Weekly New Arrivals: Exciting Carved Furniture Week-12

Exciting Carved Furniture Week-12: 10th Oct to 17th Oct 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Carved Furniture looks exciting and when done on premium wood like Teak and Sheesham, it results in a Stunning one-of-a-kind feeling. The furniture carved in Saharanpur is all done by hand with the old tools. The renowned craftsmen have years of experience in chiseling and carving using age-old tools and techniques. No wonders the artisans from Saharanpur are called Master-Craftsmen.

The wood is selected according to the design, and the polish and fabric are chosen as per the clients’ requirements.

So, here we are again with amazing carved furniture each unique to our client’s desires.

1. Royal Maharaja Sofa Set in Teak & Gold Paint YT-350

Carved Furniture Week 12 Royal Maharaja Sofa Set in Teak & Gold Paint YT-350

We always look forward to something unique when it comes to our living area. And this set is unique. Most Sofa Sets consists of 2 Seater or 3 Seater or 4 Seater or Single Seater Sofa with Full Back. But this set has a 2 seater settee and a single-end couch/chaise lounge/diwan.

This is not something you usually see at home. The design includes the traditional floral carving with the crown on the two sofas. The Fabric and the gold paint go hand-in-hand and the transition from a traditional sofa to a chaise lounge to a settee is really appealing to the eyes. Video Here

2. Handcrafted Luxurious 7 Seater Double Carved Sofa Set YT-351

Carved Furniture Week 12 - Handcrafted Luxurious 7 Seater Double Carved Sofa Set YT-351

This is Huge, Thick, and Heavy. The Luxurious Carved Sofa Set YT-351 is a wonderful unit for a large hall or sitting. The sofa set is carved on both sides – Double Carved Furniture. No corner is untouched. This fully carved sofa set has a beautiful teak glossy finish. The wood grains are clearly visible.

The unit does include 2 side tables and a coffee table at the center. Totally worth it. You can have it in dark, white, dual-tone finish or in gold, silver, and copper (rose gold). Video Here

3. Honey Teak Dresser for Queen of the House YT-352Carved Furniture Week 12 - Honey Teak Dresser for Queen of the House YT-352

No Bedroom is complete without a Dressing Table set. The Honey Finish Dresser is for the Queen of the House. With ample space for all the make-up and grooming essentials, this unit is stunningly carved in floral design and an earthy teak finish.

The Dresser/Vanity Unit has 2 pull-out drawers on each side supported by carved legs. The Top Mirror Frame is equally stunning with its floral carved borders. An essential marvel for a royal bedroom interior. Video Here

4. Handcrafted Indoor Swing in Dark Walnut Finish YT-353


There is nothing more satisfying than a rocking motion. The to-and-fro motion keeps us at peace and it has a soothing effect on our minds. The beautiful swing is just what we need to relax and uniquely change the seating in our living room as well. The Swing has animal figures (Peacocks and Elephants) all over.

The bail-design on the side pillars give it a translucent effect and the dark earthy walnut finish enhances the natural feel of the unit. The fabric is chosen by the client according to the home interior.

A must-have when looking for a refreshing theme at home. Video Here

5. Customized Oval Shaped Office Table YT-354

Carved Furniture Week 12 - Customized Oval Shaped Office Table YT-354

Every week we bring something different than usual. An Office Table is one furniture unit that we all have witnessed to be our area of work. How about taking it to a more classy level? The Oval Shaped Customized Office Table is a treat. This is made in Teak Wood and polished in Matte Teak Finish for an eye-soothing feel.

The Top is made in Leatherette and the front has bookshelves as per the client’s requirement. At the back, it has 3 drawers on the top part. Beneath that, we have 3 Drawers on the left and a File Cabinet on the right. Check out the Full Video Here

6. Contrasting Fabric Couch Set for Living Room YT-355

Carved Furniture Week 12 - Contrasting Fabric Couch Set for Living Room YT-355

Colors do Matter! This Sofa Set is a remarkable example of this notion. Each unit in the Sofa set is upholstered with a Different Fabric giving it a contrasting look and feel. The unit is carved out in Teak Wood and has traditional floral carving and Maharaja style Wings on the chairs.

But the highlight of this set is its fabric. Even with the same design and finish, this gives us a feel of how different each piece looks with a different Fabric. Who says Carved Furniture can only be traditional? Watch Full Video Here

7. Beautiful Daybed in White & Gold Highlights YT-356


An elegant furniture unit when matched with a floral fabric can give more meaning to the whole interior. This elegantly carved chaise lounge or diwan as it is commonly called is a classy unit with a beautiful fabric full of roses. The Gold Touch-Ups (Highlighting) gives depth to the carving done on the chaise lounge.

This is also known as Daybed as you can stretch your legs and lie down for a refreshing nap. It comes in all finishes and paints and the fabric can be of your choice too. Checkout Video

8. Maharaja Sofa Set with Tufted Back YT-357

Carved Furniture Week 12 - Maharaja Sofa Set with Tufted Back YT-357

Lastly, an evergreen Design that we have been regularly making for our clients for quite some time now. The royal carving, the wing-back chairs and the cream color fabric tufted on the back really set it apart from the regular modern-day sofa sets.

The set has a 3 seater, a 2 seater, and 2 wingback chairs. As with our teak finishes in the previous sets, the beautiful grainy structure is clearly visible which gives it a desirable look and feel.

The carved sofa set is made in Teak Wood and can be customized in Gold, Silver, Copper, White, White with Gold, and any fabric you want. Full Video Here

This week’s carved furniture units clearly shows that with different fabric, even the same design looks entirely different to our eyes. It is entirely your choice. You can customize these units just like you want. The modification options are immense. It is up to you to decide which is best for your home. After all, it is your sanctuary to build.

Buy something that is your style, something that will remain forever and can be customized again and again as per your wish. Buy Aarsun Carved Furniture.

Stay Tuned for Next Week while we keep you updated with our range of Tailor-Made Carved Furniture for your place. 

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