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Weekly New Arrivals: Luxurious Furniture Week-20

Luxurious Furniture Week 20 Aarsun

Luxurious Furniture Week-20: 12th Dec to 19th Dec 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Luxurious Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing.

Luxury is a state of comfort, a sense of content, and elegance after all your work in life. Now, luxury furniture also does not mean it is expensive. It is a wonderful gift to yourself. Luxurious Furniture is all about reflecting your likes and dislikes, your own persona.

It is something that is unique to your home. Something that is yours alone. Luxury is a one-of-a-kind feeling. So here we are, incorporating that feeling in our Luxurious Furniture range displayed this week on our YouTube channel.

  • Unique Style Luxurious Sofa Set in Antique Gold YT-417

Image for Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Unique Style Luxurious Sofa Set in Antique Gold YT-417

A Luxurious Sofa Set in Beautiful Antique Gold Paint uniquely handcrafted as per the client’s requirements. The 3 Seater technically is a 2 seater as it has a functional wooden layout in the middle for placing eatables and tea & coffee cups. This enables a person to easily reach the dishes instead of getting up and reaching to the center table in front.

The wingback crown style back on the units, the protruding-out handles and the legs not only on the chairs but on the corners as well as on the coffee table in the middle just speaks for itself. The beautiful velvet fabric compliments the sofa set perfectly. The overall aura brings back the wonderful royal days of the 17th century. Full Video Here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Shiny Queen's Dressing with Stool YT-418

This dresser has a 2-tone shade which automatically lets it enter into our Luxurious Furniture Collection. The stunning carving on the mirror and the storage space is an example of what can be handcrafted in India. And not by anyone, but exemplary artisans having years of experience in woodworking.

The Dresser also has a beautiful stool tufted for the utmost comfort and a matching design. And it is all in teak wood which lasts for years. The shade also will retain its shine for many years. Full Video Here

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Chippendale Style Dining Set YT-419

A Classic Dining Set with the famous Chippendale Back Chairs without any cushions as required by the client. The Golden Highlighting on the chairs and on the dining table gives a royal look to the set. This set does not have any master chairs.

The design on the chair back is inspired by the 18th Century Style of the well-known cabinet maker in London, Thomas Chippendale, famous for designing furniture in the mid-Georgian, English Rococo, and Neoclassical styles.

The dark walnut shade on the unit with golden highlighting gives it a charm of its own. The unit can be customized right from the wood to the polish shades and paints. Full Video Here

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Classic Triple Shade Indian Sofa Set YT-420

A Luxurious Maharaja Style Sofa Set (6 Seater) in triple shade polish giving it a luxurious aura. A Darker shade on the sides, lighter natural polish in the middle, and the Golden Highlighting on the carvings enhance the depth of each of these units.

Unlike our other wingback curvy units, this set has straight back units. The cushions are removable and can be made fixed as per your requirement. The fabric once again was selected by the buyer and the shade was also finalized by the client.

The sofa Set is carved out in 2inch thick teak wood panels and is not a pasting work. This is not the work of any CNC but is hand-carved by skilled and experienced craftsmen. It sometimes takes months to manufacture such masterpieces.

The design, the finish, the wood as well as the dimensions; everything personalized as per your luxurious home interior and theme. Check out the Video Here


Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Fully Carved King Size Bed YT-421

One more Bed carved out in teak wood by our artisans from Saharanpur. Apart from golden units, this Luxurious Bed has its own space as it does not lose its shine or shade over time.

All our units are crafted from the finest quality teak wood and not only that, the polish, the fittings, and all other minor looking things are carefully done to make this unit a class apart from its counterparts.

The King Size Bed has a High Headboard without any patchwork you see in the MDF pasting in the local stores. The unit comes with a pair of equally stunning and elegant side tables. Video Here

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Queen's Dresser in Royal White & Gold Highlights YT-422

This Queen’s dresser with beautiful carving and Golden Highlights will give a royal look to your bedroom. It features 4 pull out drawers which provide you enough space to organize your necessary items in place. Also, a chair with similar carving and beautiful fabric.

Each home is different and in order to keep it that way, we always recommend customization according to the room where our furniture units are to be placed. This way each unit automatically becomes luxurious. As per our last posts, custom made furniture brings luxury to the place as it just fits. Check out the Full Video Here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Antique Gold Dresser in 2 Different Customization YT-423

This is a perfect example of how simple customization can change the look and feel of the unit entirely. These two units are made for 2 different clients. The white painted panel on one of them brings a contrast to the design.

The unit is finished in antique gold paint with luxurious white deco paint on of them. This design is surely a head-turner. Check out the details in the video.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Luxurious High Back Maharaja Chairs with Side Table YT-424

A Luxurious pair of chairs with a stool in the middle giving your bedroom a relaxing, peaceful, and content feel. The design is all royal, going back to the Victorian era when high back chairs were very common in the palace.

