Weekly New Arrivals – Furniture Week-5

Weekly New Arrivals: Furniture Week 22nd Aug- 29th Aug 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Furniture Week 5. It was an amazing week and a lot of customized furniture units were showcased on our YouTube Channel. We started with a Golden Bed, then 2 Temples – One a DIY Unit and the other customized exactly as the buyer required, a simple but effective Concept of Pairing Sofa Chairs in a Lobby, and one of our best Selling Temple Design with customization.

Let’s get into the details.

1. Beautiful Bed in Antique Gold Paint YT-304


This Video not only featured an amazing handcrafted Teak Wood Bed but it also explained the difference between us and the Local Stores. The usual bed you see in the local store is a mixture of bidding and plywood. However, our Beds our made in full wood – solid wood without any plywood or MDF. Each unit is carefully made using Premium Quality material and in sync with your home interior requirements. Have a look

2. Open Prayer Unit – DIY Installation YT-305


Temples are really huge and heavy. It is very difficult to Move them in a fixed manner. In order to ease the burden and improve on the cost efficiency part, we have made our Open Prayer Unit in Knock Down Manner so that it can be flat packed which makes it highly portable. The shipping size is reduced which drastically reduces the shipment cost. Watch the Video for Easy Installation Instructions and Product Dimensions. Details Here

3. Large Wooden Temple with Cabinet YT-306


We excel in designing and customizing Temples as per the buyer’s requirements. This Temple is really Big. The overall height of the Temple is 7 and a Half Feet. The temple was earlier made in a smaller size and thus to match the proportions of the actual design was really challenge – especially when the height is much larger than the standard Temple. However, we did it. After struggles, the Temple met the buyer’s expectations. Details Here

4. Amazing Wooden Sofa Chairs with Side Table YT-307

Sofa Chairs with Side Table Aarsun - 307

The Bedroom Chair significantly gained popularity in the early 18th century amongst the Royals. Aarsun Bedroom Throne Wooden Chair personifies the same old royalty in Blue. Aarsun brings to you Maharaja style comfortable Hand-carved Throne Wooden Chair for your Home. The units are a perfect match for a lobby or a studio that needs something different from the usual. The Chairs are all hand-carved by our experienced artisans and painted in antique gold finish. The leatherette fabric compliments the whole set and the beautiful side table is also a great addendum. The design, the look, and feel, the fabric texture brings the good old vintage style back to life. Details Here.

5. Wood Temple with Brass Bells on Doors YT-308

Door Temple with Brass Bells Aarsun

Yet another Temple that is a knockdown design and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. This is one of our best selling Temple designs across the globe. The Temple has brass bells on the doors which gives an authentic south Indian Temple feel. The Temple is designed in 4 Drawers and a Single Large Drawer below the Garbriha. Now, it can be customized to more if you like, but these 2 are the regular designs that are ordered by clients.  Have a look at the video for installation.


All these designs are customized to the buyer’s requirements. You might have not seen any other manufacturer having this kind of variation in the products showcased on Youtube or on their websites. We try to bring uniqueness to each of our designs, a touch of personal belongingness to each of our products. This not only gives the buyers a unique experience but gives them something that can be passed onto the furniture generations to come by.

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Happy Weekend!!


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