Weekly New Arrivals – Luxury Furniture Week – 18

Luxury Furniture Week-18: 22nd Nov to 28th Nov 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Luxury Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

The definition of Luxury might be different for everyone. For some it means comfort, and for some it means pricey. However, the literal meaning of luxury is a state of being in great comfort or elegance. Luxury Furniture offered by Aarsun tries to bring the same feeling at home.

For us, luxury furniture is the comfort of selecting exactly what you need at home. Luxury Furniture, however grand, cannot do justice if it does not match your home interiors. Hence, luxury furniture units offered by us are customized according to your specific needs.

The design, the size, the fabric, color, polish, and even the wood is chosen by the client. This kind of selection and options are rarely being offered online. We try to provide the best we can in order to satisfy your needs. This week, we bring you luxury furniture designs that were made with a lot of care and were customized as per clients’ home interior.

Let’s dive right in.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Golden Sofa Set in Pista Green Fabric - YT-386

Inspired by the Linear Gold Trim and Arabesque Style Carving, the luxurious sofa set is a great addition to a sitting room or a large hall. Instead of a traditional back, a chesterfield-like tufted back is being provided to give the sofa set a contemporary look

The Antique Gold finishing and the Tufted Pisat Green Velvet fabric compliments each other.  The colors are contrasting while keeping the base tones neutral. Not too gaudy but luxurious. A Maharaja Style 5 seater Sofa Set for your place that can be customized just as you like. Watch the Whole Video for details.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Majestic King Size Golden Bed YT-387

There is nothing simple about this Luxurious Bedroom Set. Our regular beds have a fully carved headboard and a footboard. However, just like the sofa set above, this has a tufted back for comfort.

Also, the bed is made for a thicker mattress than usual. This bed is without storage as per client requirements. Hence this is a classic example of how can one get a customized Luxury Furniture unit from Aarsun. Details in the Video Here.

  • Royal Dining Table & Chairs Set YT-388

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Royal Dining Table & Chairs Set YT-388

Next Luxurious Furniture Unit is a highly acclaimed Luxury Dining Set that has been presented earlier in various wood polishes, fabrics, and sizes. This one, in particular, does not have the master chairs you usually see in our sets because of its round table design.

The Double Carving and a heavily crafted table base are prominent features of this luxury furniture unit. Double carving on the dining set enables the client to place it at the center of the room. It is alike in design and color from all sides – front and back. Dining Video Here.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Handcrafted Antique Gold Temple YT-389

Wooden Temples are the heart and soul of Aarsun. We have been providing wood temples for many years. Each time a different unit. Even the slightest difference in height or length changes the entire unit. And this time, it is the antique gold finish.

As per the client’s home interior, the temple is painted in antique style gold color. The unit is handcrafted in Teak wood and the size is as per the client’s pooja space. Watch the Video for More Details.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Handcrafted Prayer Unit in Teak Wood & High Gloss Finish YT-390

Not in Gold, but equally grand in a high gloss finish, this Teak Wood Temple is an amazing prayer unit. The finely carved front and solid pillars with railings on both sides, a broader front with slider tray at the top to the wider drawers, and the claw-shaped legs below – everything customized to the buyer’s requirement. Video Here.

Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - Home Temple Cabinet Crafted in Teak YT-391

This Large Temple comprises of a Large Storage space beneath the Garbhagriha. The storage area has 2 shelved cabinets divided by 3 pull-out style drawers. The amazing 3 Dome Top and front carved design is supported by heavy pillars which are then supported by carved elephants in front.

The base height of the Garbhagriha is also customized according to the client’s requirements. The Temple is made of premium quality Teak wood and is carved by master artisans from Saharanpur. Details in the Video.


Wider than the above, this large size temple has Jaali work on the sides and the height of the base of the Garbhagriha is shorter than the one shown above. The height is adjusted according to the sitting arrangement for pooja in the client’s pooja room.

The unit is polished in a high gloss honey finish in which the granular wood structure is clearly visible. The two cabinets without shelves and the three pullout style drawers enable the client to keep all the pooja essentials in one place.


Something unique this week. Customized Doors carved out in Teak wood with high gloss honey finish. The units are carved in sync with the home interior of our clients. The design is all hand-carved by our experienced craftsmen. The designs can be further tweaked as per your home requirements. Be it a single large panel design or a double panel design.

The doors can be customized in various sizes depending upon the door frame and can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

  • 9 Seater Luxury Sofa Set in Gold YT-394

Image of Luxurious Furniture Week -18 - 9 Seater Luxury Sofa Set in Gold YT-394

Matching the current Luxury Furniture trends is a challenging task when dealing with Handcrafted Furniture units. But when this challenging task is successfully completed, the output is worth waiting for. The 9 Seater Gold Sofa Set is another example of traditional style meeting the contemporary. The chesterfield-like tufted back and the finely carved gold trim design are in perfect harmony on the set.

The 2 seater settee gives the set a unique touch and a wide viewing angle. The fabric was sent by the client according to the home interior theme. Overall a Luxury Furniture unit for your living room where classic design meets the modern. Details in the video here.

All the sets shown above has everything customized. Thes Luxury Furniture units are luxurious not only because of their design and color, but also because of the customizations done according to the home interiors. The comfort and richness of the customized furniture cannot be found in ready to ship designs. Head-over to our Luxury Furniture design collection and order something which perfectly matches your home.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!!

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