These high-back throne chairs are fully carved having an amazing crown on the top-middle. The curves right from the top to the bottom and the contrasting fabric and final finish sets it apart from the other bedroom chairs. No wonder these are called Maharaja Chair in India. Video Here.

image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Luxurious Black Maharaja Bed with Side Tables YT-425

This is a Semi Poster bed that can be transformed into a full 4-post bed. The unit is designed and crafted in teak wood and the final shade is glossy black. The headboard and footboard have tufted quilting which complements the design on the bed and also giving it a contemporary look and feel.

This luxurious furniture unit comes with 2 side tables that also have similar design patterns to match the overall look and feel. The black color absorbs the light in a different manner compared to the other colors having a unique shine. Therefore, the carving on the bed is distinctively visible with a unique character. Video here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Grand Double Carved Diwan in Antique Gold YT-426

Our double carved furniture collection is always appreciated not only in India but globally. We have shown you a number of luxurious furniture units in a double carving concept. But this is the first time we displayed a diwan (or Classic Chaise Lounge as it is often called) that is carved on both sides.

The unit has beautiful floral carvings on the front as well as on the back. The antique gold paint and the contrasting fabric adds to its glory.

The curved handles, floral work, the paint, and the upholstery, everything is done by hand using the age-old chiseling tools. This very thing makes each double carved chaise lounge a one-of-a-kind unit. Watch the full video here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Truly Majestic Poster Bed YT-427

This time again, we have outperformed ourselves. A One-of-a-Kind Poster Bed that is truly majestic. A heavily crafted 4 Post Bed for a Royal Palace in Mehsana, Gujarat, India. A whole 8 x 8 feet room in itself, it actually gives you a royal feeling. The kind of work on the unit clearly displays the exemplary craftsmanship of experienced Artisans at Aarsun.

The design, the wood carving, and the finishing – everything is just class apart. It is almost impossible to have something like this in your local stores. The luxury and comfort that this royal poster bed possesses is something that has never been seen before.

Each pillar on the 4 corners is handcrafted from a single piece of Teak Wood which itself is very difficult to find and equally difficult to work on.

The antique golden deco paint gives it a complete work. Completely customized exactly as per the client’s requirements. This reflects the quality of artwork and woodworking available at Aarsun.  Check out the video and witness the luxurious furniture unit yourself.

Why don’t you have a catalogue of all the designs? This is a question we are being asked very often. But after seeing our stuff, we are sure that you might have got an answer. There is simply no way to coolect these designs into a catalogue when each unit is crafted according to the client’s specifications.

No two units are same. Even if the design is the same, the dimensions, fabric, and polish makes it unique. 

So, keep dreaming and we will try to be at par with your dreams by transforming those luxurious furniture units into a reality.

That’s all for this week. Stay Tuned for Next Week!!


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Weekly New Arrivals – Luxury Furniture Week – 18

Aarsun Weekly New Arrivals - Luxury Furniture Week-18

Luxury Furniture Week-18: 22nd Nov to 28th Nov 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Luxury Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

The definition of Luxury might be different for everyone. For some it means comfort, and for some it means pricey. However, the literal meaning of luxury is a state of being in great comfort or elegance. Luxury Furniture offered by Aarsun tries to bring the same feeling at home.

For us, luxury furniture is the comfort of selecting exactly what you need at home. Luxury Furniture, however grand, cannot do justice if it does not match your home interiors. Hence, luxury furniture units offered by us are customized according to your specific needs.

The design, the size, the fabric, color, polish, and even the wood is chosen by the client. This kind of selection and options are rarely being offered online. We try to provide the best we can in order to satisfy your needs. This week, we bring you luxury furniture designs that were made with a lot of care and were customized as per clients’ home interior.

Let’s dive right in.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Golden Sofa Set in Pista Green Fabric - YT-386

Inspired by the Linear Gold Trim and Arabesque Style Carving, the luxurious sofa set is a great addition to a sitting room or a large hall. Instead of a traditional back, a chesterfield-like tufted back is being provided to give the sofa set a contemporary look

The Antique Gold finishing and the Tufted Pisat Green Velvet fabric compliments each other.  The colors are contrasting while keeping the base tones neutral. Not too gaudy but luxurious. A Maharaja Style 5 seater Sofa Set for your place that can be customized just as you like. Watch the Whole Video for details.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Majestic King Size Golden Bed YT-387

There is nothing simple about this Luxurious Bedroom Set. Our regular beds have a fully carved headboard and a footboard. However, just like the sofa set above, this has a tufted back for comfort.

Also, the bed is made for a thicker mattress than usual. This bed is without storage as per client requirements. Hence this is a classic example of how can one get a customized Luxury Furniture unit from Aarsun. Details in the Video Here.

  • Royal Dining Table & Chairs Set YT-388

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Royal Dining Table & Chairs Set YT-388

Next Luxurious Furniture Unit is a highly acclaimed Luxury Dining Set that has been presented earlier in various wood polishes, fabrics, and sizes. This one, in particular, does not have the master chairs you usually see in our sets because of its round table design.

