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Weekly New Arrivals: Classic Furniture Weeks-16 & 17

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Classic Furniture Weeks-16 & 17: 8th Nov to 21st Nov 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

We know we have delayed the post for a whole week. But, we are sure it is worth the wait. For the whole two weeks, we have been publishing furniture designs on our YouTube channel. And the response is amazing, These Classic Furniture videos have been praised by almost every corner of the world.

One thing that sets us apart from the masses is handcrafting. Rather than using CNC machines to make these classic designs, every unit is made by hand using small hand tools. Now, this style of woodworking means sincere focus and patience. And our exemplary craftsmen at Aarsun believe in their work. Hence, the result is something unique that can be cherished for ages.

Each of our classic designs has an amazing history attached to it. Let dive right into the world of Handicrafts:

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Luxurious Round Bed Fully Carved in Teak YT-374

A Round Bed is a perfect example of classic furniture designs still retaining their aura in our homes today. The richness clearly reflects from the thickness of the wood the design is carved-out in. The Flower vase beautifully carved out on the headboard as well as on the footboard is a head-turner for all of us.

A few subtleties like having a comforting chesterfield (criss-cross) style back and the hydraulic installed in the storage box adds to its glory. The design is everything one wants to have. A Classic Design in a modern home. Full Video Here

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Indoor Jhula Peacock Design YT-375

It is something about the peacocks- that frenzy kind of a feeling that exists right from the very beginning of the Classic Architecture in India. And then, how come our furniture can remain untouched by this. A Classic Indoor Jhula crafted in Teak Wood. It is sturdier than you can imagine due to Teak’s durability and strength.

The swing seat, top support, and pillars, all reflect how amazing the design resembles nature. A special touch in that living room craving for a make-over. Living Room Furniture can be monotonous sometimes with the standard 3 seaters, and 2 seaters. But when this beautifully carved Classic Swing is added, it brings a whole new perspective out for the viewer. Watch the Video Here

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Royal 6 Seater Double Carved Dining Set YT-376

Antique Gold Paint is one of the most sought-after finishes by our clients seeking a Royal Touch at their place. The antique gold color is shiny yet subtle enough to bring that classy look to the room. And it goes a whole new level when the chairs are carved on both sides.

Double Carved Dining Chairs and solid broad legs on the Dining Table are a few of the remarkable features of this Dining Set. The fabric, the design, the wood, and the antique gold Duco paint makes it a center of attraction for all.

Dining Video Here

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Victorian Sofa Set in Copper Paint with TV Unit YT-377

The second most sought-after finish after Antique Gold is Copper or Rose Gold, as it is referred to a number of times. The set not only has the traditional Sofa Set concept but has a Tv Unit customized exactly in the dimensions requested by the client. A full set for that amazing entertainment room one wants.

The unit is painted in Antique Rose Gold color with fully caved tables matching the floral pattern on the sofa. The traditional crown design and the heavy gold-trimmed legs bring classic furniture designs in today’s royal spaces. Checkout Video Here

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Traditional Saharanpur Sofa Set in Teak YT-378

The traditional elegant looking 5 Seater sofa set with a center table is by far the most sought-after and most purchased Classic Furniture for Living Room across the Globe. There is absolutely no match for it. We can change and have a diwan set but some of us even then will feel a little empty inside.

We need that classic feel to our living rooms. The set is a traditional Saharanpur Style Sofa Set with a 3 Seater and 2 Maharaja Style Sofa Chairs with a center table in Honey color polish. The set is carved out by amazing craftsmen in Teak Wood. The Fabric and dimension, all as per your choice. Watch Video Here

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- 5 Seater Royal Diwan Set in Gold YT-379

Breaking the monotony of the usual 5 seater or 7 seater Sofa Sets, we have a refreshing Diwan Set for you. The diwan set is unique as it has got single seater couches that are exact replica of the usual single end diwan and chaise lounges.

The Diwan Set is not the usual classic furniture you are used to seeing everywhere. The single-seaters are amazing and unique. The fabric is again the client’s choice. And the set can be an addendum for the regular royal sofa sets that we have in our Classic Furniture Collection. Full Video Here


Apart from the Sofa Sets, one more thing that has been into our classic furniture range, is a console table. The console tables come in a variety of designs when it comes to the classical theme. They can be flatly carved or can have rounded edges and legs.

This particular set of console tables reflect the Louis XV style cabriole legs. A cabriole leg is one of four vertical supports of a piece of furniture shaped in two curves; the upper arc is convex, while the lower is concave; the upper curve always bows outward, while the lower curve bows inward; with the axes of the two curves in the same plane.

Now that we have discussed a lot about the design, let’s just say one thing more. This is all hand-carved. The artisans are amazing. And the time to make such wonderful furniture units – more than a month, sometimes more.


The design always makes its own place no matter what era it is. One such example is this Royal Sofa Set in Chesterfield cum Classic theme.

Usually, the chesterfield sofa sets are all fabric (the criss-cross design you see above) and no visible wood structure. However, we are woodworkers and we love to showcase our work. So, in order to blend in, we added a royal touch to the chesterfield sofas.

Instead of a concealed frame, this set has fully carved arms, base, and legs in Antique Gold Paint. The Fabric is in Off-White and compliments the set beautifully. With the customization possibilities, changes are as per your choices.

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Enticing U Shape Sofa Set in Gold YT-382

There are very few times when we are given the opportunity to make something unusual. The U-Shape Royal Sofa Set is one such example. The classic crown design and the chesterfield theme combined together to cover up 3 walls instead of a 2-Wall set-up.

The set is a 5 piece unit – 2 three seaters on the sides, a 2 seater in front and 2 corners joining the 3 seaters to the 2-seater. Ample space for the whole family – comfort with style. Full Video Here

Image of Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Royal Bed Handcrafted in Floral Carving YT-383

A Classical Royal King-Size Bed with a Beautifully Floral Carved and Tufted Back. A Classy double bed without a storage box. Not having a storage box makes it convenient for one to have a thicker mattress on the top.

What’s different in this classic furniture unit is the sides. The sides and the legs are all carved out in the matching floral pattern as on the large headboard. The design can be customized in whatever size and polish/paint required. Details in Video here

Classic Furniture Week-16-17- Floral Carved 6 Seater Dining Set in Teak & Teak Finish YT-384

Add our luxury Unique dining design to your living room and make every meal like a special occasion. This 6 Seater teak wood dining table set is beautifully carved by our skilled artisans and finished in Walnut polish. The set has a double carved chair with beautiful floral upholstery.

Each chair is a masterpiece and beautifully painted. The Smooth Fabric compliments the frame. The best part of the furniture is the chair legs design. The chair has the Queen Anne style which commonly includes “curving shapes”. Also, the Dining Table has uniquely carved heavy legs to support the heavily crafted whole structure. Experience the Design in Video Here

Classic Furniture Week-16-17-Italian Style 3 Seater Sofa with Florentine Gold Trim YT-385

Sometimes, our clients just want to have a subtle piece of furniture at home. It should classy but not too gaudy. A 3 seater just for the ones wanting to have elegancy in style.

The Classic Italian Sofa has subtle curves on the handles and rounded edges on the back. But the base and the legs are in more of a geometric pattern with only a single floral pattern in the middle. The Classic Florentine Gold Trim gives it a royal touch. The amazing fabric selected and sent by the client himself perfectly matches the whole theme.  Tap Here for Full Video

All of these designs clearly states that the classic furniture is here to stay. The trends are changing every second. But fashio repeats itself. There are always a particular set of individuals loving the classic designs. And if those classic designs can be customized just as they want, these unique furniture units will always be a part of our lives.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!!

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