Weekly New Arrivals: Wood Carving Week-11

Wood Carving Week-11: 4th Oct to 10th Oct 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

A Whole New Week and its raining Products – Exemplary Examples of Wood Carving Techniques used by artisans with decades of experience in woodworking.

This wood carving week, we presented a whole new look of antique-style luxury furniture. Our motivation? Our Clients. Yes. They were the ones to suggest customization as per their own homes. And we tried to be as close to the dream as possible. Have a look at the amazing wood carving work that our artisans showed this week.

1. Carved Swing Seat in Teak Wood YT-340


Earlier, we have shown a lot of swings with large pillars and heavy bases. We have even featured some of the simplistic yet elegant plank-style swings for a modern setting. However, one of our clients wanted to feel luxurious with a minimalistic view while retaining the traditional look and feel of a swing.

Hence, we came up with this Swing seat with a carved back and without any supporting pillars on the top and to the sides. Instead, just like our plank-style swings, these can be hung onto the ceiling with the help of real brass chains and fittings. The unit is made in Solid Teak wood with a honey-color finish and a beautiful fabric chosen by the client. Have a look

2. Large Wooden Temple with Doors and Brass Bells YT-341

Wood Carving Week-11-Large Wooden Temple with Doors and Brass Bells YT-341

OK. We know this design has been featured here a lot. But we really can’t ignore it. This wooden temple design has been with us for more than a decade now. The wood carving, the bells, the spacious drawer set-up as well as its honey finish – everything is just amazing.

This time, the client needed a much larger unit than our usual sizes. The Wood Temple even has shelves that can be customized as per our needs. And if you are wondering, the Bells are fully functional. Watch the Video here

3. Antique Classic Victorian Mirror Frame YT-342

Wood Carving Week-11-Antique Classic Victorian Mirror Frame YT-342

We have been into furniture videos a lot. This is something Different. A Large Luxurious Wooden Frame with heavy carving on the edges and top and bottom center. The Victorian-style Royal Wooden Frame is something that can be cherished and applauded for generations.

And with the antique Gold paint, the wood carving done on the unit looks amazing. A Larger than life Experience. Have a look

4. Estate Furniture Luxury King Size Bed YT-343

Wood Carving Week-11-Estate Furniture Luxury King Size Bed YT-343

A King Size Luxury Bed with a chesterfield design on the headboard and footboard. The royal bed is made in solid teak wood with antique-style gold paint. The floral wood carving with a small vase on the footboard and the fluid design just levels up the game.

Also, the bed does have storage with hydraulic installed for ease-of-use. This design is available in queen-, king- as well as super-king-size. A Great fit for a Royal theme home. Watch the Whole Video

5. Oriental Royal Carved Luxury 6 Seater Dining Set YT-344

Wood Carving Week-11-Oriental Royal Carved Luxury 6 Seater Dining Set YT-344

We have been showcasing luxury dining sets for a long time now. This dining set design is promptly ordered by many of our clients. We feel the reason behind the fame is its double carving. The Dining Set has chairs carved on both sides which enable our clients to place them in the middle of the room.

Have a look at the table legs. These are solid wood and each carved from one piece. Such heavy carving is nowhere to be found locally. The chairs are equally mesmerizing. The fabric was chosen by the clients and perfectly fits the whole theme. The dining set has 2 Master Chairs (with Handles).

The Luxury Dining Set fully carved in Teak is a treat to have in a large hall. Moreover, this particular design can be customized to any number of seating arrangements required. Details Here

6. Royal Queen Size Wooden Carved Bed YT-345

Wood Carving Week-11-Royal Queen Size Wooden Carved Bed YT-345

A Queen’s bed is a very royal thing to have at home. No wonders here. Just like the King size bed showcased above (except for the gold color paint), this one is equally captivating. The Modern Comfortable Chesterfield design on beautiful fabric and the Matte Finish on the Wood Carving is something desired by all.

The Matte finish on the carving part enables us to clearly see the wood texture and wood grains on the surface. This Queen size bed comes without any storage but it can be added as per requirement. Watch the video here

7. Carved Wooden Swing Polished in Honey Wood Finish YT-346

Wood Carving Week-11-Carved Wooden Swing Polished in Honey Wood Finish YT-346

We have shown this particular swing earlier on our YouTube Channel. However, we felt that the indoor lighting in our showroom at that time did no justice to this awesome Swing.

This artistic indoor swing has a great glossy honey finish with wood texture visible from all sides. This swing does not have any animal figures as per the client’s wish. The whole unit is carved in a floral design. Like our other units, the swing can also be customized as per your home interior. Even the fabric can be sent to our place if you need it to match the other furniture units you have at home. Click Here for Video

8. Teak Wood Dresser in Matte Finish YT-347

Wood Carving Week-11-Teak Wood Dresser in Matte Finish YT-347

A Queen’s bedroom can never be complete without a Dressing Table. And this particular Matte Finish Dressing Table is a must-have in a royal setting. Royal Bedrooms showcased all over the world specifically include a Dresser or Vanity or Dressing as it is commonly referred to.

The Dresser has 6 spacious drawers with carved wood handles. The wood carving done on the mirror frame is inspired by the Baroque/Rococo Architecture from 17th century Europe. The Luxury Dressing Table has a grainy texture clearly visible due to the Matte Finish. Have a look

9. Luxury Chesterfield Sofa in Black & Gold YT-348

Wood Carving Week-11-Luxury Chesterfield Sofa in Black & Gold YT-348

Now, this particular Living Room Set is different than the usual sofa sets we have showcased earlier. This is what a Chesterfield Sofa actually looks like. We have used the chesterfield design a lot in our traditional sofa sets earlier. The comfort and the look that chesterfield style cushioning provides are unique.

The Luxury Sofa Set has a 4 seater, two 2 seaters, 2 Pouffes, and an oval-shaped center table made in teak wood. The Antique Gold Paint compliments the whole set and gives it a more royal look. The center table requires a glass on the top which can be procured locally. Full Video Here

10. Real Royal Luxury Round Bed Cot with Storage YT-349

Wood Carving Week-11-Real Royal Luxury Round Bed Cot with Storage YT-349

There is nothing more enticing, captivating, mesmerizing, and royal than a Round Bed. And with the intricate wood carving just like on the round bed you see here, it renders us speechless. This is a Marvel. Authentic wood carving is done by hand (with no machines) by our experienced artisans in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Everything you see is crystal clear. On top of it, the chesterfield design cushioning as per the client’s requirement gives it a modern touch. This comes with a hydraulic mechanism installed storage box which is entirely your choice to avoid if you want. Full Video Here

This wood carving week, we witnessed some of our best woodworks and designs that go back to the 17th century. This clearly shows that quality never goes out of style. Fashion repeats itself. It keeps coming back. Witness Luxury with us and customize your home furniture and interior decor in wood.

Stay Tuned for Next Week while we keep you updated on the products we make for our clients that you can customize for your own home.

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