The Double Carving and a heavily crafted table base are prominent features of this luxury furniture unit. Double carving on the dining set enables the client to place it at the center of the room. It is alike in design and color from all sides – front and back. Dining Video Here.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Handcrafted Antique Gold Temple YT-389

Wooden Temples are the heart and soul of Aarsun. We have been providing wood temples for many years. Each time a different unit. Even the slightest difference in height or length changes the entire unit. And this time, it is the antique gold finish.

As per the client’s home interior, the temple is painted in antique style gold color. The unit is handcrafted in Teak wood and the size is as per the client’s pooja space. Watch the Video for More Details.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Handcrafted Prayer Unit in Teak Wood & High Gloss Finish YT-390

Not in Gold, but equally grand in a high gloss finish, this Teak Wood Temple is an amazing prayer unit. The finely carved front and solid pillars with railings on both sides, a broader front with slider tray at the top to the wider drawers, and the claw-shaped legs below – everything customized to the buyer’s requirement. Video Here.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Home Temple Cabinet Crafted in Teak YT-391

This Large Temple comprises of a Large Storage space beneath the Garbhagriha. The storage area has 2 shelved cabinets divided by 3 pull-out style drawers. The amazing 3 Dome Top and front carved design is supported by heavy pillars which are then supported by carved elephants in front.

The base height of the Garbhagriha is also customized according to the client’s requirements. The Temple is made of premium quality Teak wood and is carved by master artisans from Saharanpur. Details in the Video.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Large Size DIY Teak Temple YT-392

Wider than the above, this large size temple has Jaali work on the sides and the height of the base of the Garbhagriha is shorter than the one shown above. The height is adjusted according to the sitting arrangement for pooja in the client’s pooja room.

The unit is polished in a high gloss honey finish in which the granular wood structure is clearly visible. The two cabinets without shelves and the three pullout style drawers enable the client to keep all the pooja essentials in one place. Full Video Here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Fully Carved Doors Single & Double Panels YT-393

Something unique this week. Customized Doors carved out in Teak wood with high gloss honey finish. The units are carved in sync with the home interior of our clients. The design is all hand-carved by our experienced craftsmen. The designs can be further tweaked as per your home requirements. Be it a single large panel design or a double panel design.

The doors can be customized in various sizes depending upon the door frame and can be delivered directly to your doorstep. Tap here to watch the video.

  • 9 Seater Luxury Sofa Set in Gold YT-394

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - 9 Seater Luxury Sofa Set in Gold YT-394

Matching the current Luxury Furniture trends is a challenging task when dealing with Handcrafted Furniture units. But when this challenging task is successfully completed, the output is worth waiting for. The 9 Seater Gold Sofa Set is another example of traditional style meeting the contemporary. The chesterfield-like tufted back and the finely carved gold trim design are in perfect harmony on the set.

The 2 seater settee gives the set a unique touch and a wide viewing angle. The fabric was sent by the client according to the home interior theme. Overall a Luxury Furniture unit for your living room where classic design meets the modern. Details in the video here.

All the sets shown above has everything customized. Thes Luxury Furniture units are luxurious not only because of their design and color, but also because of the customizations done according to the home interiors. The comfort and richness of the customized furniture cannot be found in ready to ship designs. Head-over to our Luxury Furniture design collection and order something which perfectly matches your home.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!!


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Weekly New Arrivals: Wood Carving Week-11


Wood Carving Week-11: 4th Oct to 10th Oct 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

A Whole New Week and it’s raining Products – Exemplary Examples of Wood Carving Techniques used by artisans with decades of experience in woodworking.

This wood carving week, we presented a whole new look of the antique style luxury furniture. Our motivation? Our Clients. Yes. They were the ones to suggest customization as per their own homes. And we tried to be as close to the dream as possible. Have a look at the amazing wood carving work that our artisans showed this week.

1. Carved Swing Seat in Teak Wood YT-340

Wood Carving Week-11-Handcrafted Swing Seat YT-340

Earlier, we have shown a lot of swings with large pillars and heavy base. We have even featured some of the simplistic yet elegant plank-style swings for a modern setting. However, one of our clients wanted to feel luxurious with a minimalistic view while retaining the traditional look and feel of a swing.

Hence, we came up with this Swing seat with a carved back and without any supporting pillars on the top and to the sides. Instead, just like our plank-style swings, these can be hung onto the ceiling with the help of real brass chains and fittings. The unit is made in Solid Teak wood with the honey-color finish and a beautiful fabric chosen by the client. Have a look

2. Large Wooden Temple with Doors and Brass Bells YT-341

Wood Carving Week-11-Large Wooden Temple with Doors and Brass Bells YT-341

OK. We know this design has been featured here a lot. But we really can’t ignore it. This wooden temple design has been with us for more than a decade now. The wood carving, the bells, the spacious drawers set-up as well as its honey finish – everything is just amazing.

This time, the client needed a much larger unit than our usual sizes. The Wood Temple even has shelves that can be customized as per our needs. And if you are wondering, the Bells are fully functional. Watch the Video here

3. Antique Classic Victorian Mirror Frame YT-342

Wood Carving Week-11-Antique Classic Victorian Mirror Frame YT-342

We have been into furniture videos a lot. This is something Different. A Large Luxurious Wooden Frame with the heavy carving on the edges and top and bottom center. The Victorian-style Royal Wooden Frame is something that can be cherished and applauded for generations.

