Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-6

Weekly New Arrivals: Furniture Week 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Here comes September!!! This time we had an amazing furniture week. We have 5 New Videos for you. Each Different in Various ways. The Color the Fabric the Material and the most important feature of our Products –


We have been focusing upon customization since Day One. Our videos reflect the same. Being into hand-carved furniture and home décor items, the products’ initial design is the same but after customization as per the requirement, the product looks really different from its origin.

Let’s see how different was our work this amazing furniture week.

1. Pink Fabric Dining Set in Teak Wood YT-309


This 6 Seater dining set with a top carved dining table is a traditional design of Saharanpur. However, this time, the buyer needed a little tweak. The buyer wanted chairs to have a wider sitting area than normal. And the end result looks unique. The wider chairs look royal and the fabric, which was again chosen by the client was just in-sync together.

The rest of the traditional design was the same. The dinner tabletop needs a glass that can be easily procured locally. Overall, a traditional design tweaked into a unique unit that will stay as-is for many years. Product Details

2. Antique Gold Wooden TV Cabinet YT-310


We have been making TV Cabinets and Trolleys for more than 3 decades. Earlier the depth of the TV units was more because of the old TVs. Now, the era has changed. CRTs have been replaced with new sleek LEDs. In fact, they are becoming thinner and thinner day by day.

In order to match the present-day needs, the buyer provided us the measurements of the LED TV and the overall space he had for the same. And the end result was a TV Unit which is less deep but wide enough to accommodate a Wide TV. The entertainment unit has 6 drawers and open space for Set-Top Box and other accessories. The TV Unit is painted in antique gold as per the buyer’s requirement. Product Details

3. Indoor Fully Carved Teak Wood Jhoola / Swing YT-311


We have a large collection of Traditional and Contemporary Swings. And the range can be further increased because of the customization required by our clients. This indoor swing was a result of modern-day space constraints as well as the buyer’s space requirements.

The traditional design brings us closer to the amazing Indian Culture. This unit still has one thing unique. The original design had animal figures carved out on the top and side pillars.

However, the buyer wanted the unit to be free of any such figures. So, we got rid of the animals in the original design and carved out floral pattern instead. The result looks equally astonishing when compared to the original design. More Details

4. Gold Finish Royal Bed with Leatherette YT-312


Our bed designs range from fully carved to minimal carved and each unit is specific to the buyer’s needs. The Bed YT-312 is one such masterpiece that was designed and made keeping in mind the current contemporary home interior theme while instilling the vintage roots. The Teak Wood Bed has a fully carved headboard and footboard.

However, the rectangular cut, the sun-style cushioning and the storage boxes give it a contemporary look and feel. The Luxurious Gold Paint is the icing on the cake. An amazing piece of artwork done by our artisans having decades of experience in woodworking. Product Details

5. Gold Finish Temple in Teak Wood YT-313

Gold Finish Temple in Teak Wood amazing furniture week
We had an amazing furniture week with 5 new product videos.


Mandir plays a vital role in instilling peace as well as serenity to our homes. Wooden Temple plays a significant role in instilling positivity at home and the place kept. The design of this Temple has been tweaked a lot of times. This time it was the depth, the inner step, and the Gold color that makes it stand out from the former siblings. Moreover, the peacock design along with the elephants on the base of the pillar is a delight.

Yellow Gold is an amazing color paint. The temple blends well in almost every home theme – vintage, traditional, contemporary, or modern. Product Details

You can check out YouTube Channel to check out more videos. We customize products as per clients’ requirements. Sometimes, even a small thing can change the entire unit. It can be the color/polish of the unit, the color of the fabric, the design, or the size. Get in touch with us to get what you want for your place.

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That’s all from us this amazing furniture week. Stay Tuned for Next Weekly New Arrivals.

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