm)  X 72″ (173 cm) (L X B X H) Approx. 
  • The unit can be CUSTOMIZED as per your requirement

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Royal South Indian Temples

Royal South Indian Temples crafted by Aarsun Woods are exquisite handcrafted masterpieces that add a touch of tradition and elegance to your living space. We handcraft the Royal South Indian Temples using premium quality Teak Wood (Sagwan/Sevan) and Teak Ply. Our wooden temples actively contribute to instilling positivity and sanctity within your home, going beyond being mere pieces of furniture. When placed in your home, our wooden temples actively create an atmosphere of positivity and sanctity, enhancing the overall ambiance.

When it comes to crafting our South Indian Temples, we choose Teak Wood for its exceptional qualities. Renowned for its sturdiness, Teak Wood lends itself perfectly to the intricate carvings that adorn our temples. Its robust nature allows craftsmen to create exquisite designs that beautifully embellish our wooden structures. Its natural resistance to termites gives our wooden temples an extra edge over other types of woods.

Uniqueness and Aesthetic Appeal of Teak Wood in our South Indian Temples

One of the remarkable features of Teak Wood is the uniqueness of each log. With its distinct textures, every finished piece of our South Indian Temples boasts its own character.  With its rich colors and exquisite finishes, Teak Wood enhances the aesthetic appeal of our temples, creating a captivating focal point in any space. Its captivating hues and impeccable finishes transform our temples into a mesmerizing centerpiece that effortlessly draws attention. Furthermore, utilizing the transition word “Furthermore” to introduce the second sentence, we emphasize the added value of Teak Wood’s visual impact in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our South Indian Temples.

Additionally, Teak Wood exhibits high dimensional resistance, making it highly resistant to shrinkage or warping, even under extreme weather conditions. This ensures that your wooden temple retains its structural integrity and beauty for years to come, providing you with a sense of tranquility and continuity.

We ensure meticulous craftsmanship in utilizing teak plywood for these specific areas of our temples. This choice of material ensures both strength and longevity while maintaining the beauty and elegance associated with Teak Wood.

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Srinivas Maiya, Bangalore

The unit is customized as per the client’s requirement. Please note that the price varies with customization


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