And with the antique Gold paint, the wood carving done on the unit looks amazing. A Larger than life Experience. Have a look

4. Estate Furniture Luxury King Size Bed YT-343

Wood Carving Week-11-Estate Furniture Luxury King Size Bed YT-343

A King Size Luxury Bed with chesterfield design on the headboard and footboard. The royal bed is made in solid teak wood with antique-style gold paint. The floral wood carving with a small vase on the footboard and the fluid design just levels up the game.

Also, the bed does have storage with hydraulic installed for ease-of-use. This design is available in queen-, king- as well as super-king-size. A Great fit for a Royal theme home. Watch the Whole Video

5. Oriental Royal Carved Luxury 6 Seater Dining Set YT-344

Wood Carving Week-11-Oriental Royal Carved Luxury 6 Seater Dining Set YT-344

We have been showcasing luxury dining sets for a long time now. This dining set design is promptly ordered by many of our clients. We feel the reason behind the fame is its double carving. The Dining Set has chairs carved on both sides which enable our clients to place it in the middle of the room.

Have a look at the table legs. These are solid wood and each carved from one piece. Such heavy carving is nowhere to be found locally. The chairs are equally mesmerizing. The fabric was chosen by the clients and perfectly fits the whole theme. The dining set has 2 Master Chairs (with Handles).

The Luxury Dining Set fully carved in Teak is a treat to have in a large hall. Moreover, this particular design can be customized to any number of seating arrangements required. Details Here

6. Royal Queen Size Wooden Carved Bed YT-345

Wood Carving Week-11-Royal Queen Size Wooden Carved Bed YT-345

A Queen’s bed is a very royal thing to have at home. No wonders here. Just like the King size bed showcased above (except for the gold color paint), this one is equally captivating. The Modern Comfortable Chesterfield design on beautiful fabric and the Matte Finish on the Wood Carving is something desired by all.

The Matte finish on the carving part enables us to clearly see the wood texture and wood grains on the surface. This Queen size bed comes without any storage but it can be added as per requirement. Watch the video here

7. Carved Wooden Swing Polished in Honey Wood Finish YT-346

Wood Carving Week-11-Carved Wooden Swing Polished in Honey Wood Finish YT-346

We have shown this particular swing earlier on our YouTube Channel. However, we felt that the indoor lighting in our showroom at that time did no justice to this awesome Swing.

This artistic indoor swing has a great glossy honey finish with wood texture visible from all sides. This swing does not have any animal figures as per the client’s wish. The whole unit is carved in floral design. Like our other units, the swing can also be customized as per your home interior. Even the fabric can be sent to our place if you need it to match the other furniture units you have at home. Click Here for Video

8. Teak Wood Dresser in Matte Finish YT-347

Wood Carving Week-11-Teak Wood Dresser in Matte Finish YT-347

A Queen’s bedroom can never be complete without a Dressing Table. And this particular Matte Finish Dressing Table is a must have in a royal setting. Royal Bedrooms showcased all over the world specifically includes a Dresser or Vanity or Dressing as it is commonly referred to.

The Dresser has 6 spacious drawers with carved wood handles. The wood carving done on the mirror frame is inspired by the Baroque/Rococo Architecture from 17th century Europe. The Luxury Dressing Table has a grainy texture clearly visible due to the Matte Finish. Have a look

9. Luxury Chesterfield Sofa in Black & Gold YT-348

Wood Carving Week-11-Luxury Chesterfield Sofa in Black & Gold YT-348

Now, this particular Living Room Set is different than the usual sofa sets we have showcased earlier. This is what a Chesterfield Sofa actually looks like. We have used the chesterfield design a lot in our traditional sofa sets earlier. The comfort and the look that chesterfield style cushioning provides is unique.

The Luxury Sofa Set has a 4 seater, two 2 seaters, 2 Pouffes, and an oval-shaped center table made in teak wood. The Antique Gold Paint compliments the whole set and gives it a more royal look. The center table requires a glass on the top which can be procured locally. Full Video Here

10. Real Royal Luxury Round Bed Cot with Storage YT-349

Wood Carving Week-11-Real Royal Luxury Round Bed Cot with Storage YT-349

There is nothing more enticing, captivating, mesmerizing, and royal than a Round Bed. And with the intricate wood carving just like on the round bed you see here, it renders us speechless. This is a Marvel. Authentic wood carving is done by hand (with no machines) by our experienced artisans in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Everything you see is crystal clear. On top of it, the chesterfield design cushioning as per the client’s requirement gives it a modern touch. This comes with a hydraulic mechanism installed storage box which is entirely your choice to avoid if you want. Full Video Here

This wood carving week, we witnessed some of our best woodworks and designs that go back to the 17th century. This clearly shows that quality never goes out of style. Fashion repeats itself. It keeps coming back. Witness Luxury with us and customize your home furniture and interior decor in wood.

