Weekly New Arrivals – Custom Made Furniture Week – 19

Custom Made Furniture Week-19: 29th Nov to 5th Dec 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Custom Made Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Just like last week, we are here with a whole new range of furniture units custom made as per the client’s requirement. Custom Made Furniture always have an edge when compared to ready-made designs. Ready-made furniture units seldom fit precisely as you want. They are either larger or smaller than expected. Not only that, the fabric feel and polish can go all wrong with the home interior theme.

However, this is not the case in Custom Made Furniture. Customized Furniture can be of precise dimensions and fits perfectly as per your need. The fabric, the material finish, and even the polish can be at-par with your home interiors. So, here we are fulfilling the tailor-made requirements of our clients.

Let us dive right in.


Sometimes, you don’t need a full sofa set to cover a particular space at home. An elegant diwan or a classic chaise lounge, as it is commonly referred to most times, is an excellent choice for a small corner. Just add a corner table for a cup of coffee and that’s it. Nothing else is required.

Whether you want a peaceful space for reading or to stretch your legs in the day-time, this set is more than sufficient. And with the options of customizing the color, the design, and polish, make it more alluring.


A 6 Seater Sofa Set in Luxurious White Paint and Gold Highlighting is definitely a head-turner. The custom made furniture unit is handcrafted in teak wood famous for its durability. The fabric here is sent by the client himself which amazingly matches the classic Victorian design.

The unit does include a coffee table customized in size proportions matching the living room set. This time, the handles and the legs are a little different with more wood visible than our usual sets.

Image for Custom Made Furniture Week 19 - L Shape Leatherette Sofa with Tufted Back YT-397

An L-Shape Sofa Set is as comfortable as it can get (Apart from the U-Shaped Sofa Set covering 3 walls). This particular couch is custom made as per the client’s wish. A blend of classic and contemporary.

The sofa is customized in 3 parts joined together to cover 2 adjacent walls. The distinctive tufted back and coffee color leatherette fabric look classy and blends-in well with the high gloss teak finish on the teak wood frame. Watch the video here.

Image for Custom Made Furniture Week 19 - 8 Seater Teak Wood Dining in High Gloss Finish YT-398

In today’s modern technological world, the dining table is probably the only place where the whole family can peacefully sit together and enjoy the food without any intervention. The 8 Seater Dining Set does not have any master chairs we usually provide in rectangular sets.

The distinctive feature of this set is the minimal carving on the table and chair with cabriole style curvy legs. The glossy honey finish does not hamper the visibility of the wood grains. Video here.

Image for Custom Made Furniture Week 19 - Large Gopuram Style DIY Home Temple YT-399

Large Temples are really difficult to get inside rooms with standard size Doors. Also, the cost of the shipment increases as the packet size is too high. Hence, to find a solution, we have been making folding temples. These custom made pooja units can be assembled within minutes.

Of course, they are heavy and need a couple of persons for the assembly But apart from this, you do not require anything else. Not even a single screw is needed for assembly. Watch the video for assembly instructions and other details.


Believe it or not, this one and the one above are the same designs customized according to the buyer’s requirements. This Temple in particular has 2-panel doors with bells in front instead of an open garbhagriha. The Temple is further customized having a smaller gopuram style dome, door lock in front, and castor wheels at the base.

We usually do not recommend castor wheels in Temples. But we honor each and every customization the buyer requires.

Image for Custom Made Furniture Week 19 - 5 Seater Sofa Set in Teak & Leatherette YT-401

Similar to the L-Shape Sofa shown above, this 5 Seater Sofa Set is custom made furniture with a dual-tone polish shade to give it a vintage look. The glossy teak finish goes hand-in-hand with the coffee color leatherette with tufted back.

Again a blend of classic and contemporary. Comfort with the classic home theme and royal feel. Video Here.


Again a Custom Made furniture unit for your dining room. The 4 Seater Dining has 2 Master chairs apart from the 2 regular dining chairs. The dining chairs have a beautiful self-print fabric.

The master chairs have cushioned handles for extra comfort. The round dining table has an amazing flower pot style pedestal with a contemporary style pattern around it.

With the above custom-made furniture units, it is clear that customizing furniture has its own perks. The design, finish and the size – just like fitting gloves on your hands – everything just fits in. Aarsun has been customizing furniture for decades now and every time we try to match the client’s expectations.

Aarsun is slowly and steadily bringing back the age-old art of Saharanpur woodworking into the limelight. The trust of clients getting what is desired is the one thing that we thrive for.

Well, that’s all for this week. Stay Tuned for Next Week!!

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