Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-7

Weekly New Arrivals: Amazing Furniture Week: 6th Sep 2020 – 12th Sep 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Let us have an Amazing Furniture Week. This Furniture week we have a mix of traditional and modern – all-in-one. We always try to bring you something new with the good old artwork that is here to stay for generations. Have a look at the unique and exemplary works of art by our experienced artisans.

1. Luxury Chaise Lounge in Gold Paint YT-314

Luxury Chaise Lounge Divan couch settee sofa Gold Finish

Handmade Wooden Gold Finish Chaise Lounge made from Solid Wood with premium finishing and floral carving on the surface. The Chaise Lounge has a traditional touch of Mughal Floral Carving with Durability of Solid Wood. We have been trying to achieve a curve at the lower end of the back for quite some time now. With this unit, we were glad that we were able to achieve that curve. This particular design is one of the best-selling single-end couches on our website. Details Here

2. Luxurious White Dining and Gold Highlights YT 315

Luxurious White Dining and Gold Highlights

This Handcrafted Dining Set is hand-painted in white and the carvings are highlighted in Gold as per the buyer’s desire. The unit has carvings not only on the chairs but on the tabletop as well. The beautiful floral fabric on the seats and the Velvet Pink at the back gives it a royal feel. Now, this unit can be polished, painted in a variety of colors and polishes available. And so is the case in fabric. Watch ut here.

3. Bedroom Chairs Concept Ideas Explained for Self Home Decor YT-316


At Aarsun, we get several inquiries about bedroom chairs, however most of the time the pictures that are selected are of dining chairs, thus we made this video to explain the difference between Dining and Bedroom chairs. This also is one of the examples of how one can get traditional even in our modern homes. The beautiful exquisite carving on the units and the matte polish gives it a unique and fresh look. You can always add more chairs or increase the size of the table if you want as per your home interiors.

4. Luxurious Double Carved Sofa Set YT-317

Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-7 1

Double Carved Furniture can only be made by hand and not by machines. The Double Carving concept makes it unique and awesome. This eventually works in Classic / Traditional Theme as well as in Contemporary / Modern Theme. The 3 seater settee is a center of attraction here as it enables a full view in front. Also, the double carving is great when you have a large hall or want the sofa set to be placed at the center.

Each piece is handcrafted by artisans having years of experience in woodworking and that too only by hand, using hand tools for chiseling and carving. The Matte finish is very smooth in touch and feel and is mild for the eyes.

5. Exemplary 6 Seater Golden Dining Set YT-318

Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-7 2

Gold is one of the rich colors that come into our mind while thinking of Luxury products. And we are perfectly aware of it. Clients always want to have a dreamy home and dreams are luxurious. This unit was inspired by charismatic Italian architecture. The curvy legs, as well as the table sides, are amazing. The antique Gold Paint and the smooth velvet fabric are awesome. The unit is a 6 seater with customizability only limited to your imagination. Watch the Video Here.

This amazing Furniture Week is all about getting what you want and that too in style. The beauty of customized furniture is you can practically get what you want – it can be in any size, color, or polish you like. It fits. Always. Moreover, the wooden furniture units displayed, in this furniture week and all the other articles earlier, can be re-worked – repainted, recolored,re-polished to your desire in the future.

Stay Tuned for our Next Amazing Furniture Week.

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