Weekly New Arrivals: Handcrafted Furniture Week-13

Handcrafted Furniture Week-13: 18th Oct to 24th Oct 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Handcrafted Furniture is one thing that keeps us in awe while thinking of something unique for home. The sheer brilliance of the experienced artisans delivered right in your home. There is always a history attached to classical furniture designs. Always inspired by the most breathtaking periods of all time.

What makes handcrafted furniture unique is in its name. It is handcrafted. This means no two units are the same. Handcrafted Furniture is like storing a valuable piece of history at home for the upcoming generations.

It is all dreamy. In today’s modern era, handcrafted units give us an opportunity to take a step back and revisit our heritage.

This week we have an amazing royal sofa set, 3 royal beds, and a traditional swing – all in Teak Wood. So, let’s dive right into the world of Handcrafted Furniture.

Handcrafted Furniture Week 13 - White & Gold Luxury 8 Seater Sofa Set YT-358

Simply Amazing Living Room Set in White and Gold Highlighting. Handcrafted Furniture in this color combination looks stunning. The curves and the gold highlighting along with the crown on each unit is simply fantastic.

And this is all done by hand. This is not something inserted in a machine and carved out. This handmade living room set is made by renowned craftsmen of Saharanpur.

The fabric chosen by the client compliments the white and gold set-up. The center table is a bit wide as per the client’s requirement. One can have a smaller one, and even 2 smaller ones instead of a single unit. Video Here


The Antique Gold Bedroom Set is a Stunner. The unique style of gold finishing with dark highlighters makes the floral carvings so lively. Nothing can match this antique-style finish. The quilting or criss-cross design on the headboard and footboard gives it a perfect blend of the contemporary and victorian theme.

And this beautiful bed has a storage box and that too with hydraulic installed for easy opening and closing mechanism. This is entirely your choice to have.

Overall a great design with great durability and comfort.

Handcrafted Furniture Week 13 - Antique Gold Maharaja Bedroom Set YT-360

Another one of our Royal Bedroom Sets. The Maharaja Style Bed is only similar to the bed above in terms of the antique gold paint. The unique thing about this bed is the full crown style carving at the headboard.

The carving goes a little far bottom than the usual. This makes a full crown style effect and does not really compromise on comfort. The side tables evenly match the while look and feel, and the fabric chosen by the client do justice to the grandeur of the wooden bed. Tap to Watch the Video


Third, in a row, this Bed is a lot different from the ones shown above. The rose and petal carving is a lot more defined. The Chesterfield style cushioning gives this a contemporary look. And the higher headboard makes you feel like a Maharaja.

The side tables also are different from the usual as they both have a crown on the top. The velvet fabric does match the luxurious feel and can be changed according to your need.

Handcrafted Furniture Week 13 - Handcrafted Indoor Swing with Full Roof YT-362

Normally, our Swings consists of Single Pillar support on the top. But this Indoor swing has a full roof. Also, instead of a single pillar on both sides, it has two solid ones to firmly support the whole structure. All in solid Teak Wood.

The design has everything you can think of – the floral carvings on the top and below, the carved elephants, the beautiful peacocks on the top as well as on the side pillars, matching swing seat.

The contrasting cushioning on the swing seat hung by Real Brass Chains can withstand 250-300 kg weight. The fine glossy teak finish further adds to its elegance.

The amazing fact is you can actually reverse the seat 360 degrees without reversing the whole structure as it looks exactly the same. The carvings done in front are exactly the same as on the back. Full Video Here

The whole point in showing these beautiful units is to let everyone know how beautiful and customizable the handcrafted furniture can be. It is all your choice. You can get it customized right from the design and the size to the fabric and polish or paint.

At Aarsun, we let you select everything, and that itself makes our handcrafted furniture sets unique. As each one of us has a different set of ideas. After all, it is your home. You want it perfect as per your dreams. We feel we can make it happen.

Checkout how these amazing units are made at Aarsun

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