Weekly New Arrivals – Amazing Furniture Week-8

Weekly New Arrivals: Amazing Furniture Week: 13th Sep 2020 – 19th Sep 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Another week has gone by with Amazing Customized Furniture Units. All the units were designed, handcrafted, and upholstered as per buyers’ requirements. Let’s take a look.

1. Victorian Style Sofa Set YT-319

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Victorian Sofa Set YT-319


Last Sunday, we published a Victorian Sofa Set Video. The 5 Seater Sofa Set along with a beautiful center table. The unit is carved out in Sheesham wood. The video also explains the difference between Sheesham and Rosewood in spite of being used interchangeably. Classical Dilwala Design with an extra crown on the top head.

The crown sofa set is a perfect example of a victorian furniture theme. The texture for the Sheesham is clearly visible. Sturdy Reliable and Termite Resistant. The coffee/center table requires a glass top that can be procured locally. The living room sofa set can be extended to your wish. Watch the Video Here


2. Fully Carved Colonial Bed YT-320

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Fully Carved Colonial Bed YT-320


For the Royal Bedroom Interiors, a King Size Bed fully hand-carved in front and back with comfortable quilting. The sides are also carved out in a floral pattern which makes the design complete. This bed design is one of the most sought after and cherished across the world. The intricate floral carving looks amazing in the matte finish.

Matte finish enables the wood texture and design clear and soothing to the eyes. Clearly a masterpiece, the Maharaja bed can be customized in Queen, King as well as Super Kingsize as required. Video Here

3. Handcrafted Teak Wood Swing in Rust Fabric YT-321

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Handcrafted Teak Wood Swing in Rust Fabric YT-321

The unit is a 7×7 feet marvel. The design of the swing is just enticing. The swans carved out on the pillars, handles, and the Kalash design at the back on a plane surface. Easy DIY requiring a couple of guys to install, this is packed with the top, pillars, the seat, and Brass Chains and fittings.

Swings are one of our unique and amazing furniture pieces that can drastically improve the look and feel of your home. This indoor swing can be placed in your living room along with your sofa set to give it a completely different look. The Rust color fabric also gives it a classic look and feel. Video Here

4. Super King Size European Style Carved Bed YT-322


After the colonial bed Video #320, we had to show how big is a Super Kingsize bed. So here it is. There is absolutely nothing simple about this Amazing Furniture Unit. The wooden bed is huge.

The European inspired bedsteads, the contemporary chesterfield style upholstery, and the matte finish just level up the game. The unit took weeks to be made by Indian artisans in Saharanpur. The fabric was chosen by the client himself. Video Here

5. Hand Carved 4 Seater Round Dining Table YT-323

Aarsun Furniture Week 8 - Hand Carved 4 Seater Round Dining Table YT-323

In the present-day scenario, sometimes it is really difficult to get large furniture sets in our flats. It is not at all space-efficient. However, this 4 Seater Round Dining Set solves that issue. This elegant and amazing furniture unit is carved, handmade, fully fixed, and does not cover a large portion of your house.

It even gives you a room for an extra chair if you like. As far as the design goes, the round table has a flower vase style base with thick pillars adjacent to it for sturdiness. The chairs are carved out and are of standard sitting size with smooth velvet fabric. Video Here

6. Indoor Ceiling Swing Seat in Sheesham with Brass Rods as Chains YT-324

Aarsun Amazing Furniture Week 8 - Indoor Ceiling Swing Seat in Sheesham with Brass Rods as Chains YT-324

There is nothing more relaxing than a furniture unit with a to-and-fro motion. The handcrafted Sheesham wood swing seat with a beautiful and long-lasting real brass chain with rods is a perfect example. The unit can be customized to your home interiors.

The size, color, wood, polish, and even the chain can be modified as per your home theme. Moreover, it can be upholstered if you like. Video Here

7. Fully Hand Carved 8 Seater Dining Set YT-325

Aarsun Amazing Furniture Week 8 - Fully Hand Carved 8 Seater Dining Set YT-325

The 8 Seater Fully Carved Dining Set is clearly a head-turner. The design, the look, and feel of the dining set are all ecstatic. The honey color polish and the matte finish enables the wood grains to be clearly visible. The 360-Degree floral carved chair is truly amazing. However, the highlight is the Dining Table with carving on the top, the pillar area, and the sides as well.

The Top is fully Carved and has a rotatory wooden disc at the center to keep the dishes that can passed-on to everyone on the dinner table.

As this dining set is really heavy and difficult to carry, the amazing furniture unit is dispatched in parts. The center disc, the top, and the two base in two parts. The installation is easy. A couple of minutes with local help and it’s done. Video Here


As we have seen earlier, all these units take weeks to be made. The units are all handcrafted without any CNC work involved. This also makes each piece unique. The wood and other things utilized are all premia. The fabric can also be chosen and sent by the buyer.

This wraps up the 8th Amazing Furniture Week. We will keep bringing you new and customized amazing furniture units to keep you astonished and gasping.

Stay Tuned for Next Week 

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