9 Do’s & 5 Don’ts of Buying Furniture Online

Online shopping has become a fashion and trend nowadays. Technology makes things easier. Products online are a few clicks away from us. In online shopping, we have a number of options available to choose the best one accordingly.

When doing shopping in physical stores, we have limited options. However, when it comes to online search, you can practically have a look at any design you like. And when it comes to buying furniture online for your home, it really is easy to search for something befitting your home theme. But to make sure that it will reach you and most importantly, it will be the same as you want, you need to take some steps before buying furniture online.

Do’s of Buying Furniture Online

Secure Website:

We should check the e-commerce website is secured or not. Usually, the secured website starts with “https//:” followed by the website name. “S” Stands for security. If the website name starts with “http//:” it means it is not secured.  SSL certificate is often used to secure the website’s online purchasing process. 99% of the e-commerce platforms these days have secured their sites in order to safeguard your transaction details. 1% of those are either scams or do not have a payment method inculcated directly to their websites.

Check the Company’s “About Us” Page:

Look at the “About Us” page on the menu bar (top or bottom as per the website layout) and check all the info. Go to the “Contact Us” page to check the seller’s contact number and the physical location of the company. A reputed company always mentioned their contact numbers, email-id, and other useful information so that you can easily get in touch with them. Also, make sure the numbers are reachable. That will ease your process of buying furniture online.

Customers Reviews:

Testimonials are the best thing to check for the goodwill of the company.  Start from the Testimonials links on the website if there exists a page on this. Then, go to the companies social media accounts to check the reviews. Also, you may look up the google reviews as most of the companies have Google Business Accounts. Always give preference to the feedback having product images. Please do not make an opinion with one or 2 negative feedback.

Original Product Images:  

While selecting the product always prefer original images and videos. The original images and video can give you a better idea about how the unit will look at your own place. The catalog images that you see online most often are either computer-generated or are placed in a well-lit environment to create an aura. This might not give you the actual look and feel.

Product Details:

Precisely check the dimensions and wood type of the product. Confirm the type of woods before placing the order for furniture online. Ask for some pictures or videos before polish to check the wood quality. If possible, visit the warehouse or store to get the actual look and feel of the product.

Return Policy:

Read the cancellation/return/refund policy. Check whether the eCommerce website has an easy and flexible return/refund policy. Check the return period, the acceptable reasons for a return, and all the charges that might be associated with it.


Always compare the prices on multiple eCommerce portal before placing the order. You might get the same product at better prices and discounts. If possible, call them directly for it. Also check if the provided prices include shipping, installation, and packing charges or not.


Timing matters in every manner like response time, delivery time manufacturing time. Estimated delivery time for delivery and manufacturing need to be cleared in advance. You should be aware of the duration as this is the furniture we are talking about, and if it is made-to-order (handcrafted too in our case), chances are, it will take time. You have to be ready for it.

Toll-free (A Plus):

Reputed companies might have a toll-free number (not always). The seller can be contacted all the time or arrange a callback for the buyer. Contact the seller before entering your card details for payments. The representatives can help you ease the process.


Don’ts of Buying Furniture Online

Unsecured website:

Never buy from an unsecured website. These websites attract you with lots of discount coupons and additional offers. Most probably, you will end up spending your well-earned money on something cheap or worse, nothing.

Fake Reviews:

Don’t pay attention to fake reviews. You should check the Verified purchase reviews. Also, you can easily make out the fake from real when scrolling up and down them as if they have a pattern, these are most likely fake.

Catalog Images:

Don’t get attracted to the catalog images of the product. For catalog images, the furniture is placed in a decorated room which misleads the buyer. It makes it all the more difficult to make out what is real and what is computer-generated.


Don’t get over-excited toward the discount coupon or additional offers provided by companies. Chances are you will pay more than expected getting it rectified locally.


Check for extra charges. Does the amount including shipping and installation? Always look for the information of the additional charges on the website or call the company to confirm the same. Knowing everything before buying furniture online can save you a lot of hassle afterward.

Most of the time, the temptation leads to rash decisions and you end up with something you do not require for your home. Do not buy something you will regret. Furniture is purchased for years, not for weeks. You need to take care of what you are getting into.

We hope this clears out what to do and what not to do while buying furniture online. Trust is something hard to achieve when everything you make is made-to-order. But at Aarsun, for over 35+ years in the Furniture making, we have made bonds with a lot of clients worldwide. This very thing makes us unique. The furniture made at Aarsun is customizable as per your home. At each and every step, we are with you.

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