Weekly New Arrivals: Luxurious Furniture Week-20

Luxurious Furniture Week-20: 12th Dec to 19th Dec 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Luxurious Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing.

Luxury is a state of comfort, a sense of content, and elegance after all your work in life. Now, luxury furniture also does not mean it is expensive. It is a wonderful gift to yourself. Luxurious Furniture is all about reflecting your likes and dislikes, your own persona.

It is something that is unique to your home. Something that is yours alone. Luxury is a one-of-a-kind feeling. So here we are, incorporating that feeling in our Luxurious Furniture range displayed this week on our YouTube channel.

  • Unique Style Luxurious Sofa Set in Antique Gold YT-417

Image for Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Unique Style Luxurious Sofa Set in Antique Gold YT-417

A Luxurious Sofa Set in Beautiful Antique Gold Paint uniquely handcrafted as per the client’s requirements. The 3 Seater technically is a 2 seater as it has a functional wooden layout in the middle for placing eatables and tea & coffee cups. This enables a person to easily reach the dishes instead of getting up and reaching to the center table in front.

The wingback crown style back on the units, the protruding-out handles and the legs not only on the chairs but on the corners as well as on the coffee table in the middle just speaks for itself. The beautiful velvet fabric compliments the sofa set perfectly. The overall aura brings back the wonderful royal days of the 17th century. Full Video Here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Shiny Queen's Dressing with Stool YT-418

This dresser has a 2-tone shade which automatically lets it enter into our Luxurious Furniture Collection. The stunning carving on the mirror and the storage space is an example of what can be handcrafted in India. And not by anyone, but exemplary artisans having years of experience in woodworking.

The Dresser also has a beautiful stool tufted for the utmost comfort and a matching design. And it is all in teak wood which lasts for years. The shade also will retain its shine for many years. Full Video Here

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Chippendale Style Dining Set YT-419

A Classic Dining Set with the famous Chippendale Back Chairs without any cushions as required by the client. The Golden Highlighting on the chairs and on the dining table gives a royal look to the set. This set does not have any master chairs.

The design on the chair back is inspired by the 18th Century Style of the well-known cabinet maker in London, Thomas Chippendale, famous for designing furniture in the mid-Georgian, English Rococo, and Neoclassical styles.

The dark walnut shade on the unit with golden highlighting gives it a charm of its own. The unit can be customized right from the wood to the polish shades and paints. Full Video Here

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Classic Triple Shade Indian Sofa Set YT-420

A Luxurious Maharaja Style Sofa Set (6 Seater) in triple shade polish giving it a luxurious aura. A Darker shade on the sides, lighter natural polish in the middle, and the Golden Highlighting on the carvings enhance the depth of each of these units.

Unlike our other wingback curvy units, this set has straight back units. The cushions are removable and can be made fixed as per your requirement. The fabric once again was selected by the buyer and the shade was also finalized by the client.

The sofa Set is carved out in 2inch thick teak wood panels and is not a pasting work. This is not the work of any CNC but is hand-carved by skilled and experienced craftsmen. It sometimes takes months to manufacture such masterpieces.

The design, the finish, the wood as well as the dimensions; everything personalized as per your luxurious home interior and theme. Check out the Video Here


Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Fully Carved King Size Bed YT-421

One more Bed carved out in teak wood by our artisans from Saharanpur. Apart from golden units, this Luxurious Bed has its own space as it does not lose its shine or shade over time.

All our units are crafted from the finest quality teak wood and not only that, the polish, the fittings, and all other minor looking things are carefully done to make this unit a class apart from its counterparts.

The King Size Bed has a High Headboard without any patchwork you see in the MDF pasting in the local stores. The unit comes with a pair of equally stunning and elegant side tables. Video Here

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Queen's Dresser in Royal White & Gold Highlights YT-422

This Queen’s dresser with beautiful carving and Golden Highlights will give a royal look to your bedroom. It features 4 pull out drawers which provide you enough space to organize your necessary items in place. Also, a chair with similar carving and beautiful fabric.

Each home is different and in order to keep it that way, we always recommend customization according to the room where our furniture units are to be placed. This way each unit automatically becomes luxurious. As per our last posts, custom made furniture brings luxury to the place as it just fits. Check out the Full Video Here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Antique Gold Dresser in 2 Different Customization YT-423

This is a perfect example of how simple customization can change the look and feel of the unit entirely. These two units are made for 2 different clients. The white painted panel on one of them brings a contrast to the design.

The unit is finished in antique gold paint with luxurious white deco paint on of them. This design is surely a head-turner. Check out the details in the video.


A Luxurious pair of chairs with a stool in the middle giving your bedroom a relaxing, peaceful, and content feel. The design is all royal, going back to the Victorian era when high back chairs were very common in the palace.

These high-back throne chairs are fully carved having an amazing crown on the top-middle. The curves right from the top to the bottom and the contrasting fabric and final finish sets it apart from the other bedroom chairs. No wonder these are called Maharaja Chair in India. Video Here.

image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Luxurious Black Maharaja Bed with Side Tables YT-425

This is a Semi Poster bed that can be transformed into a full 4-post bed. The unit is designed and crafted in teak wood and the final shade is glossy black. The headboard and footboard have tufted quilting which complements the design on the bed and also giving it a contemporary look and feel.

This luxurious furniture unit comes with 2 side tables that also have similar design patterns to match the overall look and feel. The black color absorbs the light in a different manner compared to the other colors having a unique shine. Therefore, the carving on the bed is distinctively visible with a unique character. Video here.

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week 20 - Grand Double Carved Diwan in Antique Gold YT-426

Our double carved furniture collection is always appreciated not only in India but globally. We have shown you a number of luxurious furniture units in a double carving concept. But this is the first time we displayed a diwan (or Classic Chaise Lounge as it is often called) that is carved on both sides.

The unit has beautiful floral carvings on the front as well as on the back. The antique gold paint and the contrasting fabric adds to its glory.

The curved handles, floral work, the paint, and the upholstery, everything is done by hand using the age-old chiseling tools. This very thing makes each double carved chaise lounge a one-of-a-kind unit. Watch the full video here.


This time again, we have outperformed ourselves. A One-of-a-Kind Poster Bed that is truly majestic. A heavily crafted 4 Post Bed for a Royal Palace in Mehsana, Gujarat, India. A whole 8 x 8 feet room in itself, it actually gives you a royal feeling. The kind of work on the unit clearly displays the exemplary craftsmanship of experienced Artisans at Aarsun.

The design, the wood carving, and the finishing – everything is just class apart. It is almost impossible to have something like this in your local stores. The luxury and comfort that this royal poster bed possesses is something that has never been seen before.

Each pillar on the 4 corners is handcrafted from a single piece of Teak Wood which itself is very difficult to find and equally difficult to work on.

The antique golden deco paint gives it a complete work. Completely customized exactly as per the client’s requirements. This reflects the quality of artwork and woodworking available at Aarsun.  Check out the video and witness the luxurious furniture unit yourself.

Why don’t you have a catalogue of all the designs? This is a question we are being asked very often. But after seeing our stuff, we are sure that you might have got an answer. There is simply no way to coolect these designs into a catalogue when each unit is crafted according to the client’s specifications.

No two units are same. Even if the design is the same, the dimensions, fabric, and polish makes it unique. 

So, keep dreaming and we will try to be at par with your dreams by transforming those luxurious furniture units into a reality.

That’s all for this week. Stay Tuned for Next Week!!

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