Weekly New Arrivals: Themed Furniture Week-15

Themed Furniture Week-15: 1st Nov to 7th Nov 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

A whole new week with a whole new range of furniture handcrafted by expert craftsman from India. We have always been focusing on customized and tailor-made furniture just how our clients needed it. This week, we focused on the Theme the client wanted to achieve at home. Keeping the theme in mind, the furniture sets came out to be a little different than our usual designs.

Let’s dive in to have a look at Our Themed Furniture Range:

8 Seater Victorian Style Sofa Set YT-368

You will be fascinated when you lay eyes on the Aarsun Luxurious Leatherette sofa set. The design is handcrafted in premium quality Teak wood with beautiful Upholstery and Antique Gold Duco Paint. The Exclusive Sofas includes – 3 Seater Sofa + 3 Seater Sofa +1 Seater Chair + 1 Seater Chair.

The Victorian era has always been marked as a Golden Age for the Wood Carving. With this in mind, the 8 seater sofa is beautifully carved in a floral pattern with a royal crown in the middle of the sofa and chairs. The design is seamless as it goes from the top to the leg area and the sides. The same seamlessness can be seen on the fabric with the tufted back.

The tufted back gives it a chesterfield kind of look and blends-in with the design. Also, the handles on the Sofa Chairs are a lot different than those of the 3 seaters. Have a look at the video for more details.

Themed Furniture Week - 15 - Classic Wooden Brown Leather Settee YT-369

A Classic Settee also referred to as a Divider by many, is an amazing piece of furniture to have in your living room. With an open back concept, the wooden settee does not block the view and can be used as a separator in a large hall or a room.

A multipurpose classic themed furniture unit, the 2 seater settee is handcrafted in Teak wood with a beautiful walnut finish with antique gold shading. Apart from using these in a living room, they can be used as a standalone unit in a lobby or below the window. The quilting work on the leatherette fabric makes it more appealing. Check Video for Details.

Themed Furniture Week - 15 - Designer Bedroom Set Handcrafted in Teak Wood YT-370

Fully Carved Beds looks amazing. The Thicker the design, the better it is. This time, the client needed a little higher and broader headboard than usual. And the outcome is in front of you. Even with the whole rectangular look on the king-size bed, the curvy leaf-design gives it a classic look.

Classic Themed Furniture can be a doorway to the middle ages. And to blend in with a more contemporary style famous these days, a tufted chesterfield style upholstery to add to its glory.

The bed comes with equally appealing bedside tables with three pull-out drawers for your essentials. All in teak except for the hydraulic installed storage box which is made in Teak ply. Watch the Video Here

  • Classic Sofa Set Seen in Formal Gatherings YT-371


We have a lot of classical theme furniture designs for the living room or a large hall. Double Carved or not, the designs are amazing. However, this in particular is slightly different than usual.

The design was made for the formal gathering for administrative purposes. The minimal carving on the crown and the base, wingback-style sofa, and chairs with a linear curve of the handles and legs are proof of that. The classical-themed furniture unit is polished in dark walnut shade with a piece of contrasting white leatherette fabric. The unit comes with two side tables or peg tables and a center table.

Royal 10 Seater Gold Dining Set YT-372

There is nothing compared to the Royal Themed Furniture Sets. The 10 Seater Large Dining Set is just what one needs to add a Royal Touch to a large living room.

With the dining chairs carved from both sides, the gold Duco paint, the mesmerizing carving, and the two-pedestals dining table automatically give it an edge when compared to the other dining sets available in the market. Moreover, the customizable options in terms of design, size, fabric, and polish options make it personal to everyone. Video Here

Royal Chesterfield Sofa Set in Gold Polish YT-373

As the title of the product clearly shows, the Chesterfield Sofa Set is not what we usually make. Our designs usually have a fully carved back with a crown in the middle. However, as per the client’s requirement, we have customized a blend of classic and contemporary themed furniture set for the living room.

The Royal Chesterfield Sofa Set is carved out in Teak with the usual floral carvings on the base and legs, but with a fully upholstered seamless back. This enables us to sit on these beautiful units with our hands stretched out on the back. A relaxing back and the handles on the 3 seaters as well as on the sofa chairs give it a comforting look and feel. Details in the Video


After witnessing these themed furniture units, we hope you might find clarity on how can an artwork, though not from the modern age, can still blend in. Even in modern times, we have been trying to retain the age-old art of woodworking.  And that too without any use of CNC machines. And working by hand and chiseling by hand-tools makes each unit a masterpiece.

You too can get your living room furniture customized just like you need. Get in touch with us and grab your Own Themed Furniture just like you want it to be.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!!

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