Stay Tuned for Next Week while we keep you updated on the products we make for our clients that you can customize for your own home.

Get in touch with us now to get Tailor-Made Furniture for your place. 

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Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-8

Amazing Furniture - Aarsun New Arrival - Week-8

Weekly New Arrivals: Amazing Furniture Week: 13th Sep 2020 – 19th Sep 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Another week has gone by with Amazing Customized Furniture Units. All the units were designed, handcrafted, and upholstered as per buyers’ requirements. Let’s take a look.

1. Victorian Style Sofa Set YT-319

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Victorian Sofa Set YT-319


Last Sunday, we published a Victorian Sofa Set Video. The 5 Seater Sofa Set along with a beautiful center table. The unit is carved out in Sheesham wood. The video also explains the difference between Sheesham and Rosewood in spite of being used interchangeably. Classical Dilwala Design with an extra crown on the top head.

The crown sofa set is a perfect example of a victorian furniture theme. The texture for the Sheesham is clearly visible. Sturdy Reliable and Termite Resistant. The coffee/center table requires a glass top that can be procured locally. The living room sofa set can be extended to your wish. Watch the Video Here


2. Fully Carved Colonial Bed YT-320

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Fully Carved Colonial Bed YT-320


For the Royal Bedroom Interiors, a King Size Bed fully hand-carved in front and back with comfortable quilting. The sides are also carved out in a floral pattern which makes the design complete. This bed design is one of the most sought after and cherished across the world. The intricate floral carving looks amazing in the matte finish.

Matte finish enables the wood texture and design clear and soothing to the eyes. Clearly a masterpiece, the Maharaja bed can be customized in Queen, King as well as Super Kingsize as required. Video Here

3. Handcrafted Teak Wood Swing in Rust Fabric YT-321

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Handcrafted Teak Wood Swing in Rust Fabric YT-321

The unit is a 7×7 feet marvel. The design of the swing is just enticing. The swans carved out on the pillars, handles, and the Kalash design at the back on a plane surface. Easy DIY requiring a couple of guys to install, this is packed with the top, pillars, the seat, and Brass Chains and fittings.

Swings are one of our unique and amazing furniture pieces that can drastically improve the look and feel of your home. This indoor swing can be placed in your living room along with your sofa set to give it a completely different look. The Rust color fabric also gives it a classic look and feel. Video Here

4. Super King Size European Style Carved Bed YT-322

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Super King Size European Style Carved Bed YT-322

After the colonial bed Video #320, we had to show how big is a Super Kingsize bed. So here it is. There is absolutely nothing simple about this Amazing Furniture Unit. The wooden bed is huge.

The European inspired bedsteads, the contemporary chesterfield style upholstery, and the matte finish just level up the game. The unit took weeks to be made by Indian artisans in Saharanpur. The fabric was chosen by the client himself. Video Here

5. Hand Carved 4 Seater Round Dining Table YT-323

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Hand Carved 4 Seater Round Dining Table YT-323

In the present-day scenario, sometimes it is really difficult to get large furniture sets in our flats. It is not at all space-efficient. However, this 4 Seater Round Dining Set solves that issue. This elegant and amazing furniture unit is carved, handmade, fully fixed, and does not cover a large portion of your house.

It even gives you a room for an extra chair if you like. As far as the design goes, the round table has a flower vase style base with thick pillars adjacent to it for sturdiness. The chairs are carved out and are of standard sitting size with smooth velvet fabric. Video Here

6. Indoor Ceiling Swing Seat in Sheesham with Brass Rods as Chains YT-324

Aarsun Amazing Furniture Week 8 - Indoor Ceiling Swing Seat in Sheesham with Brass Rods as Chains YT-324

There is nothing more relaxing than a furniture unit with a to-and-fro motion. The handcrafted Sheesham wood swing seat with a beautiful and long-lasting real brass chain with rods is a perfect example. The unit can be customized to your home interiors.

The size, color, wood, polish, and even the chain can be modified as per your home theme. Moreover, it can be upholstered if you like. Video Here

7. Fully Hand Carved 8 Seater Dining Set YT-325

Aarsun Amazing Furniture Week 8 - Fully Hand Carved 8 Seater Dining Set YT-325

The 8 Seater Fully Carved Dining Set is clearly a head-turner. The design, the look, and feel of the dining set are all ecstatic. The honey color polish and the matte finish enables the wood grains to be clearly visible. The 360-Degree floral carved chair is truly amazing. However, the highlight is the Dining Table with carving on the top, the pillar area, and the sides as well.

The Top is fully Carved and has a rotatory wooden disc at the center to keep the dishes that can passed-on to everyone on the dinner table.

As this dining set is really heavy and difficult to carry, the amazing furniture unit is dispatched in parts. The center disc, the top, and the two base in two parts. The installation is easy. A couple of minutes with local help and it’s done. Video Here


As we have seen earlier, all these units take weeks to be made. The units are all handcrafted without any CNC work involved. This also makes each piece unique. The wood and other things utilized are all premia. The fabric can also be chosen and sent by the buyer.

