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Weekly New Arrivals – Exciting Furniture Week-9


Weekly New Arrivals: Exciting Furniture Week: 20th Sep 2020 – 26th Sep 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Customizing Furniture as per your home interior is our specialty. Our artisans have decades of experience in handcrafting and carving out furniture just like you need them to be. In fact, we seldom receive orders without customization nowadays. Sometimes, a minor tweak feels like it will be done in no time.

However, each and every tweak drastically changes the whole process.

So, here we are, another exciting furniture week, with some of the finest furniture art-pieces that were tweaked a little to get a whole new look.

1. Room Divider with Shelf / Bookcase / Privacy Screen / Showcase YT-326

Exciting Furniture Week Room Divider with Shelf YT-326

Confused? Yes. This room divider can be anything your imaginations wants it to be. It can be a regular portable partition that can be folded. But with shelves, it can be a bookcase, it can be a showcase, it can be a storage unit that can be kept in your living room or kitchen or dining area.

The Room Divider with Shelf can also be useful for your Work-From-Home rig. You can practically use this fabulous unit anywhere without any issues. In fact, this is one of our bestsellers this Lockdown Season. Have a Look.

2. Hand Carved Teak Wood Temple YT-327

Exciting Furniture Week Teak Wood Temple YT-327

This Large Wooden Temple has a beautiful Mehraab area at the front of the temple with Peacock and Leaf design at the top. Below that there is the main place for the deity where you can place your idols and worship them.

Both sides of the temple have large peacock designs done by our skilled artisans. There are pillars at the front of the temple which are fully carved. And it is all fixed.

No assembly required as it is being shipped in India as a fixed unit. However, for international clients, we have made this in a flat-packed DIY manner, to ensure safe transit. Details Here.

3. Elegantly Carved Swing YT-328

Exciting Furniture Week Elegantly Carved Swing YT-328

This Carved Swing was made as a special request from the buyer. The unit does not have any animal carving on the surface. If you have been following our designs, most of the swings have elephants, peacocks, and/or swans carved out on the base, pillar, top, as well as on the swing seat.

But not in this case. The whole unit Swing has floral carving all over and is polished in honey color with a glossy final finish. To give it sturdy support, extra leg support is provided right angle to the regular support legs on both sides. Check out the video.

4. Carved Rocking Chair in Gold and Wood Finish YT-329

Exciting Furniture Week Rocking Chair in Teak YT-329

Add a cozy corner to your living room or bedroom with our Royal Design Rocking Chair / Relaxing Chair made by skilled craftsmen from Teak Wood with traditional hand-finishing. Rocking chairs are often seen as synonymous with parenting, as the gentle rocking motion can soothe infants.

Rocking Chair is one of the best gifts for your elders. Rocking chairs are most commonly made of wood. As the gentle rocking motion can soothe infants.

Just as the Swing above, the rocking chair in Wood Finish does not have animal carvings. The regular Swan design is tweaked to look like an elegant leaf design and the beak is cut resulting in rounded handles. Check out Here.

5. Guruji Chair in Teak Wood with Antique Gold Paint YT-330

Exciting Furniture Week Guruji Chair in Teak Wood YT-330

We are sure that you must have seen Throne chairs in movies, TV Series, and everywhere. But this particular Chair was handcrafted for a devotee. The guruji chair, as it is referred to as by many, is a custom made chair made for a well known Saint and a Teacher with many followers. The Om at the back of the chair is a clear symbol of devotion and spirituality.

The unit is made in premium teak wood or Sagwan, as it is commonly referred to. It comes with a side table/corner and also has a footstool.  Take a look.

6. Hand Carved Round Dining with Rotating Disc YT-331

Exciting Furniture Week Hand Carved Round Dining with Rotating Disc YT-331

The Dining Set is one of our finest designs we ever made. The heavy full carving on the chairs and the heavy table surely will revamp the overall look of your dining room or in any sitting wherever placed. The 4 seater dining set is carved throughout with a beautiful brass inlay work on the Table Top.

It can also accommodate 5 persons at a time. It totally depends on your home interior. The design is carved out in teak wood with a honey gloss finish. Video Here.

7. Sankheda Jhula with 2 Footstools YT-332

Exciting Furniture Week Sankheda Jhula with Stools YT-332

Right from Sankheda, a town in Chhota Udaipur district, Gujarat, we bring a highly appreciated Swing for you. The swing is made in Teak Wood with bright paint colors. All handwork. The unit consists of 2 pillars on sides with hand-carved and floral pattern designs.

The main swing chair is sturdy enough and is also made of Solid Teak Wood. The chair is attached from the top with the metal chain attached. You can place the swings on a porch for relaxing.

Although these may also be items of indoor furniture, these swings can add more charm to your home or you can even place it at your terrace. Video.

8. Wall Art by CNC Machine 100% Made in India YT-333

Wall Art by CNC Machine Made in India YT-333

We end this exciting furniture week with a different concept. CNC Wooden Wall Art. This is a whole new unexplored concept for us too. Instead of hand carving which takes weeks or months to be finished, CNCs are now being utilized. Almost any design can be carved out for you.

The whole design is first designed by a person on a computer. Then, that very same design after your approval is programmatically uploaded onto the CNC machines. And the machine will do all the rest of the work.

The output is a flawless design carved out on wood that can be used anywhere. Do Have a Look.

So, that’s it for this exciting furniture week. Till Next Week, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. Enjoy Online Shopping!

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