Weekly New Arrivals – Personalized Furniture Week-10

Personalized Furniture Week-10: 27th Sep to 3 Oct 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

This is our 10th week of presenting a weekly report of the product showcased on our YouTube Channel.

The Gist of the Whole Week.

Personalized Furniture has been our main focus throughout our journey of Furniture Making. We published a few made-to-order designs earlier that were customized as per the buyer’s requirements.

And we have never looked back since (metaphorically ;-)). Even when these designs are passed-on from centuries ago, they are still being worked upon, mixed-up with the current trends, and published in a new fresh look.

Have a look at a few examples here that make this notion true.

1. 6 Seater Luxury Dining Set YT-334

Personalized Furniture Week 10 - Luxury 6 Seater Dining Set by AarsunNot every wooden unit needs to be fully carved to get that heavy luxurious look. Sometimes, a simple curve or simple floral carving will do. That is exactly what we have here for you.

A simple curve on the chair with minimal floral carving on the dining table as well as on the chairs. And that too combined with the beautiful sea green floral fabric chosen by the client.

The Beautiful 6 Seater Dining Set is polished in Gold resulting in an Astounding Grand Look in your Dining Room. Have a look.

2. Complete DIY Sheesham Temple YT-335

Personalized Furniture Week 10- Complete DIY Sheesham Wood Temple YT-335

What do you need in a Prayer Unit/Temple/Mandap? A Garbgriha, A Diya Tray, A Shikhar at the Top, a Couple of Drawers, a cabinet if possible, Bells, and overall a Right Size. After all, these few features differentiate a Temple from a regular Cabinet. This Temple provides everything you need.

The Sheesham Wood Temple has a Large Shikhar at the top, 2 Panel Doors in front of the spacious Garbriha, The Door Panels have Brass Bells. For pooja essentials, 2 pull-out drawers and a large cabinet has been provided. A sliding Diya Tray also has been placed just above the storage area.

This is a Complete Prayer Unit. And we can always customize it as per your home interior. Watch the Video Here.

3. Luxury Settee & Diwan Set YT-336

Personalized Furniture Week 10- Golden Settee & Diwan Set for Living Room YT-336

Having personalized furniture provides a major boost to your home interiors. This set provides a fresh look to your space. This golden settee and diwan set can be placed in small as well as in grand home interiors. The set is handcrafted in premium Teak wood and premium gold paint on the surface.

The fabric is as per the client’s choice. These are fixed units and can be placed anywhere one can think of. Personalized Furniture can provide immense options. Click/Tap to Watch Video.

4. Rose Gold 8 Seater Dining Set YT-337

Personalized Furniture Week 10- Rose Gold 8 Seater Dining Set YT-337

A State-of-the-Art Luxurious Dining Set in Rose Gold/Copper Paint. This is a Grand Dining Set, fully hand-carved and painted by our experienced artisans of Saharanpur. The unit is double carved – carved on both sides, which makes it possible for this set to be placed at the center.

Double Carving enables this unit to be equally luxurious from all sides. The Dining Table Top has intricate carving throughout and the artwork is all matching to the beautiful chairs that comes with it. Personalized Furniture to a whole new level. Have a look.

5. Honey Color 8 Seater Dining YT-338

Personalized Furniture Week 10 - Honey Color 8 Seater Dining YT-338

This is a perfect example of how colors and textures can change the entire look and feel of a design. Believe it or not, the rose gold dining set above (Number 4) and this one is the exact same in terms of wood carving and design, The only 2 differences are the finish and the upholstery.

The 8 Seater Dining Set comes with Double Carved Table and Chairs polished in Natural Honey Finish. The Luxurious Chairs have a Beautiful Royal Blue Fabric with Plain Texture at the back and floral print on the seat. Watch the Whole Video Here.

6. Luxurious High Back Sofa Chair


Like last week, we have something different from the usual. We have a High Back Luxury Couch for you. The unit is handcrafted in Premium Teak Wood upholstered with a premium quality Royal Blue Velvet Fabric. Instead of the antique style gold paint, plain gold is used as per client’s choice.

The unit can be placed individually or can be teamed up with the other living room furniture units at your place. This is a great example of mixing up traditional arts into the modern-day contemporary theme. Checkout the details here.

We still urge you to go with the custom made furniture option that we provide on almost all of our furniture units. It is an amazing process, an amazing journey for you to witness something unusual and grand. 

That’s all for this Personalized Furniture Week from Aarsun. Stay tuned for our Weekly New Arrivals next furniture week. 

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