This wraps up the 8th Amazing Furniture Week. We will keep bringing you new and customized amazing furniture units to keep you astonished and gasping.

Stay Tuned for Next Week 

Get in touch with us now to get Tailor-Made Furniture for your place. 

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Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-7

Aarsun Weekly Product Arrivals - 7 Furniture Week

Weekly New Arrivals: Furniture Week: 6th Sep 2020 – 12th Sep 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

This Furniture week we have a mix of traditional and modern – all-in-one. We always try to bring you something new with the good old artwork that is here to stay for generations. Have a look at the unique and exemplary works of art by our experienced artisans.

1. Luxury Chaise Lounge in Gold Paint YT-314

Luxury Chaise Lounge Divan couch settee sofa Gold Finish

Handmade Wooden Gold Finish Chaise Lounge made from Solid Wood with premium finishing and floral carving on the surface. The Chaise Lounge has a traditional touch of Mughal Floral Carving with Durability of Solid Wood. We have been trying to achieve a curve at the lower end of the back for quite some time now. With this unit, we were glad that we were able to achieve that curve. This particular design is one of the best selling single end couches on our website. Details Here

2. Luxurious White Dining and Gold Highlights YT 315

Luxurious White Dining and Gold Highlights

This Handcrafted Dining Set in hand-painted in white and the carvings are highlighted in Gold as per the buyer’s desire. The unit has carvings not only on the chairs but on the tabletop as well. The beautiful floral fabric on the seats and the Velvet Pink at the back gives it a royal feel. Now, this unit can be polished, painted in a variety of colors and polishes available. And so is the case in fabric. Watch ut here.

3. Bedroom Chairs Concept Ideas Explained for Self Home Decor YT-316

Furniture Week 7 Bedroom Chairs Concept - Bedroom Chair vs Dining Chair

At Aarsun, we get several inquiries of bedroom chairs, however most of the time the pictures that are selected are of dining chairs, thus we made this video to explain the difference between Dining and Bedroom chairs. This also is one of the examples of how one can get traditional even in our modern homes. The beautiful exquisite carving on the units and the matte polish gives it a unique and fresh look. You can always add more chairs or increase the size of the table if you want as per your home interiors.

4. Luxurious Double Carved Sofa Set YT-317

Double Carved Furniture can only be made by hand and not by machines. The Double Carving concept makes it unique and awesome. This eventually works in Classic / Traditional Theme as well as in Contemporary / Modern Theme. The 3 seater settee is a center of attraction here as it enables a full view in front. Also, the double carving is great when you have a large hall or want the sofa set to be placed at the center.

Each piece is handcrafted by artisans having years of experience in woodworking and that too only by hand, using hand tools for chiseling and carving. The Matte finish is very smooth in touch and feel and is mild for eyes.

5. Exemplary 6 Seater Golden Dining Set YT-318

Gold is one of the rich colors that come into our mind while thinking of Luxury products. And we are perfectly aware of it. Clients always want to have a dreamy home and dreams are luxurious. This unit was inspired by charismatic Italian architecture. The curvy legs as well as the table sides are amazing. The antique Gold Paint and the smooth velvet fabric is awesome. The unit is a 6 seater with customizability only limited to your imagination. Watch the Video Here.

The beauty of customized furniture is you can practically get what you want – it can be in any size, color, or polish you like. It fits. Always. Moreover, the wooden furniture units displayed, in this furniture week and all the other articles earlier, can be re-worked – repainted, recolored,re-polished to your desire in the future.

Stay Tuned for our Next Awesome Furniture Week.

Get in touch with us now to get Tailor-Made Furniture for your place. 

Call / WhatsApp +91-8192999135


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Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-6

Weekly New Arrivals Week 6 - Aarsun

Weekly New Arrivals: Furniture Week 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Here comes September!!! This time in Weekly New Arrivals, we have 5 New Videos for you. Each Different in Various ways. The Color the Fabric the Material and the most important feature of our Products –


We have been focussing upon customization since Day One. Our videos reflect the same. Being into hand-carved furniture and home decor items, the products’ initial design is the same but after customization as per the requirement, the product looks really different from its origin.

Let’s see how different was our work this week.

1. Pink Fabric Dining Set in Teak Wood YT-309


This 6 Seater dining set with a top carved dining table is a traditional design of Saharanpur. However, this time, the buyer needed a little tweak. The buyer wanted chairs to have a wider sitting area than normal. And the end result looks unique. The wider chairs look royal and along with the fabric, which was again chosen by the client were just in-sync together.

The rest of the traditional design was the same. The dinner tabletop needs a glass that can be easily procured locally. Overall, a traditional design tweaked into a unique unit that will stay as-is for many years. Product Details

2. Antique Gold Wooden TV Cabinet YT-310


We have been making TV Cabinets and Trolleys for more than 3 decades. Earlier the depth of the TV units was more because of the old TVs. Now, the era has changed. CRTs have been replaced with new sleek LEDs. In fact, they are becoming thinner and thinner day by day.

