Weekly New Arrivals – Furniture Week-3

Weekly New Arrivals 08th August- 15th August 2020

This article is a continuation of our Weekly New Arrival Series of Furniture & Handicrafts Products as per YouTube publishing

Another Fascinating Week Ends. And we again bring you the weekly new arrivals – Amazing Hand Carved Product we showcased on our YouTube Channel this week. In case you haven’t subscribed  – Aarsun – Art of India

This week, we have a Fully Carved Sofa Set that is a Trademark of Saharanpur Art, Double Carved 14 Seater Sofa Set – Unique to Handcrafted Furniture Sets only, Stunning Queen Beds in 3 Different Fabrics, and a Beautifully Carved 7 Seater Sofa Set in Gold & Red Fabric.

1. Fully Carved Teak Wood Sofa Set YT-293

Fully Carved Sofa in Teak Wood UH-YT-293


The Fully Carved Sofa Set is a traditional trademark of Saharanpur as it is only made by Saharanpur artisans. However, Teak Wood is considered the best wood as the floral design is crystal clear on Teak Wood. The hand carvings done by experienced master craftsmen are one-of-a-kind. The Sofa Set consists of 2 Sofa Chairs, a 3 Seater Sofa / Couch, and a Beautiful Coffee / Center Table. The design is one of our most exported Sofa Sets all over the World. Details here

2. Double Carved 14 Seater Sofa Set YT-294

14 Seater Sofa Set in Matte Finish UH-YT-294


A Large Sofa Set for a Large Home. This is a 14 Seater Double Carved Marvel. The design is all vintage with carvings on both front and back. This enables the Sofa Set to be centered in larger space interiors. The 14 Seater Sofa Set is customized as per the client’s requirement – fabric also as per choice. The Matte finish does not hamper the natural grainy structure of wood. In fact, it is quite interesting how everything is just as you need. The woodworking technique, the carving, the texture, the fabric, and the matte finish give this Sofa Set a glorified look and feel. Details Here

3. Royal Queen Bed in 3 Different Fluorescent Fabrics YT-295

Royal Queen Bed in 3 Fabrics UH-YT-295


These stunning Queen Size Beds are carved in premium Teak Wood with Antique Gold Paint and 3 Different Fluorescent Fabrics – Purple, Blue & Red. The Beds are without storage boxes as per the client requirement. It can be added as per your preference. The Beds also have the sides carved out in similar patterns as in the footboard and headboard. The Beds can be polished in classic wood finish or painted in premium Gold, Antique Gold, Copper, Silver, and even White or Black. Details here

4. 7 Seater Gold Polish Sofa with Red Fabric YT-296

This Royal Sofa Set is a perfect example of how classic can meet the modern era. The sofa Set has a plain elegant Chesterfield Style red fabric as a Comfortable Back and a light floral fabric on the seating. The Chesterfield gives it a contemporary look and the carving pattern brings back the classic look and feel of the 19th century. The Fantastic Carving on the Frame along-with the Gold Polish with visible Wood Grains takes your breath away. Click here for details

It is amazing how the Artisans of India work for weeks and sometimes months to create such a masterpiece. Each piece is tailor-made keeping in mind the client’s requirements. We understand and strongly believe that each home has its own spirit and that should be kept as-is. Matching the home interior, the furniture set just blends in.

You too can have these wonderful masterpieces at your home.

As far as the pricing is concerned, no two units are the same. Each buyer has a different requirement and with the requirement, the prices go up or down. A simple change in size, design, material, or finish can entirely change the look and feel of the set. And so will be the prices.

Stay Tuned for Next Week as we bring more wonderful art-pieces to you.

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