Teak Wood Pooja Temple MNDR-0027

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  • Handcrafted from Teak Wood
  • Product Size: 42″ (107 cm) X 20″ (51 cm) X 84″(213 cm) ( L x B x H ) Approx 
  • Internal Temple Height 28″ (71 cm) Approx 
  • Cabinet Height 30″ (76 cm) Approx 


Teak Wood Pooja Temple

Aarsun presents you with this handcrafted wooden mandir best suitable for home or office purposes. There are beautiful domes at the top along with beautifully carved festoons design at the front of the temple. Below the mihrab, there is a base along with two beautifully carved piers at the front. The front top consists of Two adjacent elephants with garlands in a welcoming position. The base is made up of teak plywood. Just below the base, there are 3 drawers and cabinets with shelves for miscellaneous things like incense sticks, camphor, lamp oil, rosewater, etc. specially made for holy books, or other accessories related to diety and all other pooja essentials. The puja mandir is supported by round shape feet on all four corners.

Material Details:

The Teak Wood Pooja Temple / Mandir is handmade from premium quality Teak Wood (Sagwan / Sevan / Sangwan) and teak plywood.

Benefits of Teak Wood:

  1. Very Strong:  Teak wood is a hardwood obtained from broad-leaved deciduous trees, and it is exceptionally strong when compared to other wood types such as Sheesham and Mango Wood. Hence, the teak wood provides strength to the Wooden Temple.
  2. Moisture Resistance:  Teak Wood Temple has good resistance to moisture and water. This is why it is the preferred wooden material used in Temple / Divine House / Pooja Room building for making the wooden flooring and decks. Because of this very quality, it is widely used to make Wooden Temples.
  3. It’s heavy:  Teak wood is a very dense wood which can be considered a beneficial trait because a very basic rule in woodworking is that the heavier and denser a wood is, the stronger it will be. In addition to this, most people have a different preference for sturdy and heavy pieces of furniture when it comes to buying wooden temple.
  4. Termite Resistance: Teak wood has a natural oil content that resists termites (white ants), fungal stains, and also repels other insects that can destroy. One who has ever had termites climbing on walls all over the house, and eating all the expensive wooden temple before, will readily vouch for how important this benefit is. This termite and insect resisting quality, in turn, increases the life span of the wooden mandir and is the reason why Teak wood is superior compared to many other wood species in making the wooden temples.


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