In order to match the present-day needs, the buyer provided us the measurements of the LED TV and the overall space he had for the same. And the end result was a TV Unit which is less deep but wide enough to accommodate a Wide TV. The entertainment unit has 6 drawers and open space for Set-Top Box and other accessories. The TV Unit is painted in antique gold as per the buyer’s requirement. Product Details

3. Indoor Fully Carved Teak Wood Jhoola / Swing YT-311


We have a large collection of Traditional and Contemporary Swings. And the range can be further increased because of the customization required by our clients. This indoor swing was a result of modern-day space constraints as well as the buyer’s space requirements.

The traditional design brings us closer to the amazing Indian Culture. This unit still has one thing unique. The original design had animal figures carved out on the top and side pillars.

However, the buyer wanted the unit to be free of any such figures. So, we got rid of the animals in the original design and carved out floral pattern instead. The result looks equally astonishing when compared to the original design. More Details

4. Gold Finish Royal Bed with Leatherette YT-312


Our bed designs range from fully carved to minimal carved and each unit is specific to the buyer’s needs. The Bed YT-312 is one such masterpiece that was designed and made keeping in mind the current contemporary home interior theme while instilling the vintage roots. The Teak Wood Bed has a fully carved headboard and footboard.

However, the rectangular cut, the sun-style cushioning and the storage boxes give it a contemporary look and feel. The Luxurious Gold Paint is the icing on the cake. An amazing piece of artwork done by our artisans having decades of experience in woodworking. Product Details

5. Gold Finish Temple in Teak Wood YT-313

Gold Finish Temple in Teak Wood YT-313


Mandir plays a vital role in instilling peace as well as serenity to our homes. Wooden Temple plays a significant role in instilling positivity at home and the place kept. The design of this Temple has been tweaked a lot of times. This time it was the depth, the inner step, and the Gold color that makes it stand out from the former siblings. The peacock design along with the elephants on the base of the pillar is a delight.

Yellow Gold is an amazing color paint. The Temple reflects the lighting in which it is placed blending into the home theme – vintage, traditional, contemporary, or modern. Product Details

As can be seen from the videos on our YouTube Channel, these units were all customized according to the buyer’s requirements. Sometimes, even a small thing can change the entire unit. It can be the color/polish of the unit, color of the fabric, design, or size. Get in touch with us to get what you want for your place.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and amaze yourself with the Beautiful World of Handcrafted Furniture & Home Decor Products.

Stay Tuned for Next Weekly New Arrivals.

Contact us at +91-8192999135 (WhatsApp Available for Customization)

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Weekly New Arrivals – Furniture Week-5

Weekly New Arrivals: Furniture Week 22nd Aug- 29th Aug 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Furniture Week 5. It was an amazing week and a lot of customized furniture units were showcased on our YouTube Channel. We started with a Golden Bed, then 2 Temples – One a DIY Unit and the other customized exactly as the buyer required, a simple but effective Concept of Pairing Sofa Chairs in a Lobby, and one of our best Selling Temple Design with customization.

Let’s get into the details.

1. Beautiful Bed in Antique Gold Paint YT-304


This Video not only featured an amazing handcrafted Teak Wood Bed but it also explained the difference between us and the Local Stores. The usual bed you see in the local store is a mixture of bidding and plywood. However, our Beds our made in full wood – solid wood without any plywood or MDF. Each unit is carefully made using Premium Quality material and in sync with your home interior requirements. Have a look

2. Open Prayer Unit – DIY Installation YT-305

Temple Assembly 305

Temples are really huge and heavy. It is very difficult to Move them in a fixed manner. In order to ease the burden and improve on the cost efficiency part, we have made our Open Prayer Unit in Knock Down Manner so that it can be flat packed which makes it highly portable. The shipping size is reduced which drastically reduces the shipment cost. Watch the Video for Easy Installation Instructions and Product Dimensions. Details Here

3. Large Wooden Temple with Cabinet YT-306


We excel in designing and customizing Temples as per the buyer’s requirements. This Temple is really Big. The overall height of the Temple is 7 and a Half Feet. The temple was earlier made in a smaller size and thus to match the proportions of the actual design was really challenge – especially when the height is much larger than the standard Temple. However, we did it. After struggles, the Temple met the buyer’s expectations. Details Here

4. Amazing Wooden Sofa Chairs with Side Table YT-307

Sofa Chairs with Side Table Aarsun - 307

The Bedroom Chair significantly gained popularity in the early 18th century amongst the Royals. Aarsun Bedroom Throne Wooden Chair personifies the same old royalty in Blue. Aarsun brings to you Maharaja style comfortable Hand-carved Throne Wooden Chair for your Home. The units are a perfect match for a lobby or a studio that needs something different from the usual. The Chairs are all hand-carved by our experienced artisans and painted in antique gold finish. The leatherette fabric compliments the whole set and the beautiful side table is also a great addendum. The design, the look, and feel, the fabric texture brings the good old vintage style back to life. Details Here.

