Temple is an integral part of our homes in Sanatan Dharm. One part of your home that requires most detail is the temple area.

According to our Vedas, the home temple absorbs all the negative energy of our homes and it is very important to have the right placement of our deities in our homes. For example – the direction of the temple, the place where you keep the temple and the way you put the idols inside the temple. For every part detailed explanation is given and as per Vaastu also there are directions how the home temple should be.

Wood is considered best for home temple and no quality of wood is defined for this, only bodhi tree/ pippala tree/ peepul/ peepal tree or ashwattha tree as we know by different name and Babool should not be used


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Wood Mandir in Teak Wood for Home MNDR-0129

Wood Mandir in Teak Wood for Home MNDR-0129

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