5. Wood Temple with Brass Bells on Doors YT-308

Door Temple with Brass Bells Aarsun

Yet another Temple that is a knockdown design and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. This is one of our best selling Temple designs across the globe. The Temple has brass bells on the doors which gives an authentic south Indian Temple feel. The Temple is designed in 4 Drawers and a Single Large Drawer below the Garbriha. Now, it can be customized to more if you like, but these 2 are the regular designs that are ordered by clients.  Have a look at the video for installation.


All these designs are customized to the buyer’s requirements. You might have not seen any other manufacturer having this kind of variation in the products showcased on Youtube or on their websites. We try to bring uniqueness to each of our designs, a touch of personal belongingness to each of our products. This not only gives the buyers a unique experience but gives them something that can be passed onto the furniture generations to come by.

Experience Uniqueness at HOme with Our Premium Range of Furniture and Home Decor Products delivered right at your doorstep.

Contact us at +91-8192999135 (WhatsApp Available for Customization)

You can also drop us a Mail at for details

Happy Weekend!!


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Weekly New Arrivals – Furniture Week-3

Aarsun Weekly New Arrivals - 3

Weekly New Arrivals 08th August- 15th August 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Another Fascinating Week Ends. And we bring you the Amazing Hand- Carved Product we showcased on our YouTube Channel this week. In case you haven’t subscribed  – Aarsun – Art of India

This week, we have a Fully Carved Sofa Set that is a Trademark of Saharanpur Art, Double Carved 14 Seater Sofa Set – Unique to Handcrafted Furniture Sets only, Stunning Queen Beds in 3 Different Fabrics, and a Beautifully Carved 7 Seater Sofa Set in Gold & Red Fabric.

1. Fully Carved Teak Wood Sofa Set YT-293

Fully Carved Sofa in Teak Wood UH-YT-293


The Fully Carved Sofa Set is a traditional trademark on Saharanpur as it is only made by Saharanpur artisans. The sofa set can be made in Sheesham, Neem, and Teak Wood. However, Teak Wood is considered the best among them as the floral design is crystal clear on Teak Wood. The hand carvings done by experienced master craftsmen are one-of-a-kind. The Sofa Set consists of 2 Sofa Chairs, a 3 Seater Sofa / Couch, and a Beautiful Coffee / Center Table. The design is one of our most exported Sofa Sets all over the World. Details here

2. Double Carved 14 Seater Sofa Set YT-294

14 Seater Sofa Set in Matte Finish UH-YT-294


A Large Sofa Set for a Large Home. This is a 14 Seater Double Carved Marvel. The design is all vintage with carvings on both front and back. This enables the Sofa Set to be centered in larger space interiors. The 14 Seater Sofa Set is customized as per the client’s requirement – fabric also as per choice. The Matte finish does not hamper the natural grainy structure of wood. In fact, it is quite interesting how everything is just as you need. The woodworking technique, the carving, the texture, the fabric, and the matte finish gives this Sofa Set a glorified look and feel. Details Here

3. Royal Queen Bed in 3 Different Fluorescent Fabrics YT-295

Royal Queen Bed in 3 Fabrics UH-YT-295


These stunning Queen Size Beds are carved in premium Teak Wood with Antique Gold Paint and 3 Different Fluorescent Fabrics – Purple, Blue & Red. The Beds are without storage boxes as per the client requirement. It can be added as per your preference. The Beds also have the sides carved out in similar patterns as in footboard and headboard. The Beds can be polished in classic wood finish or painted in premium Gold, Antique Gold, Copper, Silver, and even in White or Black. Details here

4. 7 Seater Gold Polish Sofa with Red Fabric YT-296

7 Seater Gold Polish Sofa with Red Fabric UH-YT-296
This handcrafted wooden sofa set is made in premium quality Teak Wood.

This Royal Sofa Set is a perfect example of how classic can meet the modern era. The sofa Set has a plain elegant Chesterfield Style red fabric as a Comfortable Back and a light floral fabric on the seating. The Chesterfield gives it a contemporary look and the carving pattern brings back the classic look and feel of the 19th century. The Fantastic Carving on the Frame along-with the Gold Polish with visible Wood Grains takes your breath away. Details Here

It is amazing how the Artisans of India works for weeks and sometimes months to create such a masterpiece. Each piece is tailor-made keeping in mind the client’s requirements. We understand and strongly believe that each home has its own spirit and that should be kept as-is. Matching the home interior, the furniture set just blends in.

You too can have these wonderful masterpieces at your home.

As far as the pricing is concerned, no two units are the same. Each buyer has a different requirement and with the requirement, the prices go up or down. A simple change in size, design, material, or finish can entirely change the look and feel of the set. And so will be the prices.

Stay Tuned for Next Week as we bring more wonderful art-pieces to you.

For Queries, kindly contact us at +918192999135 in order to discuss what you really want to have as these units are long-lasting and will definitely be cherished by future generations.


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Weekly New Arrivals – Furniture Week-2

Aarsun Product Weekly-2

Weekly New Arrivals 01st August- 08th August 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

This week, we had three different products showcased on our YouTube Channel – all three of them were just amazing. Handcrafted by our artisans, these units are distinctive in design and feel.

Continue reading Weekly New Arrivals – Furniture Week-2